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World reknowned cardiologist shatters human omnivore myth in one sentence

William C. Roberts MD has five decades of experience in the field of cardiology, written over 1300 scientific publications, a dozen cardiology textbooks, and has been editor in chief of the American Journal of Cardiology for a quarter of a century. He is arguably the most highly regarded cardiologist in the world today.

In his 2008 editorial "The Cause of Atherosclerosis", published in the peer reviewed journal Nutrition in Clinical Practice, Roberts states that there is a single, sole cause to heart disease: cholesterol. If your total cholesterol is below 150 and LDL is below 70, you are essentially heart attack proof. What is the cause of high cholesterol? Saturated fat and animal products:

Atherosclerosis is easily produced in nonhuman
herbivores (eg, rabbits, monkeys) by feeding them
a high cholesterol (eg, egg yolks) or high saturated
fat (eg, animal fat) diet And atherosclerosis was not produced in a
minority of rats fed these diets, it was produced in
100% of the animals! Indeed, atherosclerosis is one
of the easiest diseases to produce experimentally,
but the experimental animal must be an herbivore.
It is not possible to produce atherosclerosis in a

He elaborates in an earlier editorial:

It is virtually impossible, for example, to produce atherosclerosis in a dog even when 100 grams of cholesterol and 120 grams of butter fat are added to its meat ration. (This amount of cholesterol
is approximately 200 times the average amount that human beings in the USA
eat each day!).
(The American Journal of Cardiology, 1990, vol. 66,896.)

He then utterly annihilates the human omnivore myth in a single sentence. here it is:

***Because humans get atherosclerosis, and atherosclerosis
is a disease only of herbivores, humans also must be

At once the insanity of our times comes into razor sharp relief.

Some may debate whether cholesterol is the sole cause of heart disease. It does not matter, the fact remains that atherosclerosis occurs only in herbivores.

If humans were physiological omnivores, heart disease would not exist, let alone be America's #1 killer for over a hundred years.

It may not be the least bit hyperbolic to say that the existence of heart disease in humans is proof that we, as a species, are vegans.

In any case, a low fat vegan diet has been proven again and again to be the cure for heart disease. A mountain of clinical evidence supports this.

According to Roberts, those who are utterly immune to heart disease without the use of statin drugs are pure vegetarian fruit eaters. His own exact words. fruit eaters.

So in addition to never losing an argument with a meat eater ever again, we can rest assured that according to America's top cardiologist, our diet of choice here at 30BaD ain't so crazy at all compared what the myriad of people pretending to be meat eaters are doing.

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A frugivore is an herbivore or omnivore that prefers eating fruit.

Ruminating animals like cows and giraffes actually have one stomach that contains four chambers. Not all herbivores have this type of digestive system.

OK Thanks Amanda for the info ;)

I believe herbivores are just defined as "plant eaters". So technically frugivores are a type of herbivore. The word just gets associated with eating only grass and leaves.

Thanks for clearing that up Nathan, learn't heaps today I'm going into overload haha


A frugivore is a type of herbivore (plant-eating animal) that eats a substantial portion of fruit.


in fact, there is no frugivore order in the taxonomy from what i recall (just as omnivore isn't in the taxonomy either). these are apparently dietary classifications based on what is mostly eaten.

the word frugivore is merely a behavioral description. for instance, here's a good one:

Mammals are considered frugivorous if the seed is dispersed and able to establish. One example of a mammalian frugivore is the maned wolf, or Chrysocyon brachyurus, which is found in South America. A study by J.C. Motta-Junior and K. Martins found that the maned wolf is probably an important seed disperser. The researchers found that 22.5 to 54.3 percent of the diet was fruit.


(note that the maned wolf is of the carnivora order based on identifiable physiological characteristics.)

in friendship,


Thanks for posting this here, even if it won't work in an argument against a meat eater (they can always talk their way out of it), it makes it clear to me once more, that no matter what, I shall never go back to a non-vegan diet :)

Very insightful information.  Thanks for the post.

First hit I found when searching for a source of this information: http://www.second-opinions.co.uk/we-are-not-herbivores.html seems to wipe the argument made away, since atherosclerosis does seem to take place in carnivores when giving them carbs.

hi jelle!

if you take a closer look at that website, you'll find that it is one of those low carb high fat cheerleaders and barry apparently is/was on the board of wapf (weston a price foundation).

barry doesn't really argue ethically either. for instance, he picks on this:

***Because humans get atherosclerosis, and atherosclerosis is a disease only of herbivores, humans also must be herbivores.***


"So, we now know that atherosclerosis can and does also affect carnivores. This fact destroys Dr Roberts' assertion that humans must be herbivores."

barry has created a strawman by distorting the actual argument by roberts which is that you can't produce atherosceloris in carnivores with high cholesterol. roberts' statement is only with reference to atherosceloris produced through cholesterol not through other means eg feeding carbs or taking out the thyroid (see first question).

so, it is barry's strawman which actually 'wipes his own argument away'. :D

barry seems to be well-known for these antics. for instance, here's what fuhrman said about him back in 2006:

"I realize the web allows a forum for people with potentially dangerous advice, but I think most intelligent people can see through his straw arguments, so I welcome the opportunity to comment again to his skewed nutritional viewpoints and unsubstantiated claims. Each time Barry Groves reports on a medical study he gave a different conclusion to the data than the researchers do, and the studies are usually some poorly done old study."

The Misinformation of Barry Groves and Weston Price

(worth reading the entire article)

wapf is notorious for this sort of immature and dishonest behaviour. here's a summary from a thread on 30bad (which doesn't exist anymore thanks to ning's silly setup up which permits the deletion of entire threads when the author leaves the forum):

'Like Some Clarity' Thread Responses

if you look at any of the arguments produced by wapf or crapaleo contingent, you'll likely find similar distortions, misrepresentations and even outright dishonesty. this revelation about arguments like barry's doesn't make people like roberts correct, btw - there is far more solid scientific ground that roberts, mcdougall, greger, fuhrman, ornish etc etc stand on.

the overwhelming evidence shows that corpse products are horribly damaging to human (and even animal) health. this evidence continues to grow even influencing some of the researchers to go vegan (one of the more prominent individuals being colin campbell).

if you want proper and correct information about this stuff go to greger:


in friendship,


Thanks prad! I saw something was off when I looked at some other pages of his website. I have to admit that the more research papers i read, the more I notice the bad quality and low significance of them. I like Greger, watch all his videos, but he really loves to cherry pick on vegan studies a lot, and some of the studies are pretty lame and badly done. :D

"Org version 7.8.03 with Emacs version 23"!! That made my day I'm afraid we are the only two that get that :D

Thanks prad!

you are welcome, jelle.

it's important to catch fallacies in the actual arguments presented by the corpse munchers ... even before tackling the content. when an argument isn't correct in form, it is likely the content (however correct), will prove to be a non sequitur. the strawman and the red herring are favorite tools utilized by the crapaleo side.

I saw something was off when I looked at some other pages of his website. I have to admit that the more research papers i read, the more I notice the bad quality and low significance of them.

it's difficult to find good evidence for corpse consumption support these days. :D

I like Greger, watch all his videos, but he really loves to cherry pick on vegan studies a lot, and some of the studies are pretty lame and badly done.

i think greger cherry picks on vegan studies because they tend to be the good ones. he discards a lot of the others. i do his bibliography, so i have a good idea as to what's coming through. ;)

i've found him to be generally very fair. for instance, he showed the evidence a few years ago that calcium isn't leached out of bones due to animal protein consumption. i did find though that he didn't represent the b12 issue properly in the past, because he tried extrapolate from casestudies as though they were comprehensive ones. there is more evidence on this matter now though that seems to show his premises were correct.

"Org version 7.8.03 with Emacs version 23"!! That made my day I'm afraid we are the only two that get that :D

mine too then comrade!! :D

in friendship,


The writer of the second opinions website got his PhD through distance learning :) he used to call himself Dr. Until he was rumbled. Great source! :)



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