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**I notice that this thread was revived again. I'm now 11 months into 811, eating close to 4000 calories each day and haven't experienced water retention or weight gain from lfrv. It's easily sustainable and very enjoyable. 


Since transitioning from high-fat raw vegan to LFRV, I have experienced weight gain of around 5lbs. I've heard from quite a few people that weight gain is somewhat normal when transitioning to LFRV. I'm not too bothered by it, although it does make me feel a little self conscious!

Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have any idea how long the weight gain lasts?

I'm not speaking of water weight (I don't think so, anyways). It seems that I have actually gained fat, or if not, something that very closely resembles fat.

I'd love to hear of similar situations. It'd be nice to have an idea of how much weight others have gained, and how long it lasted for.




**This was written in early March of 2010. Updates are posted on the bottom of page 4! For those of you who are experiencing bloating and/or weight gain please read through this discussion! It may shed some light on your problem!"



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Maybe you should put your update in bold in your discussion? So it doesn't get lost?
Great Suggestion! I Changed the name of the discussion.
I suppose this might be what I'm experiencing right now.
Many people do experience this Grok. I read your blog post, and that's exactly how I felt even after a month. I urge you to stick with it! After only 4 1/2 months I look more fit than I ever have, and it was always a constant struggle before.
Thanks so much for posting your results. That's one that that keeps stopping me from continuously doing 80 / 10 / 10. Cuz I get so bloated. Because of your post, I feel better about being able to keep going thist ime
Stick to it, Aya. Even Freelee experienced this in the beginning. You may be uncomfortable for a few weeks, or even up to a few months. But what's a few months when you can optain perfect health, fitness, and physique for the rest of your life!?
Wonderful updates! Thanks so much for posting, More power to you!
Thanks for the information, Jaime. I wasn't aware that she follows a calorie restriction model.  I certainly don't advocate for that, as I often eat 4000 calories per day. Calorie restriction is not sustainable long term.
What an inspiring post, Tarah. I found this so useful in even realizing and adjusting my expectations of eating this way. I see that I expected and desired quick results like when following a diet plan or something. But now I am committed to living this lifestyle and tracking my symptoms with the mindset that this is just what my body has to go through. I haven't been doing it long so we'll see. :) Right now I'm sick, bleh. :(

A photo from yesterday. In the last 5 years I dont know ANYONE on the planet that chows down as much fruit as I do. Im clearly struggling with excess weight. 


So here is the picture of they guy that eats the most fruit in the last 5 years. Wouldnt it be great to see pics of the people that eat the most animal, milk, oil etc? 


Do any females eat as much fruit as Freelee in the last few years?



I will be keeping up with Free in the eating stakes,now i have woken up to the fact i needed to get more fruity cals in to really succeed in my lifestyle!!


girl,where's those mangos haha,let's go hide away from everyone and eat them ;)


yeh bro you are lookin a bit chunky haha


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