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Okay so this is probably common sense, but I'm wondering what things that are conventionally though of as vegetables are actually fruits.  I know cucumbers, tomatoes, and bell peppers...but anything else?  Working on this week's meal plan and really wanting to add some of these into my husbands meals since he doesn't consider fruit a meal (-_-)

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Sweet peppers too. :)

Avocado, but you probably knew that :D 

Yea sadly can't do those -- highly allergic :(
I looooove them (ate lots of guacamole back before developing the allergy), but can't :'(

Ah, didn't know peas and green beans!  I guess I just figured they fell into the same category as other beans.  I love fresh peas and have them in my garden, so yay!

Melissa is right about the "nuts" being fruits. they are in the category dry dehiscent or none dehiscent fruit. A fruit is the enlarged ovary/pistil of a flower that matures after being fertilized.



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