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Over the past 5 years I have read virtually all of the books from people such as Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra, and it just occured to me that I don't remember ever hearing any of the well known spiritual / self help authors say that they follow a vegan diet. 


I have learned so much from these authors, but I have to wonder how people like these who have devoted so much of their life to learning and teaching about spirituality and higher consciousness haven't at some point decided to eliminate all animal products from their diet and encouraged their readers to do the same thing. 


They are clearly aware of the the harmful effects that everything from thinking a hateful thought to watching violent movies has on us and the world around us, and I would go as far as to say that if I hadn't started reading these people's books I probably wouldn't have turned to veganism yet, because reading their books made me want to better myself and the world around me which eventually lead to me going vegan, so it seems strange to me that I've never heard any of these people talk about such an important issue...  Maybe they don't realize that it's an important issue yet, but I kind of doubt that.  (There are teenagers on this forum that are still in High School who understand what's going on in slaghterhouses and they simply don't want to contribute to it in any way.) 


Yes, these authors are just human beings like everyone else, but millions of people read their books because they have such a powerful and uplifting message about life and peace on Earth and it just seems to me that they of all people would not be in favor of eating foods that requires the enslavement, suffering, and death of an innocent creature and would very much be in favor of a vegan diet, but for all I know they might eat meat 3 times a day and not see anything wrong with it.  Anyone know what the diet of people like Eckhart Tolle is like?


- I have heard a lot of spiritual teachers say that they have eliminated red meat from their diets due to the harmful effects that eating red meat can have on US but as far as I know none of them have chosen to write about the devistating effect that our diet is having on animals and how we can put an end to a lot of death and suffering in the world simply by changing our diets.


- I have heard various spiritual teachers say that before we eat a fish or any other animal that we should take a moment to "Thank the animal for giving us it's life so that we can be nourished and live." but I would think that most of these people are aware of the fact that we don't need to eat meat in order to be well nourished and live.


- I have even heard some of the well known spiritual teachers defend a meat diet by saying, "How do we know that that the animals that have to die for our meals didn't willingly come to this Earth to make the ultimate sacrafice of giving us their life so that we can eat and not go hungry?"  When you consider that hundreds of billions, if not trillions of animals end up dieing each year due to the human diet, that's a lot of lifes being sacraficed needlessly. Plus, even if it were true that the animals in slaughterhouses came to Earth to selflessly give up their life's to feed us humans don't we have to feed them like 10 pounds of grain to make one pound of beef?  And can't a lot of health problems be traced back to animal consumption?  If so the idea that they came to Earth to help feed humans seems a bit backwards.


Normally when a well known public figure speaks out publicly about animal rights it's someone that I would never supspect.  (Like yesterday I came on here and saw the video that someone posted of Ricky Gervais encouraging people to help ban bull fighting... That was totaly unexpected.)  So why do you think that some of the most recognized spiritual "gurus" haven't decided to take a stand on this issue? 


By the way, I just listened to some audio of Wayne Dyer over the weekend and he was bashing fruit like he was Brian Clement.  He said that Americans were obese and getting diseases such as cancer and diabetes mainly due to extremely high sugar intake.  He said that children were consuming way too much sugar from sodas and candy (Which I'm sure that we can all agree with) but then he said that "Even natural sugars from fruits can be just as destructive" and he recommended that we limit our sugar intake to no more than 15 grams a day and he said that most bananas have about 17 grams of sugar, so eating even 1 banana a day would be too much sugar in a day.  (He even mentioned the thing about hybridization causing fruits to have a lot more sugar in them than they did in the past.)   It sounded as if he had recently watched some videos of Brian Clement on YouTube and was completely brainwashed by them.  Sad :(  And what's even sadder is that he announced during the lecture that he had just recently been diagnosed with leukemia... What a bad time to take on a phobia of fruit... The man is a millionaire living in Hawaii and he's afraid of of all that great fruit that he has such easy access to???


It would be very interesting to see what some these gurus would be like if they went raw vegan and encouraged their readers to do the same.  Hopefully someday they will.  I think that a lot of their readers would be willing to try it as well if they were promoting it.

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It's true that when we "resonate" with a teacher or guru,we still have to have a filter for the info. You take in what makes sense for you and filter out what doesn't. No one is perfect and maybe they need the help of lfrvs to help them see the way they way they help us in the spiritual and consciousness aspect.

It does get to me though i'll be honest that in yoga philosophy the first "guideline" is called "ahimsa" which means non-violence/harm to any creature including yourself. After living with various yoga teachers, working in studios and taken trainings where we're at least fifty people, im sad to say i've always been 1 out of the 2 vegans there.

But I keep inspiring them to at least eat more fruits and veggies and always get them to try my banana spinach smoothies (which they all bring in to have after class now) :)
It's odd that has been your experience... mine has been exactly the opposite. Yoga has always been a space were it's OK to simply be as you are. Most of the time just getting *into* a yoga class takes me to a more peaceful place... but I've had times when I come in and, frankly, am still carrying some sadness, or anger, or other 'negative' emotion with me into the room. I've always been quite honest (not belligerent, but honest) about 'anger passing through' or 'sadness passing through' and everyone has always been incredibly supportive.

Everybody has negative emotions, including many folks who are quite far along their spiritual path... my observation has been not that those feeling go away or lessen, but that folks learn to not be as 'attached' to those feelings... they can put them in their proper perspective.

It can be a little weird at first having a conversation with someone who, when you ask how they are, will calmly and honestly answer 'Oh, I'm furious.' and then smile gently and lovingly at you. Because they *are* furious. But they are also discerning enough to not take it out on you... they still love you, you have nothing to do with that fury :)
yes i agree with you the two go together imo we can't have peace until we stop consuming animals.
jared asks:
Why Aren't More Spiritual Teachers Vegan?

because they aren't spiritual teachers.

as the saying goes,
"those who have found the way, don't hand out business cards." ;)

in friendship,
greetings kiera!

this is a particularly meaningful statement you write:
putting a few people up on pedestals is nearly a lack of personal responsibility
while there is much that can be learned from others, we still have to do the walking ourselves ... and too many expect to be carried along the path.

your statement and the way you stick out your tongue in your photos remind me of the encounter the student had with his zen master when he asked to be enlightened - and his teacher flapped her hands near her ears and stuck her tongue out at him. i don't know to what extent he was enlightened, but i think he was off to a good start ... so i think people should appreciate the potential benefit those particular photos of yours offer! ;)

btw, i like your rabbit and if you want to read about some of ours take a look here:
the way of the rabbit
the story is actually somewhat relevant to this thread.

in friendship,

lol so true.

Take Care

Totally agree with you. About 2 years ago I stopped following a spiritual teacher, and one of the main reasons was that he was promoting eating red meat. I had reached a point in my spiritual journey where I could see that eating animals was terribly wrong, and in fact harmful for spiritual development, and so I realized I was probably more spiritually advanced at that point than my "spiritual" teacher.


If someone promotes eating meat, no matter who they say they are, I don't believe I have anything to learn from them.


It's sad that it seems to be such a radical notion to give up meat. Recently I found some amazing yoga teachings - but the teacher is fat? Many of these so called teachers are fat. He does say in his book that giving up meat is useful for spiritual advancement but NOT NECESSARY (!?). At the same time he says we need to follow a light, easy to digest diet which is high in carbohydrates (811 anyone?), but that an all raw diet is indigestible for humans and we must cook almost everything. It's so, SO sad.


I have realized that, as much as we can learn from different people, there isn't one single person that I have come across who has everything right. All we can do is learn the best from different sources, discard the rest, and try to be our best in every area of life.


the "new" age movement and the paleo movement are the same. but there's a bigger agenda then just money, maybe not for a lot of these guru's but for the initiators of this practice, it's slavery and keeping the slaves slaves. knowledge is power, you can't have carbed up people looking for truth.

Well, like you said, they are only human.

"Thank the animal for giving us it's life so that we can be nourished and live."
That's like taking a moment to thank the dolphins that get slaughtered in japan, see The Cove, before you watch a dolphin show. Pointless.

I often question what kind of human being can get through medical school. It takes a special kind for sure and even more so one that can get through it and still think for themselves.

I can't believe Wayne Dwyer is saying that! Crazy! He needs someone to sit him down or at least write him a letter!
Yeah it is crazy, and I forgot to mention that during the lecture he was also telling everyone about the miracle of "Fish Oil Supplements" and how much they have done for him since he started taking them recently. And he also mentioned that he now drinks goji berrie juice every morning and that it's a great "super food".

Like I said it sounded so much to me as if he has recently been exposed to one of the books or lectures of one of the well known raw food leaders, but unfortunately it was on of the raw food leaders who are afraid of fruit and who say that not eating any animal products is dangersous. It was sureal to be hearing all of this from Wayne Dyer of all people. (He didn't mention "cacao" in the lecture, but I get the feeling that it's only a matter of time.)
Also, along the same lines, I was surprised that a local tibetan monk was not vegetarian and so read up on it. I was surprised to learn that the Tibetan people were not traditionally vegetarian. But it seems to me they should be now because they can. So I found this today:
The Tibetan position is that it is not necessary to be vegetarian if one practices Vajrayana,[citation needed] but that it is necessary to be vegetarian if one practices the Mahayana path. The 14th Dalai Lama and other esteemed lamas invite their audiences to adopt vegetarianism when they can. When asked in recent years what he thinks of vegetarianism, the 14th Dalai Lama has said: "It is wonderful. We must absolutely promote vegetarianism."[11] The Dalai Lama became a vegetarian and promoted vegetarianism.[12] In 1999, it has been published that the Dalai Lama would only be vegetarian every other day and partakes of meat regularly. [13] When he is in Dharamsala, he is vegetarian, but not necessarily when he is outside Dharamsala.[14] Paul McCartney has taken him to task for this and wrote to him to urge him to return to strict vegetarianism but " [The Dalai Lama] replied saying that his doctors had told him he needed [meat], so I wrote back saying they were wrong."[15]
Arjia Rinpoche became vegetarian in 1999.[16]
On 3 January 2007, 17th Karmapa, Urgyen Trinley Dorje, strongly urged vegetarianism upon his students, saying that generally, in his view, it was very important in the Mahayana not to eat meat and that even in Vajrayana students should not eat meat:
There are many great masters and very great realized beings in India and there have been many great realized beings in Tibet also, but they are not saying, "I'm realized, therefore I can do anything; I can eat meat and drink alcohol." It's nothing like that. It should not be like that. According to the Kagyupa school, we have to see what the great masters of the past, the past lamas of Kagyupas, did and said about eating meat. The Drikung Shakpa [sp?] Rinpoche, master of Drikungpa, said like this, "My students, whomever are eating or using meat and calling it tsokhor or tsok, then these people are completely deserting me and going against the dharma." I can't explain each of these things, but he said that anybody that is using meat and saying it is something good, this is completely against the dharma and against me and they completely have nothing to do with dharma. He said it very, very strongly.[4]

good posts ednshell!
glad to see some buddhists taking back their religion from the charlatans!
(btw, you'd be amazed at what the dalai lama ate - though he does support peta)

the same happens in the christian world and other religions - some so-called believers usurp the most basic teachings and have to be called to task on their misbehavior.

the rationalizations are just part of what is known as the great foo-foo.
i won't elaborate on it here because i already have to some extent in this post though that was more focused on the new age nonsenses.

in friendship,



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