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If you are in a relationship with a meat eater and they are harassing you, disrespecting you  or trying to convert you  back you are clearly in the wrong relationship! It doesn't matter if you are dating, married, 'special friends', interested  etc. Get The F--k Out!!
you owe yourself more than this. 

I cannot tell you how many vegan people who are getting so pain, and heartbreak over their non vegan husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or significant other, that their meat eating counterpart is  being antagonistic, rude, obnoxious, unsupportive and worst of all DISRESPECTFUL.

Examples include:

Taunting you, laughing and making a mockery of your convictions 
publicly embarrassing you in social situations 
waving meat on your face or  purposely dropping it your plate,
sneaking meat  into your dishes  
forcing to you cook meat dishes and giving you hell for it. 
purposely buying leather items and mocking the animals suffering just to get at you.

Otherwise disrespecting you and insulting you.
The list can go on and on and on and on. 

THIS IS NOT LOVE. You may have  thought it was, but the right opportunity came and they are showing to you their true colors.

 to me its like having a "good friend" for many years and that one moment that you are down and out the moment in which  times are going bad for you, they betray you, walk out on you,  kick you while you are down use you or otherwise do you wrong in a very bad way -- well it looks like to me they were not really your friends to begin with . WHY IS IT THAT WE ALL understand this yet  why should relationships be any different, what because you were dating for years, why cause you are married? Is this an excuse to endure abuse? you are not anymore noble for 'sticking it out', you are a chump This is insanity!!!

Its not going to get better, and quite frankly these people are not worthy of your time. 

Live abundantly, life is too short, to go out like that. There are too many awesome  people out there to be wasting your time with a hater. go snag yourself a vegan who gives a damn and wont make a joke outta you, otherwise you may be setting yourself up for failure  

like DR says "find  someone already on the path" 

otherwise don't complain and by staying you are at fault as well and are fueling the fire. 
and these people with their apologizes make me sick,  It reminds me of battered woman who endure physical abuse who still believe that their lover loves them, that he just has a bad tempter, how is emotional and psychological abuse any different? why just cause their are no physical bruises?   Why choose to be a prisoner in a relationship Stockholms Syndrome much? 

thanks for hearing I had to get that out.

tell me your thoughts

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Thanks :) Yeah I am lucky! Glad I didn't wait too long!

Id rather not let him fail, if my friend is driving drunk or even thinking about it I will take his keys and throw it with out hesitation,  did you know some of the first symptoms of heart disease is sudden death, i wouldn't want to be loved like that 


I am so lucky! My BF is amazing and although a meat eater, he totally supports me! And he even did a three day fruit binge with me. 

That's awesome! Props to him! You are giving him great input and example too! :)


I've noticed this with my partner.  Every time she goes vegan she becomes more pleasant... and I could always tell when she was eating meat because she was a total b*tch!

might be more too it than your simple observation might be some evidence behind what you say



regarding 'the angry vegans, militant ', Stereotype how can living amongst  ignorant Assed people ignorant to the destruction of the earth, and the animals not make you angry at least once, ever seen earthlings.com   ;)

I used to live near one of the most famous animal rights organisations and have met hundreds of vegans in person and from around the world and I have yet to meet these type of vegans pushy malicious vegans, that meat eaters try to talk bout so much nope everyone is pretty chill and cool, then again this tall tale reminds me of that one skinny vegan everyone knows that died of a protein deficiency  hahah

It's all about resonance, having a partner that 'chooses' to eat meat while we 'choose' not to is like chalk and cheese, awake and sleep, taste and habit over consciousness and peace, being a Jerk on A SAD is just the straw that breaks the camels back.

Another good flick is "The Green Beautiful", meat eating is plain and simple low vibration, either they join you or you take off and fly with resonant beings of high frequency who not only care about health but most importantly care about ecology, peace, love and unity.. Meat eaters smell, is that not the most basic clue to remove yourself from their presence! Thanks Raw Z

Meat eaters smell -- classic

it's more than a classic! it is scientifically verifiable in the peer reviewed literature:

body odor study

in friendship,


Totally, I noticed this very much, first, very pleasantly in myself, then not so pleasantly in some of the people in places I go to work.  :/  My sense of smell got a lot stronger when I went raw vegan.  If they could change diet think of all the money they would save on the perfume and cologne they douse themselves with!


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