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'VEGAN'.....why is it usually pronounced : 'vEEEEgan', instead of : 'vAgan' ???

This may be a silly question but it bothers me...lol....why is 'vegan' usually pronounced with a long hard 'E', instead of soft 'e', in the first syllable?   We dont say: "Las VEEEEgas"  or:  "vEEEEEgetables"  ...so probably either pronunciation is right?, but I always say it with a soft 'e' sound ,  like in how we say "las vegas"  for   'las vegan'....hahah!  

Just curious!!!

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Because V-ay-gans come from the star Vega (V-ay-ga).
Did you see the movie Contact? Vegans contacted us back in 1997!

yes! he eats bananas with the peel!! lolol...


Ans also, is it just a coincidence that he's depicted as a more evolved being and he only eats fruit? haha! I think whoever wrote the story was really tuned in! ;)

Yeh, the Hitler newscast was creepy.  Great movie.


That'd be weird ~~ vay-jun.  We should start it.
Haha, there's so many places we could go with this!

The 'g' in vegetable and vegetarian is followed by an 'e' which is a high vowel, while 'a' in vegan is low vowel. The type of the vowel determines the pronunciation of the 'g'. My name is (being Hungarian) is an exception, I do pronunce it with a hard 'g', but people who see it in writing think it's a soft g.

We should still write a letter and demand to simplify English grammar!

lol....I'm half-Hungarian...mother born and raised in Budapest...maybe that's why I tend to want to pronounce Vegan differently than most.   ;)

well technically speaking since

1. classical latin 'g' is hard (as in great)

2. vegetus is the source of vegetable, vegetarian and presumably vegan (donald watson coined it in 1944 because the vegetarians had made a mockery of the word since its conception around 1839)


we actually pronounce vegan more correctly than vegetable or vegetarian, i suppose.


however, possibly due to the italian influence the 'g' became soft (after the romans overran grease and fell). or perhaps it was apathy and sloppiness both of which are most typically present in the english language.


for instance, as george bernard shaw noted with disgust you can spell fish as ghoti:
gh as in rough

o as in women

ti as in nation


in fact, he makes a point of attacking the english language in pygmalion which eventually became my fair lady where the delightful henry higgins sing this ditty:




now while it is uncertain that henry was vegan (though george essentially was), i have no doubt he would provide the proper pronunciation for vegan and thereby answer your question most admirably!


in fiendship,


Ha!  My fave line:  "'ail in 'amfordshuh 'ardly hever 'appens!"
thanks, everyone for all of the informative comments....I do feel comfortable in the "Las Vegan's" camp.  lol.  ;-D



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