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What's the most annoying thing anyone has said to you about your diet?

I know this isn't exactly a productive topic, but...what are some irritating things people have said about the way you eat that you wanna get off your chest? I'll empathize with you if you empathize with me :) here are some of mine:
"just eat some cake, it can be your 'cheat day'" (who the heck has 'cheat days' from veganism??? And thanks for your permission)
"do me a favor and eat some chicken"
in response to me refusing pizza: "sometimes it's okay to be happy"
"there's no way that can be healthy"
that felt good!

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Whilst eating my usual bowl of mangos, a girl asked me, as she was stuffing her face with nasty pus dead carcass grossness (AKA pizza): "do you take supplements? *blarghflarghmer* (gross pizza eating sounds) you could be anemic!!!" Just smiled and shook my head.

Ha ha ha!!!! It is not even annoying. It is hilarious and I feel sad for them!!! Honestly, most of all these posts make me laugh. 

You like [apples/bananas/pineapple/ whatever large amount of fruit I am currently eating], don't you?

Why don't you eat something healthy?...a cheese sandwich.

You NEED protein TO LIVE!!!

You can't beat tuna for protein.

That CAN'T be healthy, ALL THAT. (3 tins of pineapple slices, about 3 small pineapples)

Sometimes, don't you just want some junk food?

Don't you get bored? (coming from someone eating three variations of dairy -cheese, yogurt, chocolate)

Do you eat real food, like chocolate?
Milk - Boiled Bovine Mammary secretion, Cocoa -crushed roasted seeds/beans, Soya Lecithin - Bean sludge, Sugar - Boiled, filtered plant extract.
Somehow that is "real" food but fruits are not...

Do you eat meat... how about fish?

You can get organic meat.

In reference to eating 30 bananas in a day -"I'd be s***ting those out for months."
In reference to eating a box of 36 small, moist dates -"Eat all them, you'll be s***ting your arse out."

Please eat some proper food.

...Potassium overdose from bananas...

Meat's never harmed anyone...
What made you decide to stop eating "proper" food?
What are you eating for protein?
You need a pork chop.
Eat some more food or you'll become anorexic.
Comments about being too thin (I am not too thin, everyone else is too fat!).

A woman in a supermarket looked at a pack of 4 discounted pears and said she'd never eat them all, I said I'd have them and the other 4 and eat them all at once. She said: "Why? Do you live on the street?"

Okay this made me laugh!

a girl whos in school for nursing, "Oh you know that they inject people with potassium to kill them right?" lolllll, oh yes, death by nanners......like DR said you have to eat 200 something (or 400 something) in 30 seconds for that to happen, not possible. i thought it was so funny, she actually thought i could overdose on yellow curved fruit ;)

oh and i forgot, "When are you gonna start eating REAL food?" 

One thing that is annoying is when my brother tells me "you're taking this vegan thing way too far." Ugh so annoying and offensive .
Generally I get snickers and scoffs from my parents when I'm eating.
My mother is a small town family doctor (living hell for a raw vegan LOL) and tells me I need more protein all the time .
She and my stepfather are proud of the fact that they don't go and take a bite out of a living cow because that would be 'unsanitary.' They prefer their meat cleaned and free of bacteria (AKA buying it in a pretty little package at the grocery store). (EEEWWWWWWW)
Talked to my brother about veganism the other day and he came to the conclusion that he doesn't care that animals are killed for fun, because it is their 'niche' - it is their purpose (super annoying).
My stepfather: "Do you ever go to the bathroom?!" (he uses the profane word for #2). "Isn't that TOO much potassium??!!"

But I must go on :) I would like to be like Harley one day soon and just let it go. I'm getting there :)

Glad there is a thread to let it out :)

Funny story I can agree!

My mom just yesterday said, "I hope you don't end up with diabetes." 


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