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This is way off topic, and not something I would really bring up, but over the last few months my friend has been bragging about her awesome fitness being due to her "drinking humans blood" GROSS I know!!! Im a raw vegan and this seems a bit funny to her!!  Is there anyone that can inform me of this gross habbit or whatever it is, so I can try to get her back on track.  Is there such a thing as vampires...do these people actually think they are what they say they are, or are they just foolong around???

My friend even has a coffin in her room that she hangs out in!!!! and she calls her kids "the little vampires" Im am worried for her and dont know what to do.  Sorry to bring up this gross discussion, but any info would help a great deal :)) xx

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Blood is cathartic.  Your friend probably enjoys being regular.

I would be worried about her contracting blood dis-eases from her meals.

But, it's probably a sexual thing....I speak from a little experience in this.   :-)

Yes she said its sexual!!! and she likes human blood!!! So gross. 


I don't understand.. lately this subject seems to be everywhere! Yahoo Answers is filled with questions like yours... Are ppl going crazy? And btw, do you really believe in that? really, where does she get her "drinking blood" from?? I'm not sure wether I believe your post...lol. 

I didnt believe it either...her wacko trend that is...then as I reasearched it further (after I posted this)...they actually look for donors...like emos that cut themselves...and or friends that dont mind!!!!!!!! or their partners blood.... or they get animals blood which they only drink if they are on the verge of melt down because they cant get the blood they want!!!!! freaky stuff! and your right maybe people are going crazy???

Ha, that is incredible. Oh my golly! in that case, all I can say is poor her.. humans really are influenceable... all this because of the vampire trend created by the mass media. I fully believe that if there were no mass media or the vampire trend for that matter, none of this would be happening. But alas. You know, we might say she's crazy, but she probably says the same about fruitarians, so who cares. If it makes her happy, then be it, nobody can stop anyone if they have their minds set to something. Hopefully she won't get any disease like aids or other. And hopefully in time, her body will start reclaiming its natural health and she'll just stop. Until then, all you can do is accept her for who she is, and her options... and if it bothers you, then maybe it's time to get some new friends!! :) xxx

This is rather disturbing. I suggest throwing garlic at her...lol



http://www.sanguinarius.org/ this site has some real info on it, or she could just be going through a phase or have a blood fetish. I would just make sure she is doing it safely with donors who are tested. This is all weird yes, but you probably can't do anything about it. Unless she is doing something illegal that is. 


I think what some people have posted is correct in that we cannot do much about it. 

I still think that sometimes these kind of cravings happen due to some kind of nutritional deficiency.

Perhaps, you can go by an indirect channel to help her. 

Find a way to get her interested in your diet by whatever means possible.  Does she want to lose weight?  Get fit?  Any ethical interest like animal rights? 

Then after eating healthy for a few months, she might lose interest on her own.

Just some ideas. Peace, PK

would this be considered...cannibalistic

I used to be a goth girl. I can offer you some insight.

vampires have lng fascinated people. I was obessesed with Frank Langella.


I would read all  vampire novels. Dye my hairblack, wear white foundation, vamp lipstick and nail polish, wear fluevogs, velvet capes and smoke clove cigs, drink chartreuse in graveyards, pose making out with statues in catholic church yards. I would dabble in stuff like wrought iron beds and coffin shaped purses.

But actually drinking blood. Well. in the good old days, we didnt go that far. I would say as long as the blood is given by a donor freely its ok. What two people do alone, that doesnt hurt each other isfine. I think she s just caught up in the glamour of all the vampire movies. Its nothing serious.

Angelina Jolie did this for a long long time. She carried vials of blood around her neck for years of Billy Bob. She cut herself with knives during sex and did blood pacts.

To me its ok. But to others it may be considered wrong or bad and she should be institutionalized.

WHO REMEMBERS THIS GIRL?? " I have a real fascination with blood" she said, and she was the girl that got the most hits, requests and letters for- ALLISION was her name


a friend who is into a lot of conspiracy theories was telling me that some of the secret societies drink baby's blood.

apparently they do it for the stem cells that keep them young 


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