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What's the most annoying thing anyone has said to you about your diet?

I know this isn't exactly a productive topic, but...what are some irritating things people have said about the way you eat that you wanna get off your chest? I'll empathize with you if you empathize with me :) here are some of mine:
"just eat some cake, it can be your 'cheat day'" (who the heck has 'cheat days' from veganism??? And thanks for your permission)
"do me a favor and eat some chicken"
in response to me refusing pizza: "sometimes it's okay to be happy"
"there's no way that can be healthy"
that felt good!

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the paleo diet is the complete opposite of living life like Grok.

First of all I am pretty sure Grok hunted his own wild animals and ate fruits since it helped give him energy. 

The Paleo diet is nothing but a scam considering WE are nothing like we were 1000 years ago.

Early humans were primarily gatherers, not hunters as has been taught. No need to hunt when you can just eat an apple.
The Paleo diet did not exist, it is modern.
Read the World Peace Diet by WIll Tuttle, he explains the advent of herding culture thoroughly.
The start of the book is a bit slow and too spiritual for me, though the middle is excellent, the end becomes somewhat boring and again spiritual but not unbearable, overall a lot of valuable information sandwiched in there.

yeah, hear you my friend with hunters, same in here about gatheres...

I just reply, well our genome change more than few tousand years ago...so I am ok, noone in that time was having weapons and heat and cooker by his weist titen up:D.

Bdw. try to replay on the subject of this, well I tell the mamals not to then eat fruit and grass, coz they need to continue eating milk:D.... yeah it is great bussines, coz it is more calorie dense and more hormones, but I dont want to live that fast life, leave it for your my freind, I got more patience in life, too much buty in the world, to live fast:).

and cooking for hygine argument I say, well I will tell it to a friend with a baby nursing to do it why she get flu, or even better that she better feed chemical prepared artificial milk "a sunar:D" ;).

I had a talk with my friend about this. He basically thought of things with sugar as things that gave him a sugar rush and things which didn't as not having it. Basically he (whom I tried to correct) and most others have redefined sugar to mean refined sugar essentially, sugars that are concentrated unnaturally to give a sugar rush. Thus fruits do not contain their redefined 'sugar' while their foods do. It's basically lots of people who redefined a word unknowingly. So the term is 'accurate' in a sense between them, but not between them and people who know the proper definition. It's essentially a basic language problem where a word is misused so much that its definition among a subset of people changes and becomes 'erroneous', but still has a meaning. Kind of like 'chili' which has also widely been redefined and people say 'chili' when it would really be more accurate to say 'vegetarian chili' or something.

Yes, I have been reflecting in this direction, redefining my personal image of "carbohydrates".

hahaha, my mum always argue how sweet my foods are, that she would eat it, if I dont put that much dates in:D....

yeah people are on rush with lifestyle in general, that dont make one comftible as well....

about bf. My bf. said to other around, please make here eat something, she drink all the 3days blended orange.... he think it is not food I guess...

maybe if you sit her down and explain to her how much you are eating and how you are getting enouh cals / show her crono-meter stats, she will lighten up.  theres a fine line between being concerned and being hurtful <3 

my hair become extremally full after few years raw and I was struggleing with it since thyroid problem...they fall out and grow very full and strong...(by scan, they told me I got more than "above averadge" no limite even for such as:D...and I am blond and should have got a weak and bad condition....actually they have no issue and I cut them an year back:D....also Catrina buck. she has amazing hair, same freelee;)

That's encouraging, because I have really thin hair. I'm hoping to heal it with raw 811. :)

I used to have really thin hair, still pretty thin I think, but it seems to have gotten a tiny bit thicker. More so what I love about my hair now is that it isn't all oily. My hair used to get super oily really fast, it would be noticeably oily before the day was over even from the morning wash. I have longer hair now, much longer than ever before. Before whenever my hair started to get longer it would bother me (also had an annoying thin spot on my head that's gone) due to its poor condition so I'd be inclined to cut it and usually kept it fairly short. Not anymore! This time it got longer and wasn't bothering me at all so I've let it keep growing. So if you're looking for hair improvements this diet is great!

Can I ask what you wash your hair with now? Shampoo and conditioner or lemon, vinegar or just water or something else?



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