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Hi folks, 

recently more and more people have been telling me that I'm too thin. My mother in law actually tried to force-feed me with cooked animals (!) when she was here the other day. I'm about 5 foot 4 inches (166 cm) tall and weigh 112 pounds (51 kg) and do not consider myself too thin but rather a healthy weight. I feel good in my skin, wouldn't mind a bit more toning up but I'm working on that. 

Have anyone of you had such comments? Is it just the wrong mindset of a society of more and more obese people who think, that when your collar bone shows, that's a sure sign you're anorexic? How do you react to such comments? 

Lots of love, xox


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You know you're not... I think her action had nothing to do with you eating, at least that's what she covered it up with. No malice intended in my post, but mabe she is trying to control you. Someone who is genuinely concerned would sit you down and talk... Not shove food down your throat.

Be happy being healthy, no matter what size you are.

It depends how much muscle you have, 112 seems a bit low to me (I hope I don't offend). I'm 5'3 and I weigh 121 pounds. If you want to put on some healthy weight , I would suggest gaining muscle mass. Do some  weight lifting, squats, situps, pushups, ect. I gained a few pounds of muscle and people tell me I look great! :) I feel a lot healthier too.

I'm working on building muscle, but weight lifting just bores the hell out of me. I've taken up boxing classes which include lots of lunges and squats and stuff like that. And with all the punching my arms are starting to look amazing! And wow, after a nerve wracking day at work, it really gets rid of any frustration, haha! 

Hey Steffi, I too have received such comments. I've also been the weight I am now but in a really unhealthy state, so luckily people around me can see a difference in how I hold myself, how tired (or not tired I look), and my engagement and attitude to life and being active. I think the health, energy, fitness factor is a big thing - perhaps once you work on this aspect you will feel differently about these comments and rest, feel and communicate your confidence in your supreme health... at which point you'll probably receive comments for being too muscley or something... enjoy the twisted complements :/


Oh yeh for sure I get them a lot > "Now don't lose anymore weight will you!!" I hear from random strangers... by the way we have almost exactly the same stats I'm just a bit taller.  Yep you hit the nail on the head - It's the fat mindset people are stuck in, they are conditioned by modern society to see fat people as normal and healthy. 

Some of our biggest haters on other forums say they would eat like Freelee but don't want her 'sickly stick figure body!'.

and Freelee, you have such a rockin' body!!! Am working on toning up, doing boxing classes with lots of lunges, squats and stuff like that since I can't stand weight lifting. Add running three to four times a weeks - feeling awsome! 

Thanks for your reply, Freelee! I guess that's what it is: People wanting to loose weight, but not being able to. And then considering themselves a healthy weight when they're actually mediocre and flabby at the best.

My colleague is on a diet of high protein, low carb - let me tell you, she no fun to be around! Plus: she now is running every morning despite not wanting to. „I hate running and I'm always sooooo tired, but I must run ...“ Oh yes, and then the „You're going to get sick on all that unhealthy fruit sugar“. Trying to ignore them all, I'm getting tired of explaining myself and my way of living. What a wonderful change it is to open the computer and being able to communicate with loving fruiters from all over the world!


I used to get this all the time when I was younger because I am naturally tall and thin.  I was also very active.  When I became veg people would say things like "Why are you on a diet?!"  Or "You should eat more meat not less!"  Because everyone was focusing on my weight, I started focusing on my weight and then I put on a lot of weight and now I feel like crap!  I didn't realize until recently how these comments have affected my Life.  This is why I am doing 80/10/10. 

PLEASE don't worry about what people say-just be Yourself!!   :-)

Make all of those people look into your eyes to see the sparkle and shine. Make them look at your hair and skin to see its strength, make them look at your energy. Sounds like a healthy weight to me, I too am the same dimensions as you.  Tell them to stop focussing on your weight (unfortunately its a sign that they too are obsessed with their own weight) and on the other fantastic things about you.

My Dad wanted me to eat meat so once I did...I felt truly accepted by him for the first time in about 15 years  (how rank is that!!). I was constipated for a week, I felt depressed because of all the disgusting fat, and I vomited on the way home!! Now I just avoid having meals with them no matter what, I will just keep their illusion alive for them until I am in a VERY strong place within myself!!


You are the ONLY one who lives in your skin...you are the ONLY one who feels the awful effects of eating animal products...you are the ONLY one who is in YOUR body, I wonder how the motherinlaw would like it if you forcefed her 10 bananas?  My other side of family is good, and if I eat large quantities of fruit in front of them (so they see that I am actually eating) they are fine with it all.


Take care, be strong!!

That actually sounds like a perfectly healthy and ideal weight. I'm not sure how people could consider that too skinny, I thought I was going to read 5'4" and 90 lbs or something less. I know women who are taller and weigh less. 

If you feel good, healthy, and have lots of energy, then your PERFECT!   :D 

Dean C.



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