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Hi guys, I have always been a very active person, the more highb cardio for me, the better. But then I encountered astanga yoga, or royal yoga, as it is called, which is a very dynamic and strenghtening form of yoga. I do my practice every morning around 1-1½ hour. And that is really the only exersize I feel like doing. I have never loved exersize as much as I love this yoga and I know if I start running or doing anything else, it will decrease my flexibility.

question is if I should force myself to rung or anythin else, just to get some cardio and high pulse?

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Just do yoga then. As long as you use your body, it's all good.

I'm quite sure that, sooner or later, you'll be able to maintain your flexibility when doing both yoga and running. But if you don't feel like doing any cardio now, then don't. If I'm not mistaken, you're doing and feeling better than ever these days, am I right? :) If so, there's no reason to rush into anything.

well, the yoga practice really takes dedication and it is really something I do with my heart. And if running slows the progress I wouldn't do it. But I do feel sort of restless during the day because I do not move as much and I did some high cardio today and it felt good. So I guess I will experiment a bit and see how it goes.

And yes I am feeling better than ever :)

I'm doing a bikram yoga challenge and I'm at day 9. I really haven't felt the need to do any other form of exercise either. I like what it's doing to my body too for the time being. I do a lot of high cardio too, but sometimes our body likes to switch it up :)

Talk to Lindsay. She is a doing Ashtanga in a serious fashion since years, and just recently picked up running again because it makes her more flexible. I feel the same. I now do an Ashtanga session followed by a run daily (or almost daily). DId you experience that running decreases your flexibility, or was it something you heard?

I 2nd that.  Full name:  Lindsay Culclassure, if that's who you mean.  

I have read (disclaimer: I can't remember where so I can't vouch for its reliability and you'll have to look it up on your own, LOL) that yoga develops ALL of the body, and yogis who practice only yoga can outpace athletes on cardio.

Wanna bet? ;)


how much?

Pretty much anything.  I'm up to a race anytime for the fun of it :)

I still would like to see which master elite hardcore yogi can beat Haile Gebrselassie in a marathon. No cheating! ONLY using these magical yoga powers I hear so much about ;)

Google "Lung-gom-pa"

It's a kind of trance-running


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