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This is something I`ve been turning over in my head for some time. I realize that I am only 20 years old and many will say I will feel `differently`as I age, but really if I ever feel the need to raise a child there are so many other options than producing my own.

Here is a link that explains the procedure:


Has anyone here thought of using this route, or has had it done

I`ve always just thought that the person (if they are male) I end up with will have simply had a vesectomy, but that`s not particularily fair to expect only men to `take care of the problem`.

I do not dislike the idea of raising a child, but a DO dislike the idea of producing a new life when there are so many others that truly need care in our overpopulated world.

I`m not planning on having this done for another 2-3 years to make sure I am 100% certain, but would appreciate any one`s opinions or experiences!

- Adrienne

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I've had 7 different surgeries Long before I started this path. I just want to point out that even a minor surgery is a big deal and I would think long and hard before doing something voluntary.
What you are thinking about is noble and admirable.

NFP is a much better method to not pop out little ones than having one's self cut open in a hospital. Especially in combination with Karezza (http://www.amazon.com/Cupids-Poisoned-Arrow-Harmony-Relationships/d...) which will virtually guarantee no new lives will be created. Even surgery is not 100% effective, remember, and it is far more intrusive with more risk. 

Any surgery can be dangerous.  I know 2 women who had this done and the doctor cut them inside and they almost bled to death.  If their nurses hadn't been on the ball they both would have died. 

I also never wanted children, but I am 31 now and I am considering it.  I am not saying I absolutely want to have my own, or adopt or maybe be a foster parent, but I think about it more than I used to.

So, we use regular old condoms and spermicide.  I don't use the Pill. 

And, there is a name for people who only use NFP-PARENTS! 

(First, I meant to say FAM, but that's pretty much the same thing as NFP) 

I'm sorry, you are wrong. The joke, that is. The joke is "There is a name for people who only use The Rhythm Method - Parents!" That joke is correct, since people who use the rhythm method end up as parents. The Rhythm Method is based on the completely false assumption that ovulation occurs on day 14 for all women, and the same day of each cycle, and it also assumes all women have cycles that are the same length. Not only that, but it uses past cycles to predict future cycles. These are tragic faults and it is tragic that anyone ever fell for this sham. 

I'm going to cut you some slack because I assume you, like many people, think that NFP/FAM is the same thing as the Rhythm method. NFP/FAM is not the same as the rhythm method, in fact, it is entirely different. It is a sound, extremely popular method backed by scientific and physiological principles. The effectiveness is comparable to the pill, and once you sort through the intricacies of interpreting effectiveness statistics between wildly different methods with different standards and definitions of "user failure," "method failure," and "non-use," you get a virtual 100% effectiveness. http://www.amazon.com/Taking-Charge-Your-Fertility-Reproductive/dp/... 

Technically, NFP is more effective than FAM since NFP (religious-based) involves complete abstinence during fertile periods whereas NFP involves use of a barrier method during fertile periods. 

Wow!  I had no idea there were other systems out there that actually do take into account that all women are different and there are multiple signs of fertility!  Thanks for the link to the book-I might buy it.  I have been using some of these signals for years but only came across the knowledge by accident. 

When I was 12, I got a new family doctor and after my check-up she told me to come back when I wanted to go on the Pill.  It's sad that women and men aren't better informed about their own bodies.

Thanks for the info Peter!

You are welcome and thank YOU for being open-minded about new things. If you read that book, you will think two things: 

1) I know more about a woman's body than my gynecologist!

2) Why don't they teach all girls this info the second they turn 13?

I am going to get sterilised as soon as possible. Because I am against procreation for the exact same reason as you Adrienne (plus over 40 other reasons).

I am likely to do the method with "Adiana", which is only performed in Great Britain and the Netherlands so far. There is also the "Essure", which is performed in most countries. I've heard in the Netherlands the doctors are very compitent and respectful of one's choices of being childfree and doesn't forbid it or try to talk them out of it.

Both methods are non-surgical and don't require numbing beforehand or putting you to sleep. It also lasts usually half an hour at the latest I think.

Both are unfortunately expensive, but I'm willing to save as much as I can to have it done.

Jenn I'm not surprised you know people who have been cut by the doctor and almost died. Remember, no matter what procedure and where you do it, there is a 99.999% chance that the doctor is undercarbed. A little slip of the hand is much easier when you had bacon and eggs for breakfast... just sayin... really wanna risk that? 

i had the Essure done.  Non-surgical, outpatient procedure.  Also permanent sterilization method but no surgery....

Check it out here: www.essure.com


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