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Hey guys! I am loving this website! Been reading it the past week, there's just so much information!! Since I have been on this lifestyle, I feel vibrant and good and full of energy. I haven't felt this good in ages! The only thing is, like so many of us, I am dealing with unsupportive people, like my husband. I am sure he's just worried and all - when actually, I am the one who should be worried, he's obese - but it really drags me down.

Conversation yesterday went like this:
Hubby: "hey hun, what should I bring you from the store tomorrow?"
Me: "lots of bananas, some pineapple, apples, ..." started listing more of my fave fruits. 
Hubby: "Fruit again!? You know you can't live on fruit!"
Me: "Why not?"
Hubby: "You know why! It's just not healthy. Everyone with some common sense knows that!"
Me: "Aha. And eating deep fried foods and pasta like you are eating is healthy?"
Hubby: "Well... Healthier! You can't just eat fruit all day!"
Me: "Actually, I am supposed to eat fruit all day. It's the healthiest diet there is".
Hubby: "OMG, you're stupid to think that".
Me: "Educate yourself before we keep on discussing this, please...!"
Hubby then went to bed and started snoring loud. I really need some earplugs...

Can't he see how good this feels to me? *sigh*

I slowly cut out meat out of my diet, I have never been a meat eater, really. Only ate meat 3 times a month or so. Hubby, who eats meat every meal of the day, wasn't too crazy about the change at first, but he came around. Then I started cutting out cheese slowly and only ate fruits and veg. He thinks I am "too extreme" now. I told him if he brought anything from the store that isn't a fruit or a vegetable, I just won't eat it. That really ticked him off, but I can't change who I am just to please him. I hope he'll soon accept this.

But anyway, I am glad to have found this community and look forward to talking to you all :)

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Welcome Nerada! Awesome to have you here!!!


You're on the right path.

Sometimes I would say things like "I won't eat rice so don't cook for me" and then regret it later while eating rice, so we would sometimes take a stand by saying such and such things, not noticing we are actually "starting a fight" and it's no use.

Actions speak louder than words.

Hi Nerada,

If you want to succeed on this lifestyle you gotta get over negative people. They will be here as long as you pay attention to them. It takes time to gain experiences showing you that this lifestyle is the way to go. This way of living is great and the best you can do is to live it and be the shining example. Not less no more. And I think it is a lot!

Thanks everyone! You all are right, I will just have to go through with it. Guess the beginning is tough, but I know I can do this. It is too important for me - and feels too good too - to quit now. Hubby refuses to buy new fruits though, which sucks cause I am working all day and he is in charge of the grocery shopping. I hardly have any fruits in the house now :( He only brought home a couple of melons and some gooseberries. Apart from those, I only have some oranges and apples left, unripe persimmons and unripe bananas... great, juuuust great. Guess I'll be dropping by some shops on my way home from work.

Nerada. There is a solution. And you can stay married! In fact he will become an even more spectacular mate. And I speak from a bit of experience, both professional (I have owned and directed my own food &L fitness genuine wellness center for almost 30 years- the last 12 raw vegan, for ultimate physical performance as well as health... and more importantly; social. I have seriously dated (that's serious not serial dating lol) several women since I have become raw; one of them for four years. It is hard enough to "convert" people when you only see them a few times a week, as in my wellness business. But every time I meet a person from the past they say "You've changed my life" (this is not me talking- I just know the secret!). Those who you spend personal time with; you have much much much more control over, or should I say... influence... That is the key. Set an example. You have to look and feel and BE ultra-healthy in all ways, including romantic. yes it had to be said. BUT, most important is the secret. And that is... (drum roll please).. THE FOOD HAS TO TASTE BETTER THAN COOKED. I repeat: the food you serve them (I made dinner and other meals including traveling snacks, etc. for everyone I was with). the secret is raw vegan gourmet (transition) food. There is no getting around it for the majority of "I won't budge" eaters! You must learn the skills how to wow the living heck out of them. Seduce their palates! I mean blow them away. The food you make must be so incredible to them that they tell you that it "tastes better than cooked" . EVERY single person in our society wants to look and feel better. They all know that the crap they are eating is crap. Give them an easy and delicious alternative. It is the most useful major step in transitioning them to this lfrv fruit-centric diet NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Trust me! I am no newbie. I've seen it all babe. The bigger they are the harder they fall when it comes to food addictions if you ask me. Been there done that... Next?

Chris, thank you for your message, but there is no way my hubby will EVER eat raw food. He eats fruits maybe once every 3 months and no I am not kidding. I used to weigh 70lbs more 2.5 years ago. I used to eat the food he eats, but became sick and tired of that lifestyle. I had no energy, felt depressed all the time and just was in need of change! So I turned to healthy foods and started exercising almost every day. I changed more and more into the person that I am - and love being! - today. Ever since I started focusing on getting healthy, hubby and me have been cooking/preparing different meals. I keep saying "Oh wow, that is best fruit I ever ate in my life" and want to share it with him, but he hates it. Maybe there is another secret to it, I don't know, but I don't think he'll EVER appreciate the juicy goodness. :( More fruits for me, I guess?

u gotta make something like this for him 


hey Arpit I forgot about this! Thanks for posting. I need you lol!

i think you might have mis-understood what chris said. he said at first he feeds people transitional raw food .. that is, not fruit, but prepared gourmet raw meals that actually taste better than cooked food 

Nerada- congrats on your lovely transformation. As for your hubby; just be patient. And seriously, make some rawgasmic dishes- it takes a little time to get it right but I'm telling you, it works every time!

this is such great advice, chris!  thank you for sharing =]  and hi nerada, so glad you're loving the community!

"When the student is ready to learn, the teacher will appear."   ;)



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