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Many doctors have said that I have anxiety and that I should get on a Phychiatric Anti-Depressant. I've heard that they're horrible!

Every day I think it's going to be my last. These episodes have been freaking me out, and all this pain has been horrible.

I know that a lot of people on here dissagree w/herbs, but it's a lot better than Psych drugs.

I need to do more research, but last night I bought some St. Johns Wort, Valerian Root and some Chamomile. Also I'm taking a 1/4 niacin=25mg because even with 1/4 I get a hot/burning reaction.

I also have been taking some warm showers and scrubbing hard to get my blood flowing and seems to help to relax.

Any recommendations!??!?!?! Thanks!

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Wow!  I could have written pretty much this exact post last year, and in fact I probably did.

My anxiety was so bad that I literally thought I was dying every night too.  I channelled the anxiety into food, so I thought I was having an allergic reaction to EVERYTHING except bananas, orange juice, and avocados.  And I could only have a little orange juice bc otherwise I would get scared of it too.  I always either thought I was having a heart attack, my lungs were collapsing, or my throat was closing up. 

I was in a state of fear every moment of every day.  Some time it was vague, sometimes it was specific.

I feel 100% better now.  I quit coffee, I passed my first year of law school (major trigger, I'm sure), and I did a lot of law of attraction guided meditations picturing myself calm.

I NEVER want to go there again.  Have you been lfrv long?  Maybe that will help.

I have been lfrv for 2 years (5 months almost 100 % but with periods of more cooked food). I am back on track with only mono-meals and feeling intense detox since 3 weeks. I am almost off the antidepressants now (from 30 mg to 5 mg) and should be completely off them in a week or so. I also never want to go there again. I trust that my body will clean itself and starts doing its job, but to be honest, I am still scared. I know it can take time and I don't want to go back on the meds if the panick attacks come back, but I cannot live like that anymore... I have 3 children and saw my dad suffer from major depression and anxiety all his life and I don't want this for my family and myself...

How does anxiety start? This is nuts, it's like some random thing is controlling the body and it's not you. It's taking a toll on my body. Over thinking too much and going to hard on oneself? It's been rough.

Make sure you tell me how you feel. :)


Sounds like a lot of stuff I've been going through. Life has been a little scary.
Green tea/coffee/weed makes it way way way worse.

I went vegan about 6 months ago, I did a lot of juicing. I kind of been focusing on just relaxing and just eating whatever I want, so I started to eat some oatmeal, yams and potatoes and stuff and have been just trying cut back on the stress. 

Yea, I could see that. I don't like having a huge flush, so I take little bits, like 1/4 of a tablet.

This 5-HTP thing seems like there's Tryptophan in it. My doc said not to eat those kind of foods since my 5hiaa levels were really high, so would something like 5-htp be alright? I guess I gotta read up on it. What's the difference from 5-HTP to an Anti-Depressant?

Nice! I feel like sometimes I do to much research and not enough applying, so I'm going to make more of an effort when I'm able to to start taking care of the body :)

I would sugest rhodiola rosea,but do your own research,and dont mix with any other suppliment,or prescibed medicine without checking-otherwise a good dose of ripe bananas-at least7-8 a day is great for natural triptolenes and the preferable option.

What's so funny is that more than one doc said don't eat bananas 'cuz my high 5hiaa levels. Since the docs couldn't find much, they were saying that most of the blood testing was for obscure things. I told them how many bananas I was eating and they said it might of been just fromt that :)


Datiger, I hope you find relief soon.  I've only had post partem depression before and the things that helped me the most were exercise and rest.  As an herbalist I would say that St. Johnswort is definitely better than any pharmaceutical but will still give your body extra work to process.  It may take a few weeks for you to notice a difference.  Have you been lfrv for long?  If not I hope diet will soon affect your anxiety.

Nice! Yea, it really is worse being in the house. I've litterally been in the house for almost a year!!!!
I've been suffering a lot, but I have to work a little harder to get moving more in that direction :)

You could try to take gabo. It's something which is depleted when someone gets depressed or anxious. I have heard people taking it say they don't feel depressed anymore after taking that.

It is an amino acid though so I imagine you can get plenty of it by eating the right fruits/vegetables :)

Just have a little research session and you should find out which ones are the best.


Do you mean GABA?  I give this to my son and I've taken it and it does help a bunch, but fyi, I took it w/ a natural thyroid supplement once and felt terrible.  I think GABA is a natural calming agent, whereas the thyroid supp gave kind of a 'natural energy'.  No stimulants, but it had iodine and taurine and stuff, which naturally give you energy. 

But, yea, GABA's good and also 5-HTP really helped us.  I would start small w/ the 5-HTP and make sure and research how much to take.  That stuff helped me and my family hugely (and some I know went off their meds and onto 5-HTP and it helped them much more than the meds did - and he tried  a few diff. meds.)  He was so torqued that he had wasted all the time on meds (and money and stress).  We're off it now for a while.  We took it for like..  6 mos or so (if that).  And have been off it for about a year now.  I started notice that I started sweating a lot when taking it getting a little ... what I like to call 'flippy'..  (impatient, a little panicked and overwhelmed) and figured it was time to come off of it and I did.  And have been much better since.  Btw, coffee really affects depression, in my case, too.  And makes me very irritable.


I would try one thing at a time and make sure if you ever combine anything, research whether they're contraindicated (can't go together).  In which case, just choose one :). 

(sorry if this is over-explanatory....) 


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