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Hi guys,


I live in the UK, in a place called Plymouth in Devon. It is damp, grey cold and rainy. In fact we say 'it rains 9 months of the year and the other 3 are winter'


Most of the fruit is hard and expensive in the middle of summer so I am dreading the winter, I can't imagine how I will get stuff to eat.


I used to live in Spain, france and portugal and I LOVE the climate, so warm and so much cheap RIPE fruit!


I am wanting to move back asap and it made wonder if any of you fruity lot had actually moved somewhere warmer to make life on 80-10-10 a little easier??


answers on a postcard lol


xx star

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i live on the northeast coast of america, and i have the same problem ): nothing good grows in the winter, the land's dead and colorless... i mean hey, snow's pretty and all, and i love sledding, but something's missing.
my dream was to move to san diego before i came across the lfrv lifestyle, but it fits perfectly. (: the sunshine, the ocean, the loads of local fruit...
i wouldn't be able to live where you do, so i respect you for that. i get clinically depressed ALL WINTER

guess some of us are just born for sunshine and fruit, huh? (: 

I get depressed all winter too and the the last 2 summe3rs here have been awful so then I get depressed in summer too! I am part mediteranean so I am deffo not built for a british climate, brrrr


I just gotta wait for my man to finish college next summer *sigh*

guess some of us are just born for sunshine and fruit, huh? (:


Hehhaaa, well technically we all are!!

I totally feel for you, I visited Denmark and froze to death nearly, it was only october! Lovely place but cold!!




expensive! organic bananas £2 for half a kilo, mangoes £2 - £250 each (non-organic). Berries £3-£4 for a tiny 300-400g punnet (non-organic). This is summer prices in winter, you can't even get these items (apart from bananas).


My fruit bill is about £80-£100 a week

Hi Star! I live in the UK too and agree with you, fruit is very expensive here. Have you tried riverford.co.uk? They deliver organic fruit and veg UK wide and are a bit cheaper than supermarkets...and the quality is so much better!

Yeah I already use them, but they dont do berries at all so I have to pay riduclous supermarket price for them and thats if they have any organic berries in. My current stash of organic raspberries was £2.50 for a mere 125g!!!


I don think Riverford are especially cheap though, some of their stuff is more expensive than supermarket organic, but much better quality. I used them for bulking buying salad greens, melons, oranges and bananas


the bonus is that they bring it to me and I dont have to carry it lol


xx star

Really Star? Even in our little town, Waitrose has organic bananas at £1.30 / kg and fairtrade bananas that taste just as good for £0.68 / kg, non-organic but tasty mangoes for £1 each. Berries aren't worth the bother, they're crazy like £15 kg something when you do the maths.


But yeah, unless you live on non-organic bananas only, spending less than £100 a week is tricky. And you're still not getting quality produce.

Waitrose is good for fruit but we dont have one here :-(


I used to spend so little in spain to get my food, gotta leave!!

I've thought about moving to NC Dan. I heard it has a wonderful climate. Here in Idaho we have amazing summers. Spring and fall are not so bad either, but we do have winter. Thankfully we get a lot of sun. About 340 days a year of sunshine. That is one good thing :)

hawaii's tha place to be if your a u.s. citizen 

no question


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