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VIDEO: vegan diet and essential fatty acids etc (Nope we're not in danger of DHA and EPA defiency!)

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urgh some one already posted on FB wall "what about good fats like ghee and tallow" like WTF since when is tallow a 'good fat' URGH!!!

and lard!  


they always has been cause they are natural fats, it's the hydrogenated vegetable oils that are highly dangerous. Although natural fats, that was the case 100 years ago, nowadays, the animals are pumped with hormones/antibiotics/fed crap/don't see the sun, nothing natural with that.

It's like lakes.

100 years ago you'd drink from a lake, but nowadays you got the risk of getting parasites or dysentery.

The raw vegan diet is the only diet i've found so far, that you can find your foods in their natural state (when organic) without paying an arm and a leg.

Thanks for this, Star - I found it useful because I've been downloading my food intake onto the on-line Cronometer for the last few days just out of interest (haven't done it for months!) to see how I was doing.  As usual, I'm way over all RDAs (except Vit D and B12 but I supplement these) and was wondering about Omega-6 as it comes up as below my RDA.  My Omega-3 is consistently above RDA. (I had a vague memory that this was the right way round but your video has reassured me a lot).  I don't really do overt fats at all and was interested that you take flax seeds.   

Hi VeganVital

By RDA standards you should be looking at getting about 2g of each. My fat intake is only 5% of my total kcals and that includes my flax seeds. In my professional opinion overt fats should really be either extracted fats such as butter, oil and what not and also HIGH amounts of nuts and seeds.

2 teaspoons of flax contains such little amounts of fat it seems nonesensical to label it 'overt'.

If vegans dont get enough omega 3 and if in the wrong ratio with omega 6 then the body CANNOT convert properly to EPA and DHA. I consider my flaxseeds to be 'insurance'.

There's no need to removed every source of fat from the diet, in fact it would be dangerous to do so.

As long as over th week, month and year your fat intake is 10% or less, than you are on a mega-low fat diet.

Hope that makes sense

Hi Star

I agree that it's the ratio of fats that's important and I think it's cool that eating 80-10-10 virtually sorts it out all on its own.  What I was so inarticulately saying (!) was that the amount of food I eat seems to cover my lipid needs without me having to actively search out 'overt' fats (and I respect your definition of them) such as flax seeds.  I regard overt fats as any food that is primarily a high percentage of fats as opposed to the natural lipids present in most foods.

I do now and again have a couple of nuts or a small amount of sunflower seeds or, more likely, some avocado but I don't seek out foods for fat intake.  The fact that eating tons of fruit and greens gives me a higher ratio of Omega-3s feels fine to me - maybe I should seek out more Omega-6? 

I'll continue to monitor my percentages on Chronometer for a while and see what my lipid ratios average out to be.  

Appreciate your views, as always. x

Hi there,

Omega 6s are usually fine. I found thatt just fruit and greens actually gave me a higher n-6 to n-3 ratio (the wrong way around).

What amounts are yours in at the moment, if you dont mind me asking?

thanks xx

Don't mind at all - well, at the moment (and I haven't had my evening meal yet!) my ratios are n-3: 1.2g (110% of RDA); n-6: 0.9g (7%). 

So cronometer people obviously think we need more n-6 than n-3.

Have you reset any RDAs on cronometer.  I haven't but wonder if I should. 

I also realise that I have been perhaps taking too much notice of the %target rather than the amount in grammes........  thanks for opening my eyes to that.  This is more complicated than I thought!

Yes cronometer has it all a bit backward. I tend to aim for 2g of each to be on the safe side. so set you Cron to that as a general guideline :-)

Thanks, will do. 

If fruit and tender greens are our ideal food, and we eat them in great quantities, I can't understand why we have to worry about Omega-3.
Flaxseeds have no a good flavour, and they and will pass through your body undigested if you don't grind them! 
Vit. D and Vit. B12 must be supplemented, but no other supplementation is necessary.
But obviously it's clear that if you believe in everything science says, then you have to take many supplements (Zinc, Selenium, Iodine, Chromium, long-chain Omega-3)!

Have you read 80-10-10? it doesn't sound like you have as Dr Doug promotes the IDEAL diet for humans as being fruit, some greens and SMALL AMOUNTS OF NUTS AND SEEDS.

I actually enjoy the flavour of flaxseeds - I don;t enjoy the flavour of some fruits, does that mean fruit is not my ideal food? no of course not.

This diet is a LIFESTYLE in which we must emulate our natural surroundings, I don't live in the topics so I take a Vit D supplement as we have no sun for about 8 months of the year. In an ideal world I wouild make all my vit D from the sun as I am designed to do IF I live in a hot country (which I dont).

Who believes everything that science says, or even books or even this forum?? it would be foolish to do so - you must make your own mind up. If you don't like what I am saying, why bother getting into a debate with me.

I have an 18 year career in natural health and nutrition and I have seen that the omega 3-6 ratio is still bad even in vegas and raw vegans and fruit vegans.

Its not the amount of omega 3 that is the issue it is its relationship to omega 6 that is important, check your chronometer read out, is your omega 3 - 6 ratio 1:1?

if you have more omega 6 to 3 than you will need to adjust your diet, it can be done on just fruits and greens for sure but you will have to do a lot of research to make it work for you.

Without the correct ratio of omega 3 to 6 the body CANNOT make EPA and DHA and that is a FACT.

Please do not undermine your health just to stick to some rigid dogma, the 80-10-10 diet allows for small amounts of nuts and seeds, there is no need to remove them completely at all.

In fact in Dr Dougs diet plans, in his book (read it if you haven't) the amount of nuts and seeds he promotes is far greater than I consume.

I dont believe in supps (other than the 2 stated) despite my nutrition degree being quite aggressive about promoting them. I belive in using wholefoods to get the full range of vitamins. Seeds are not supplements they are wholefoods with unique nutritional profiles.

The 80-10-10 diet (which this forum promotes) is concerned with keeping fats below 10% of total calories, not about removing nuts and seeds - where did you get that idea?

Also you contradict yourself, if fruit and greens are the ideal food why MUST B12 be supplemented? (I know the reasons but do you?) did you know that some vegans never supplement and never become deficient.

and you made a good point at the beginning..."if fruit and greens are our ideal food"

Exactly 'IF' so don't get on your high horse about eating seeds when you don't even know for sure if the diet you promote is even valid.

You can learn much on this forum if you keep an open mind, which I suggest you do.


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