30 Bananas a Day!

MY RULES: I think its only raw fruit, truly raw only raw nuts, raw veggies, raw greens, raw unpasteurized juices. The only thing I dont really do right is honey though. I MAY have seaweeds if low temp dried. Or dehydrated raw fruits and veggie chips. No mushrooms, and no salt or oil. Low fat, I may have one half avo a day. A handful of nuts a day and 2 tbs tahini a day at most. But rarely weeks go by and I have no fat.


I do not eat sprouted grains, or sprouted seeds, raw breads/crackers , at all..but I am not past eating it if situation ever came up.



My necromancer is salt and I have replaced that with celery juice. Another necromancer is cacao beans.


I want to be fruitarian and am trying. I mostly juice fast alot. ALOT. I am always on fruit juices. I love my juicer.


I like to make salad dressings with stuff like dates lemon juice, celery, tomatos and herbs.


I love savory veggie stews and want to make that a staple every day for dinner. One bowl for dinner. maybe include sprouts in it.


My question is what are YOUR RAW FOOD RULES that you all try to follow?




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haha, thats funny...do they taste better freshly picked? (id imagine that they do)

I eat only mono meals now of ripe, fresh fruit. I just stopped eating veggies because I was reacting to them. I'll try to add them back later when I'm fully healed. I eat three meals a day and try to not to eat past 6pm. I start the day with freshly juiced grapefruit (about 6 cups). One fruit for lunch and one for dinner. Most days I have a banana smoothie so I can get in all the calories I require. I aim for about 3,000 a day. I eat no overts and no dried fruit. No salt or spices. I eat mostly organic but not 100%. Fruit seems to be the one thing I can count on to digest well and makes me feel the best.

I start each day with mindfulness meditation. I try to exercise 1-2 hours a day during the week-a combo of strength, stretching, and aerobic. On the weekends, I am usually busy cleaning my house or tending to my garden. I make it a point to put nothing toxic in my mouth anymore--no drugs, alcohol, or toxic food, supplements (only take B-12). I try to gets lots of fresh air and sunshine (when available) every day.

Life just keeps getting better and better living this way!
you would eat breast milk?
It's also high in fat. You would probably have to limit it like avocados. I guess that it would have to be considered an overt fat.
boob juice is for little growing bodies that need high fat! that's why i don't understand the fact some still drink cows/goats/sheep etc milk after already being weaned from their mama...
ahahahhaa chillax
i am chillax love :)
Just live by a blade, a hammer like utensil and a spoon. These are a frubgivorous beings stock and trade.
No fungi or animal products for sure but there's a land with smoke out there.
What is subtle and not so overtly obvious is do not eat root vegetables.
What raw means to me is to avoid all mechanical processing methods of food preparation and what frugivorous means is not disturbing the underground world.
When will this smoking gun fun end? When we evolve. We evolved from out of the sea but that also means don't look back, and avoid that temptation of the ocean. No sea weeds or the like.
Then where is the evolution coming to? Just use the young coconut and fruit with high water content. Even some above ground vegetables that are succulent will do. These deductions are from the evolutionary mechanisms at work for us to recognize.
I do too
Why do you avoid mushrooms? Are they not raw for some reason, or just unhealthy?
i love mushrooms i could not go a day without my little button mushies!
i love them fresh picked! and crispy yum,then i get tired of them and don't eat them for ages!


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