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Hi friends, recently I had a post regarding purity and energy 


and lots of people were talking about meditation so i wanted to get a more focused discussion going here.

I am a beginner at meditation and I have questions.

1. What is the best time of day to meditate?

2. How do you coordinate meditation w/ exercise, like, is there something special about meditating immediately after exercise?

3. What and when should I eat or drink before meditation?

4. Why wouldn't you just meditate all day?

5. Please share positive experiences with meditation

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as I said, it is about your life goals or challenges... whether it be at a minor or large scale... resolving a problem, curing an ailment, getting a job, achieving wealth, getting ripe fruit at the store, getting fit... I just learned about it when reading "The Attractor Factor" by Joe Vitale http://www.mrfire.com/IntentionalMeditationFoundation.com/index.html
i'm sorry, i don't really understand. do your quotations intend to say that the practice meditation is a distraction and against human nature?

1. What is the best time of day to meditate?

Any time.  I like morning and evening

2. How do you coordinate meditation w/ exercise, like, is there something special about meditating immediately after exercise?

I try to meditate while I am running long distances.  It is a challenge but also very interesting.  Helps me to regulate my breathing better

3. What and when should I eat or drink before meditation?

Don't eat foods that will make you gassy and stay clear of onion and garlic.  There have been studies that show they fog concentration

4. Why wouldn't you just meditate all day?

Good question!  Meditation in action!!!! :)

5. Please share positive experiences with meditation


I practice it everyday morning and night for over 8 years and have gotten to the point where I can walk down the street and meditate at the same time.  I love it and know that it helps me~

you sound like a high person my friend. i look up to you for your meditation routine!

i have heard of two specific types of meditation here, vipassana and intentional meditation. each have different procedures and aims. is there anyone here who intentionally does multiple types of meditation depending on circumstances, or does everyone prettymuch just find what feels right and meditate in that particular way?
very interesting. so do you have a routine that uses both in a particular way, like one in the morning and one in the evening or something like that?

oh my gosh thanks so much for pointing me towards sila. i love the focus on forgiveness and prayers of forgiveness for actions done to yourself and others. forgiveness is so positive and is an essential precursor to changing past bad habits. 

need to kick drugs? forgive yourself for every time you took a hit. need to switch to a healthier diet? forgive yourself for every potato chip. need to get into healthier relationships? forgive yourself for every affair. so powerful.

can't thank you enough for participating victor

1. Personally I meditate in the morning, since the mind is quiet, and the air is fresher.

2. Meditation is a practice for the mind and the body, so meditation before and after exercise is both beneficial, as this prevents the production of cortisol, a catabolic hormone, a by product of stress.

3. Usually a glass of water or a light fruit meal so you wouldn't feel neither hungry or incredibly stuffed.

4. :) If I did meditate all day, it totally defeats the purpose of other lifestyle choices such as social interaction and exercise.

5. I have had higher brain concentration, I would be less stressed, I would sleep better, I would feel content, peaceful and calm, have better breathing, more willpower, better patience, more energized, higher ability to memorize facts.


What I usually do special though is listen through headphones brainwave entrainment brainwave stimulation, as these brainwaves encourage what experienced meditators have going on with their state. A couple great channels would be "BrainwaveMeditation"  "DrNepal" "Thetarealms" and a nice vid is just search "brain concentration music training" it should be the first one to appear in the search results.

i'll have to look more into cortisol, thanks for that info. 

i currently have an ongoing inner debate about #4... i want to achieve so many things and participate in so many social events, but everywhere i turn looking to become a higher being, i hear the universe screaming at me to just be one with everything and forget all personal desire! but i am no buddhist. i want to be active with other people and i want to have objects and relationships in my life that make me happy, because happiness is what it's all about, i think... so unless just blending into the background of all that exists gains me happiness, i can't see why i would do it. 

anyone have any thoughts on this inner debate? i'm sure someone has thought about this before...

Well, you are right in a sense, you can, I was thinking on the lines of sitting down lotus in silence breathing with a quiet mind all day, haha, my mistake.

There are many more benefits that add to meditation, the list is almost endless as I have just named a few :)

I love Jeddah Mali courses. She has worked with some of the great meditators around the world and she is really gifted to guide you in your meditations, great stuff!
i like this. i am truly inspired by #5.


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