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Many doctors have said that I have anxiety and that I should get on a Phychiatric Anti-Depressant. I've heard that they're horrible!

Every day I think it's going to be my last. These episodes have been freaking me out, and all this pain has been horrible.

I know that a lot of people on here dissagree w/herbs, but it's a lot better than Psych drugs.

I need to do more research, but last night I bought some St. Johns Wort, Valerian Root and some Chamomile. Also I'm taking a 1/4 niacin=25mg because even with 1/4 I get a hot/burning reaction.

I also have been taking some warm showers and scrubbing hard to get my blood flowing and seems to help to relax.

Any recommendations!??!?!?! Thanks!

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Oh boy... I think you should watch how you talk, you sound burnt yourself... Inferior indeed! lol

you need peace with yourself first

Hey Elias, after 30 years of personal research, starting at age 13, I have determined for myself that smoking dehydrates me, supresses my immune system and makes me tired.  Clearly doesn't work for someone in search of optimum health.  Getting the high of feeling good on lfrv is WAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY better, with only positive effects.   Too bad it took me so long to figure this out!

Hahaha. I use to smoke in high school when I didn't have anxiety and didn't have a problem. The weed is a definite, "No" for me now. Weed or caffeine makes me feel way way way worse. I don't know why, but I freak out and it was especially when it was Indica.

If there's a problem w/ the mind, it's physiological.

What helped me and my husband (before we got the dental metal out of our mouths, which was causing the depression/anxiety) was 5-HTP.  It's good, it's natural (I only get Now Foods brand b/c other brands have or are cross-contaminated w/ gluten) - and it works.  Just know it is only meant to be used for a period of time  - i.e. 6 mos, or 1 yr. or so.  It's to help replace and balance out serotonin levels.  5-HTP is also made by the body.  (the body turns it into serotonin)

make sure you have any dental metal out of your mouth and do the diet.  That is what we'er doing.  Also B vitamins might help.  Methyl B-12 helps us a great deal, also B-complex caps and for me, Thyroid Energy, occasionally. (all from Now Foods)  - I don't work for them, I've just tried lots of supps and I can't find any others that don't have glutinous preservatives. (gluten is tied to depression, too.)

All the best.


5-htp? I gott look at it. I hope it's not what my body is producing too much of. The doc said my 5-hHIAA was high. I have to look more into it. Aslo, my teeth have been hurting a lot, but I don't think I have metal in my mouth.

Thanks for post Morgan :)

I took most wheat out of my diet. I'll eat Ezekial? I gotta check to see if it has Gluten. Also oats, I just heard recently has some gluten.


I think mine were replaced w/ composite.  I think I heard something about composite not being too good for you, but .. I suppose it's a heck of a lot better than mercury.. 

I'm not sure of the alternatives.. hmm.. 

Btw - I've heard some (if not most/ a lot) of mercury fillings are actually 50% mercury, 50% lead.  yikes.. 

Here is a dentist's site that offers an alternative to composite.  I believe they offer gold inlay or porcelain inlay - it's near the bottom of the list of services: http://www.denbydental.com/dental-procedures.asp


Datiger, .. Also, here is a site w/ a search engine for mercury-free dentists in your area within the US:http://www.dentalwellness4u.com/freeservices/find_dentists.html

Yea, I've had a lot of dental work, but I got the white fillings, so I'm guessing I'm alright, but I'll ask the doc if I've got any metal.

And as far as antidepressants and antianxiety meds, I've heard again and again that they don't work.. That they don't take away the depression, they just make you feel kind of numb. 

So, no - there is no way I would go on them, but that's just me.  I'm not a doc.

We've had a whole lot of success also w/ homeopathy.  I was a real skeptic, at first, but it's good stuff.  I've heard Dr. Ian Leupker is good (he does Skype, too).  We've gone through Dr. Angelica Lemke and she is good, but she's pricey and I get the impression she has a lot of patients. 

So, a naturopath might be a good option.  I would go w/ someone recommended or someone a friend has gone to.  Just a hint, if someone charges a great amount, I've always believe in order to be in good health, it should not be necessary for someone to charge a great deal.  So, go w/ someone who works for you and someone you feel totally comfortable with.  But don't sell the farm and don't do anything that makes absolutely no sense to you.

Just imo.  HTH

Also, a good multi.  We take Now Foods Daily Vits.  We get all their stuff off Amazon.  Someone I know struggles a great deal w/ anxiety/depression.  A lot of bananas (no joke) really helps him.  -getting those good carbs in.. all day..  Also, the B complex, MB-12, Multi.  Even the Now Candida Clear and Psyllium Husk caps. 

(So sorry to everyone for the supplement list, but these helped us a great deal while not on 811 or just starting it. :))


Nice! I've had horrible IBS for 20 years since I was around 6 years old. The docs mentioned Psyllium Husk also, but I thought I wouldn't need it since I'm mainly eating all fruits and veg.

Candida and psyllium are connected with anxiety issues? I feel like we are getting somewhere :)

A messed up gut is basically a compromised immune system.  (as the immune system is mostly housed in the gut)  The reason I bring it up, is you mentioned candida.

Candida is systemic yeast in the body.  It affects the brain, organs, and usually starts as an opportunistic infection in the stomach/intestines.  It creates roots in holes caused by .. well, it could be caused by too much antibiotics, heavy metals like mercury fillings in your mouth, medications that damage the stomach, ulcers, etc.

The brain and the stomach are extremely connected.  If you have a happy belly, you have a happy mind.  (generally, that is)

The key, imo, is to the keep candida (overgrowth of yeast) in balance.  Imo, the best way to do this, is 80/10/10 (though I'm just beginning w/ the diet.)  But I've seen INcredible improvement.. I'm talking 90% just within 5 days of me being on this diet.  I struggle w/ candida..

I don't know why I mentioned psyllium.  It's a great thing for bloating/constipation.  (which many candida sufferers have). 

Okay - IBS? 

First thing, try and not eat gluten. 

I'm telling you, gluten, and dairy will screw you up.  If you have a messed up gut, and the other issues as well, I would recommend just trying to completely abstain for gluten and then dairy (if you can't give them up together) and see how you feel.

A family member is going through this right now and he is so so so much better after finally kicking dairy to the curb.  (has been gluten free for quite some time and it helps his anxiety/depression immensely)  But now that he's cut dairy, it's incredible.  He used to eat butter and ice cream CONstantly.  (indicating the addiction..)  But feels awesome and has also been eating lots of fruit and fruit smoothies.  It helps him so much.  He also does take vit. B supplementation (he's not full 80/10/10 currently).

If you need to eat bread (I don't know if you're full 80/10/10) Udi's is good. 

If you HAVE to have cooked tacos - corn, not flour tortillas.  If you need websites/gf products/recipes, let me know.

Obviously, I believe 80/10/10 is the ultimate fix, but as you're transitioning, it's very necessary to know your potential issues w/ gluten/casein as they can be extremely addicting to some.


You will likely go through some detox if you give them up. (assuming you're eating them)

That's why you would need to decide if you want to try staying away from one or both at the same time.

Our family's detox was pretty much 2-3 days just feelin' crappy, but ours was 'dealable.'

Also, you can read Elizabeth Hasselbeck's book, too, if you're interested.  http://www.gfreediet.com/She had terrible gut issues and it turned out it was celiac's (severe intolerance and autoimmune issues from gluten.  (I believe all celiac and most food intolerances are just heavy metal toxicity in disguise, though I could be wrong.)

Oh, and also regarding gluten intolerance, .. in my experience I've seen some people have major autoimmune problems w/ it and for others, major depression/anxiety issues from it. 

Hope this helps..

Totally true about an upset stomache conneccted with the brain. It started with stomache aches and migraines. I try to eat mostly fruit and veg. I'll have beans/grains and stuff. I don't eat dairy or meat anymore, I used to eat a high protein/low carb diet.

 So no dairy, but have been eating some Gluten, so I'll Google that and cross that out :)

Thanks so much! I've heard about Gluten being bad, so I just ate more rice pasta instead of wheat, but I'll cross out the oats also :)

Hi Datiger.

I used to have really bad depression. I was medicated too but the medication didn't work for me. Here's what helped me.

-Eckhart Tolle helped me so much! New Earth really helped put things in perspective for me. Helped me stay 'present in the now.'

-Bikram Yoga (or Kundalini Yoga). I found BIkram yoga helped me so much, especially with anxiety. It was my medicine for a long long time. Kundalini is also great too, but I find that the physical challenges with Bikram really helped me get over any mental issues I was having. I also learned a lot through my practice. I used to not be able to go more than 3 days without practicing! Life saver.

-Drinking enough water! I feel like utter crud without water. Peeing clear == feeling and thinking clear!

-Going Vegan.. seriously.. I was vegetarian for a good three years, but finally cutting out all that dairy helped me so, so so sooo much better. Especially when dairy is linked with sugar.. that was a trigger food for me that made me feel really depressed.

-Not drinking alcohol or smoking marijuana-- Yeah I used weed to self medicate for a long, long time. Glad I'm off that now. I feel much better. I haven't had a drink in almost 16 months-- I feel awesome!

-Surrounding myself with only good people-- No more toxic relationships! Only with healthy, happy and positive people.

- Last but not least.. are you getting enough exercise? I mean real, tough exercise. The kind that makes your chest hurt and you feel like you want to barf and you are covered in sweat. That kind of exercise is a cure. Also good are long hikes, spin classes, jogging etc etc. Especially if you are young it's a great way to burn off energy. All your anxiety could be coming from having all this energy that isn't being expended. You have to use it by doing something really active and you will feel a lot calmer. A fit body == a fit mind.

-Also animals help me a lot :) My dog and cat bring me a lot of joy.


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