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What's the most annoying thing anyone has said to you about your diet?

I know this isn't exactly a productive topic, but...what are some irritating things people have said about the way you eat that you wanna get off your chest? I'll empathize with you if you empathize with me :) here are some of mine:
"just eat some cake, it can be your 'cheat day'" (who the heck has 'cheat days' from veganism??? And thanks for your permission)
"do me a favor and eat some chicken"
in response to me refusing pizza: "sometimes it's okay to be happy"
"there's no way that can be healthy"
that felt good!

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Argh I've had paleo dummies say things like that to me online before too, they think we're the one's asleep when really they are! I felt like doing this to them! ^ 

hahaha! I'm totally doing this to the next person i come across with idiotic reasoning, jut to show them how silly they're being. :)

Love it! :D My family keep saying to everyone, in public - which is really embarrassing:

- Marina doesn't eat at all.

Then I say: - But I eat upto 3000kal a day - u see me eat pounds and pounds of food each day, as a matter of fact, I spend a lot of time on eating... how can u say I do not eat?

- Dear, fruits and greens do not count as food.


A girl I babysit last year in the States would always tell me:

U eat like a pig and u r skinny as a twig!

Ha ha! That is right! And I love it. 

Really?  That's funny.  =)

She's a poet, and she don't know it :)

This one literally just happened.

"You can't just eat fruit. A healthy diet is based around green vegetables, whole grains, and protein. Fruit sugar, although it is naturally occurring, is like junk food if you eat too much of it. You shouldn't eat fruit as your main source of calories."

"All that fruit sugar can't be good for your teeth."

"I'm diabetic and I can't even eat a piece of fruit, and you eat seven pieces, even eight!" (This from my mom, too bad she doesn't know how much more than that I eat, lol)

And the worst one was one not said to my face, but within earshot of me - 

My mom, on the phone: "She's being so completely irrational! She won't eat cooked food and it's going to end up just like it was in China!" (when I had anorexia) "We'll have to send her to the Emergency Room!"

And one more: "Where do you get your carbs?"

The thing that irritated me the most was a DOCTOR telling me I'm "too young to be vegan" ?!?!?!?!

Since when can you be too young to eat what nature intended you to eat????

Oh, and at that doctor's appointment I had perfect blood pressure (92 over something...can't remember),  a great heart rate (54 bpm), a healthy weight (105 lb for 5'4), excellent sodium levels, super low cholesterol (cause I don't eat any BECAUSE of veganism), perfect blood sugar levels, and the list can really go on and on. 

Reminds me of Freelee's video, "How to make yourself sick" when she mentioned trusting your doctor. Yeah, don't.

My dad suffering from most meat-eating related diseases and recently diagnosed with a lymphatic cancer saying he cant do just fruits cos he's got to eat 'Real Foods'.

Not as much what was said, as what wasn't said. So when I was way overweight, high blood pressure, gout, all sorts of chronic pain, increasingly blurred vision, etc, no one had much to say. But once I was at my conventionally accepted ideal weight range, normal BP, no gout, no chronic pain, vision much better, physically active, people began to become "concerned" about my diet.

So I found that to be a little annoying, but mostly ironic! 

No kidding!  It seems OK to watch a person eat an entire bag of potato chips (crisps) without a word, but if they eat 4 or more bananas, it is impossible NOT to comment for some reason. Why is that? 

Same thing happened to me, I was overweight and could eat anything, totally accepted.  As soon as I went vegan, I was too skinny, ate too much salad.  Nobody knows outside of my house that I am 811, so I have yet to see what people say. (They do comment on the amount of fruit in my shopping basket though.)

"You can't do that...",  but, truthfully, I love hearing it.  Doubters give me more inspiration then they'll ever know. Watch me.


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