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I'm looking into this school and I was curious to see if anyone else knows anything about this school and your opinions on it?





Thank you!

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That was one of things that really stuck out to me!

Looks good.  Which degree program are you looking at?  What are your career plans?

The H.D. program, I talked to the Director and he says that it takes the average student 28 months to finish and thats with 10 hours of study time  a week. I'm also going to be Remington College down here in Tampa Fl. for personal trainer program. My goal is to start my own practice in Natural Hygiene, I also want to be well rounded and have a back round in sports and nutrition as well, the programs have similiar courses (Nutrition, Anatomy)

Sounds wonderful, and very necessary!!  Best of luck!!

Im currently taking the course of Natural Health Practitioner in the same college. Just got my materials at christmas :) Looks good so far, one part is entirely based on Grahams book 80/10/10, i love that its about raw foods and The subjects we all know in this forum, not some average nutrition course :P My course is short one, but in future i might gonna take the bachelor too...

awesome Im glad to have found someone who's currently going to this school, I have not been able to find any reviews of the school. So how's the testing done? do you have to send in the test and wait for it to get the grade sent back in?  Nothing wrong with starting with something short! Yeah this school does get me pretty excited!

Yes, i have all the materials and quizzes and final examination already with me. I first learn the material and do quizzes, then send the done quizzes to the teacher. He will grade it, and (i think it was) i need at least 70% to get through and the i can start with my final examination. Once ive done it, i will send it to the teacher and wait for the grade and then i can go on with the next part of my course. In my course there is 3 parts

Im going to be taking this program too. My husband was a physical trainer for years. I plan on geting my personal trainer certification too and we later plan on starting our own health and fitness coach program. Im really excited. I have had people say that I need to go to a school that makes you take the basic courses too, but that does not interest me. I dont feel like learning a bunch of unneccesary information. I have researched the different online programs and this school seems to teach exactly what I want to learn. Good luck Kristen

I don´t know, since it is no real University, what can I do with the examination of this ?

If i look the Enrollment Form, there is the question: Are you U.S. citizen ? I am not. and another question: In what state do you make your permanent residence?

If i would go to U.S. what would i answer to this or better asked do you really an Visum to learn on a Natural health university ?

I am in the H.D. program and VERY disappointed.  You pay almost $5000 for a box of books.  It also comes with two binders of poorly worded questions that you have to MAIL (very archaic considering today's technologies) to the school to be graded.  Graded exams only have “x”s to mark incorrect choices, but no explanation of wrong answers.  No feedback given to enhance the learning experience.

I tried to get a refund, but they would NOT refund it completely.  I am on a payment plan, and they did say they would refund a PORTION of the course fees, but I would have to write them a $1500 check (in addition to $1200 I had already paid).  I could not afford to give them a large check in that amount, so I am stuck with the monthly payment (or they will take me to court).

I am a human anatomy and physiology professor.  I teach mostly hybrid / online courses full time at an accredited community college.  Most of my students are entering allopathic medicine (primarily nursing).  The technology that is available to offer an effective and exciting learning experience is available, but UNH is still living in the stone ages using poorly worded paper tests one must mail in.  I contacted Dr. Fanny at UNH to tell him I could help his program become more effective in delivering its course materials and even gave him a sample video lecture used in the classes I teach.  He has not shown ANY INTREST is changing. 

Overall, I would suggest that you not waste your money on any program offered by UNH.  Read the books on your own (they include books written by Doug Graham, Herbert Shelton, Victoria Bidwell, etc...). 

Feel free to contact me if you have specific questions.  I will probably complete the program since I cannot get a refund.  I have also heard from other people that have completed this program that UNH offers NO HELP with assisting students earn money with their degrees. 





I just read your post, because I did a search on google about reviews for UNH. I am in the HD program as well, but have struggled because there is absolutley no reach out from UNH to assist students. I have not sent in an assignment in almost a year, and have never received a phone cal or email. my debit card does get charged every month. This is really not anyones fault but mine. My life has had some circumstances that caused an interuption in me sending in work for quite sometime. I am just surprised though that they have never even checked to se how I am doing with my work or the program. Seeing your ppost made me think about it. i would like to talk to you more about this.

-Terry Svolto

Hey I was wondering what were all the books that the curriculum had? I'd love a list of them! :D 



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