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Why is this lady so fat and what advice would you give her?

Beth has gone from 126lbs to 265lb and runs the forum www.rawfu.com and just cant seem to complete her '30 day low sugar challenges' and wonders why raw life is so tuff. She aint open to advice and its another forum Ive been banned from, so lets use Beth's example for those that want help and are prepared to work for it. So maybe you can relate to Beth's situation of carb phobia and see the rut this mentality starts to dig out for one and how it starts the binge/starve cycle we know of in the raw movement as a 'juice feast'.

My name is Beth "Bunny" Berry, and I am a food addict.  I wanted to share a picture with you of the results of my latest sugar and flour binge.  Right now my candida is so out of control that wearing a bra is extremely painful.   And as you can see, I'm so bloated, gassed out, retaining so much water, and toxic that I look like I'm 9 months pregnant.  Little Bender Baby Berry. 

Tomorrow, I am going on a juice feast. I'll be drinking green juice until my body tells me that it's okay to stop. Despite a bender, I will never give up on myself. Because I'm worth it. This bender has put 15 pounds back onto my body, and it's all coming out of the front apparently. 

I appreciate the fact that you all stick around and follow my endless story of failures and setbacks.  One day I'll be one of those shining success stories, and have a book written about how perfect I became through raw and living foods. 

Until then, I'm going to try to deliver this bender baby, and move towards being able to put a 30 day sparkly chip in my pocket  that I can carry around proudly from abstaining from flour, sugar, and cooked food. 

Pray for me. And never give up. Never give up. 

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The sad thing is that Bunny like thousands of others has spent thousands of dollars on quick fix gimmicks that just disolve health, fitness, looks, sanity and confidence in a raw vegan/vegan lifestyle.

High fat, salt free, gourmet raw meals once a while wont hurt the person with good digestion but the danger is in relying on these high fat foods for calories and restricting carbs like we get told n sold all too often in the raw community.

We are seeing more people hitting walls than thriving thesedays and this is why we got this site up and running to share what works and what doesnt.

What hope does someone have when they jump on a forum and the person that runs it doesnt even know what to do and you can tell cos they aint getting the results that they desire. Its no wonder that most raw authors dont participate on forums consistently, except for Doug Graham and David Klein. The others simply just dont know what to advise peeps. They dont like being questioned simply cos they aint sure of what they believe in.

We read their subjective books that dont have any objective or sustainable guidelines ie- Dont eat too much fruit or too much fat, maybe 30% of from greens and a glass of water now and then as long as its raw water, dont worry about calories as long as your eating green powders, skip breakfast so your body can heal and remember above all that calorie restriction is a good thing, if you feel emotional its not cos your glycogen tank is rock bottom but rather your kundalini is rising and you must get in contact with your 3rd eye...

No wonder some people in the raw movement are dying, feel like dying, getting diabeties, suicidal depression, having open heart surgery, becoming anorexic/obese, losing looks/fitness etc. Low carb diets = high fat diets= health destruction on all counts.
Salt sucks.
OMG - she's suffering the Living Hell on Earth - prophesied in the good books; The eternal torment of existence in exquisite PAIN. ~ The "End" truly *has* arrived ~ the Apocalypse has come home to roost! Woe is me...and unto to all earthlings... :-((
I don't know any 811er that has turned out like that...
That's funny! I posted on another site that I was feeling bloated and gassy. The advice that I got was to stop eating so much fruit and eat more nuts and seeds & avocado's. have more green smoothies, and do a water fast for at least 10 days! Glad I found this site, I could have ended up like bunny if I hadn't! Scary, because a lot people believe what they say, just look at those sites and see how many people are following the advice.
LOL-That's so true!

It's because fruits and vegetables photograph waaay better than maca powder, plastic bottles of agave and Nama Shoyu....
I find that this post is very mean. While I am a low fat raw vegan and believe that lfrv is truly the way for humans, i still think that making a post like this will not solve anything, especially for Bunny.

If Bunny saw this, she would be very disappointed, crushed, sad.... If i was her i would be totally turned off by lfrv and the whole community if i saw this. The title is especially harsh. I do not think this is the way to help her. Especially the mockery in the comments.

Don't get me wrong, guys. I do think she could find true health and solve the answers to many of her problems with weight, health, and happiness if she did a true commitment to try low fat raw vegan for a month or more. But to mock her and make fun of her is a whole other thing.

I want to help Bunny.... i really do. I just don't think this discussion will get us anywhere. All of us here know that lfrv will give us the results that we want. All of us know that eating high fat gourmet food, doing juice feasts and then binging on food, and not eating enough fruit or calories will ultimately make us fat, unhealthy, and depressed. I'm not denying any of that! I fully agree! But to post this about Bunny will not help anyone!
She said she wants prayer ~ she seems perfectly content to continue her cycling up and down with weight changes, binging and purging. Does she derive some secret pychological pleasure from it? possibly self-loathing, that may have been imprinted from her parents? How would you know? Maybe Carl Andrews could shed some light on the predicament, I won't make an attempt.

But now she has your attention, and is so happy for that. She would like you to write to her with your encouragement, and advice - she likely will not follow a LFRV lyfestyle. Write to her and disprove me. She is representative of the vast majority of people in the Raw Food movement now - she is on-board because it is the current fad; She would have done the same if Oprah had told her to follow the diet. Ask her if she watches Oprah - bet she does...

The drug, and food manufacturing industries have her in their grasp, where they want her, yo-yo-ing, with weight loss remedies, binge-eating, and eventually hospitalization - and/or psychiatric "assistance". After 2 or 3 cycles of this activity, one might deduce that the path followed is incorrect - if one were a reasoning animal.

And so she is lodged in her own personal hell - like millions of others, who cannot advance beyond useless advice.

These are only my opinions...
I actually feel this post can help bunny a lot if she takes it the right way.
What is "mean" about what DR has written here? The title of the discussion is honest yes.

Beth has gone from 126lbs to 265lb and runs the forum www.rawfu.com and just cant seem to complete her '30 day low sugar challenges' and wonders why raw life is so tuff. She aint open to advice and its another forum Ive been banned from, so lets use Beth's example for those that want help and are prepared to work for it. So maybe you can relate to Beth's situation of carb phobia and see the rut this mentality starts to dig out for one and how it starts the binge/starve cycle we know of in the raw movement as a 'juice feast'.

Yes some of the replies may have been a bit harsh and a little suprising, I was hoping for a lot more constructive criticism... but at the end of the day we can't control the actions and opinions of others so its up to us as individual's to control what we take personally or else we will experience a constant emotional roller coaster...
I totally agree!!!!!! This thread is mean spirited and pointless.
I'm going to send Bunny a message on Rawfu...as her website was the reason that I first went raw.
I've been watching her suffer from high fat raw for 2 years now!

Maybe she'll listen, maybe she won't. The least we can do is try!


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