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Hi All,

Just wanted to let you know that I've just got back from Beijing, China, having won my first professional ranking event for 3 years!

It's only my 9th professional ranking event win and I'm now in my 21st season as a pro; some say that I'm a slow player but obviously, I'm an even slower learner!

Interestingly, I've only been vegan for around 4 months but feel fantastic and weigh the lightest I've been for 10 years, at 69.6kg, yesterday morning.

Snooker is very popular in China now, with audiences reaching over 100 million, throughout Asia, on occasions, especially when the Chinese players are involved.

I had the opportunity to promote a vegan lifestyle, during my press conferences last week and even managed to plug 30banansaday.com and also the fantastic books, The China Study and Healing The Gerson Way, as well as wearing a Forks Over Knives logo on my waistcoat, which was shown in all my TV matches.

Amazingly, I was asked if it might be possible for me to write the foreword for a Chinese translation of Charlotte Gerson's book, which would be a great honour and that's something that I did before, when writing the foreword for Millionaire Upgrade, by Richard Parkes-Cordock.

This is the first season for 17 years, that I've been outside the top 16 in the world rankings, so now have to win a qualifying match for the World Championship, which is our final event of the season.

Yesterday's win takes me back up to no.20, so I'm heading in the right direction again!

I have just under 2 weeks to prepare myself for that qualifying match, so it will be more of the same; sleep, water, sugar, practise and it's the last part that's the difficult bit!

All the best, Peter

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Awesome work man. The Gerson work is what got me into this lifestyle after being diagnosed with bowel cancer at 26. I basically ate high animal protein high fat diet for years. No genetic explanation.

Hi Carlos,

Thank you very much for reply.

How are you now and how much of a difference has it made to you, since becoming vegan?

I only discovered The Gerson Therapy two weeks ago, after watching the brilliant documentaries 'The Beautiful Truth' and 'Dying To Have Known'.

My father died of lung cancer last year and how many tens of millions of people have died, through mis-information, conventional drug treatments and by just not knowing that nature itself, offers a cure to most degenerative diseases, through organic fruits and vegetables, since Dr Gerson first began to successfully treat cancer patients, back in the 1920's?

Love, light and healthy eating!

All the best, Peter

Good luck Peter.  Great comeback story!

Awesome! I love one pocket and 9 ball but have only watched snooker; I so want to play.

great to hear, peter!

in friendship,


I am just feeling great knowing that you are out there spreading the fruity truth where ever you go in the world.  Cool!

Your worldwide man.

Thank you very much for all your replies and congratulations!

It was very hard work and it wasn't too pretty at times but I got there in the end!

At least, being in the public eye, so to speak, I have a wonderful opportunity to spread the word of a vegan lifestyle and am already seeing good results, with other people too.

My Mum has had severe rheumatoid arthritis for many years now, which has almost disappeared completely, since cutting dairy products out of her diet, 3 months ago. She is looking younger, has dropped 2 dress sizes and is enjoying eating fruit and juicing organic fruit and vegetables, every day now...

Also, a guy that I got talking to at the local health club/swimming pool, a few weeks ago, told me that he's a type 2 diabetic and is on 11 different medications!!!!!!!!!!!

I lent him Dr Neal Barnard's book, on reversing diabetes and after only 2 weeks of changing his diet, he's already feeling much better.

I'm currently speaking to a journalist, with regard to doing a feature article in the Health section, in one of the Uk's leading newspapers too, so it would be great if that comes off...

Also, just this morning, I did a radio interview, which was supposed to be a preview of the forthcoming World Snooker Championship in Sheffield but I managed to turn it into a 'vegan lifestyle is the way forward' interview!

The radio host revealed that he is a type 2 diabetic, so naturally, that was my cue (pun intended) to promote Dr Neal Barnard's book!

There was a stunned silence, when I told the interviwer that he could reverse his type 2 diabetes, by adopting a whole-foods, plant based, vegan lifestyle!

I'll let you know if the newspaper feature article comes off and will post a link, too...

Love, light and healthy eating!

All the best, Peter

Good work Peter, on and off the table!  Good luck with the World Champs at The Crucible :)

Congratulations to your new championship!!  As a long term vegan, I am so happy to see that you convey this good news to so many people for the purpose of bringing them health and hope. I support you! Not only me, many of my vegan friends are so excited hearing you turned a professional interview to a 'vegan lifestyle is the way forward' speech. With your vegan diet and exercise, I believe you will look 10 years younger and perform greater and greater in professional events.  Good luck and all the best!

Hi Sunny,

Thank you for your reply.

I'll do as much as I can, partly because of all of the research that I've done in the last 6 months and am very much enjoying learning the science behind the nutrition but mainly to thank all the people that are putting the great message out there, including Harley, Dr Esselstyn, Professor T. Colin Campbell, Dr Neal Barnard, Dr Doug Graham, Dr McDougall and many, many more.

I've been very fortunate in my career, to have been a World Champion (2002) and a UK Champion too (2006) but quite honestly and perhaps like most people, I've often wondered what my true purpose in life, actually is?

Well, it's certainly not about playing Snooker for a living, or being a World Champion, although I'd dearly love to make that happen again!

After my father's death last year, everything changed and I finally learned to let go and to forgive; it's amazing what we hold on to sometimes, just because we believe we are right about something or have been hurt but life is far too short and life is for living and being healthy!

Fortunately for me and hopefully anyone that I might be able to help in future, a good friend recommended that I watch Forks Over Knives. I then watched as many health documentaries as I could, including Earthlings, which meant that year's of ignorance, stopped, immediately...

Recently, I've been fascinated by learning of the incredible healing power and success of The Gerson Therapy and would highly recommend that anyone who has not seen The Beautiful Truth and Dying To Have Known, to watch them.

There are so many things that could be done and hopefully, will be achieved in the future, as the understanding of all the great benefits of a vegan lifestyle, become more widely known.

For my part, I'll do my very best to inform people, through the media, to promote a vegan lifestyle, so one of the best things I can do, is to keep winning!

We have a BBC sports quiz programme here, in the UK, called A Question Of Sport, which I've been on, many times, down the years but generally I turn down their invitation to appear as a guest; I promised myself that I wouldn't go back on the show until I won another tournament, so now I'll accept their invitation and wear my Vegan t-shirt, that I bought from Vegan Essentials!

Love, light and healthy eating!

All the best, Peter


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