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Hello guys,i am freaking out because i am gaining weight on this lifestyle,it's not water,it's fat.IT'S REAL FAT.My body turns sugar into fat and i dont know what to do i keep seeing people on youtube saying they did not lost any weight even after 2 years on this lifestyle,please help me i am freaking out :'(

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what's your background? whats your bmi? how many calories did you eat previously? I had to eat 4000 calories for 2 weeks to repair my metabolism from making me gain on 1600!

maybe try upping your greens, brown instead of white rice, consistently exercising, and eating until you're not stuffed, but happily full. I think the community has established that 10 banana smoothies and rice with jam aren't necessarily helpful. 


have your TSH and T4 levels checked, maybe your thyroid is going bonkers and it needs to be regulated. 

Stick to whole foods, cooked or raw, and avoid adding sugar to your food if you can. Eat fruit whole rather than in smoothies. Get a reasonable amount of exercise.

If you do that and you are still gaining weight then you have some other problem.

I'm 186 cm and 1 weight 60 kg and I eat and eat. I play sports a few times a week but not excessively, and I'm an old guy too....

What is your typical day like? What do you eat on a daily basis? How many calories do you eat? What is your background -- were you anorexic/or had any eating disorder? How is your exercise like? How much sleep do you get per night? How much water are you drinking per day? What do you eat?

It was just the huge last meal on RAWTILL4 cause now i stopped eating cooked foods and i have lost a pound or so,but i have no money for bio products :/

people get all the same benefits on conventional produce as they do on organic when eating raw.  Try to stick with the produce that has not been genetically modified and find the produce that is the least sprayed with chemicals.  taste is a good way to find the foods grown in the best soils.


please dont stop eating cooked! cooked foods are wonderful, they just need to be the right sort. people dont lose weight on rt4 because they eat 2 dry cups of white rice topped with jam and sugar for dinner. Instead, try brown rice with veges, or roasted sweet potatoes with salad. You don't need to eat 3000+ calories unless you're recovering from an ED or quite active.

organic isn't totally necessary. if you can eat organic, that's great, but it's more of a priority to eat plant based.
there's lots of information on the internet about fruit/veges that don't need to be organic. here's a link: http://digestivedetective.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/6a01127...

Also, I just did some poking around your profile and it turns out you said you have been battling eating disorders. if your bmi is under 19-20 chances are you actually need to gain weight, and your body is just doing its thing.

another thing is, how old are you? you might be just growing, or gaining expected weight.

last thing, seriously please dont go all raw if you're recovering from an ed. it's way too restrictive. if youre loosing weight, that's bad at this point, even if you're recovering from BED.

of course you really haven't given much information so its hard to say much.

Can we swap bodies then because after 15 years as a sugar binging vegan Im so low in body fat Ive been eating vegan pastries for breakfast lately and cutting my carbs back to I can eat more fat and protein to gain some fat back.

Eat the fruit, leave the fat on the table. Get up and move. Done.

What do you eat in a typical day?  


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