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Hi there!

My husband bought for me these fruits in an organic store. I never saw them before...
I't not a poisoned apple :) because I already ate one of them and I'm still alive, but I'd like to know its name.


PS: did I upload the picture?? 

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oh, thanks so much!! :) 

I eat it with a spoon, like a dessert, and I love it!

What does it taste like?

mmm....I don't know... it's nice fresh and sweet....  For me, it's like eating an ice cream/dessert/ creamy sweet yogurt :)

I also think they call it Custard Apple in DR land a.k.a Australia. One of my favorite fruits!! Just make sure you don't eat it when it's hard, it has to be soft and very sweet.

oh yeah, one of them was a little bit hard, and the taste was different... But the one in the picture was soft and very sweet!!!!!

you tropical people are lucky :) 

Cherimoya is so delicious!  Enjoy Stella

yep, CHERIMOYA it is!

Not a poisoned apple but in Australia known as a custard apple. When ripe, the flesh tastes and has a texture similar to custard.

The cherimoya has a number of close relatives. See the link below for more on the cherimoya. If you scroll through to the end of the article you will see a number of related fruits listed.



Oh wow!  I want to try one!  I don't think I've ever seen it!  Yum!

I was in Portugal (on the island of Madeira) and they called them Anona or Annona...and they were HUGE! Probably about the size of a cantaloupe.  The ones I have found in Toronto are the size of a small apple (so sugar apple makes sense for those ones LOL)

Not sure if there is a technical difference between Cherimoya and Anona, but Anona (Ah-no-nah, well thats how we mangled it with our accent) is much easier to say! 

There are a number of species of fruit in this genus. The genus Annona is from the family Annonaceae

Aside from Cherimoya (Annona cherimola) I have listed a few more of these fruits;

It's funny how soursop doesn't taste anything like a custard apple. Soursop, to me, tastes like a green apple jolly rancher because there's this tart sweetness about it. 


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