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If you are in a relationship with a meat eater and they are harassing you, disrespecting you  or trying to convert you  back you are clearly in the wrong relationship! It doesn't matter if you are dating, married, 'special friends', interested  etc. Get The F--k Out!!
you owe yourself more than this. 

I cannot tell you how many vegan people who are getting so pain, and heartbreak over their non vegan husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or significant other, that their meat eating counterpart is  being antagonistic, rude, obnoxious, unsupportive and worst of all DISRESPECTFUL.

Examples include:

Taunting you, laughing and making a mockery of your convictions 
publicly embarrassing you in social situations 
waving meat on your face or  purposely dropping it your plate,
sneaking meat  into your dishes  
forcing to you cook meat dishes and giving you hell for it. 
purposely buying leather items and mocking the animals suffering just to get at you.

Otherwise disrespecting you and insulting you.
The list can go on and on and on and on. 

THIS IS NOT LOVE. You may have  thought it was, but the right opportunity came and they are showing to you their true colors.

 to me its like having a "good friend" for many years and that one moment that you are down and out the moment in which  times are going bad for you, they betray you, walk out on you,  kick you while you are down use you or otherwise do you wrong in a very bad way -- well it looks like to me they were not really your friends to begin with . WHY IS IT THAT WE ALL understand this yet  why should relationships be any different, what because you were dating for years, why cause you are married? Is this an excuse to endure abuse? you are not anymore noble for 'sticking it out', you are a chump This is insanity!!!

Its not going to get better, and quite frankly these people are not worthy of your time. 

Live abundantly, life is too short, to go out like that. There are too many awesome  people out there to be wasting your time with a hater. go snag yourself a vegan who gives a damn and wont make a joke outta you, otherwise you may be setting yourself up for failure  

like DR says "find  someone already on the path" 

otherwise don't complain and by staying you are at fault as well and are fueling the fire. 
and these people with their apologizes make me sick,  It reminds me of battered woman who endure physical abuse who still believe that their lover loves them, that he just has a bad tempter, how is emotional and psychological abuse any different? why just cause their are no physical bruises?   Why choose to be a prisoner in a relationship Stockholms Syndrome much? 

thanks for hearing I had to get that out.

tell me your thoughts

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@ michael
Typically its been my experience that girlfriends however annoying they may be  are no where near as harsh as some meat eating guys are to some vegan girls, its downright abusive per some of the stories people have told me and the things i have read.  I believe this is because of the western cultural meathead mentaililty that has associated meat with masculinity and gives them free range to be an arrogant assH8le  to anyone who challenges this. Most girls to me are pretty cool with it and even are very interested in becoming vegan themselves as they are more likelier into being healthy, losing weight animal concerns etc..  

I agree RZ, I've read and heard about some of those horror stories too. I think those guys were class A jerks! There ius a sort of meat head mentality and it includes belittling females (they're weak, etc - when the fact is they work their @sses off!), I don't like any of that. My daughter will have any such "meathead" (whether SAD or not) run off by her father if I hear of it!

Fo sho.  If anyone is acting that way toward their partner it should probably end.  

I was single for 4 years and during that time I was doing a lot of self work.  I also never met anyone that shared my ideals on life.  I could always pick something out about someone that I had a problem with.  Mostly they weren't vegan.  But a few months ago, what I thought I was looking for was turned upside down.  I met a girl and our personalities meshed extremely well.  I never thought that could happen because of my ideals on health and nutrition, and like you mentioned, I thought I would get s*** from people that didn't share my ideas.  But she is very open and understanding about my lifestyle.  I've never been one to push anything on anyone either.  Luckily she's the same.  I just let people do what they do and if they need my help then I help them.  Not a big deal.  My diet is just a PART of my life, not ALL of my life. 

So although I agree with not being treated poorly in a relationship, for some of us its just about finding people we mesh well with emotionally/mentally regardless of diet.  Yes, diet does have some play in emotions and mental state but not for every single person on earth.  I don't mind if my friends or family aren't in my club, its ok, we can still care about each other.  

I mean, I could date a 811 chick.... but that doesn't mean our personalities are going to match.  

Wow did I ever luck out! My wife saw the benefits and switched, no questions asked! She is mostly vegan, semi- raw middle fat as we like to call it, the kids are right in the middle half raw half cooked.

Awesome. :)  My boyfriend is supportive but doesn't follow it himself. At least he doesn't eat meat. >.>

+1!  Thank you!
I believe those people can change of course, but not if you keep letting them treat you the way they are.

 I don't want to single out girls and sound sexist but that has been my experience that too many girls put up with abusive carnist husbands and boyfriends it makes me sick, its sad to see that strong people who have taken a stand against the animals have not taken a stand for themselves.

That being said many kudos to those who make it work, and to those who converted your making the world a better place for you in the animals,
i really  have to make it clear I have no gripe against peoples relationship set ups, thats their problem.

 I have no problem with healthy challenging of ideas and even a healthy debate, i love it and i welcome it  I only have issues when vegans are receiving abuse and harassment and THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE, and I find it quite disheartening that people stay in these situations thinking they could make things better always getting into arguments about food raising children etc etc  its just not right.

I reckon that when things aren't working or when two people have drifted apart in lifestyle and outlook you mustn't be afraid to end the relationship and give both parties a chance at a more fulfilling relationship with somebody else. As one door closes another door opens :)

so true:)thanku for bringing this up...great points:)

I also wanted to add that going vegan can really change your mind and spirit. I went raw vegan for health reasons but my empathy for animals has just shot way up, I mean I always cared about animals, but I feel like I finally "see" that they deserve to be treated with the same respect I want for myself, and it's simply not acceptable to treat them as "property" to be used, disposed of however one feels like.

So I am excited reading about all the people who have sympathetic partners, they too will awaken over time (if they haven't already) I bet. Making the world a better place, one person at a time!

So even just being who we are as vegans/raw-vegans ends up making a change... cool! :)

It's weird and sad, I actually feel less attracted to my meat eating bf now. 

Not at all weird Kati,, your just tuning in to harmonic frequency :)


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