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I bit into my banana this morning, and started chewing away, then all of a sudden I noticed it was crunchy... yes... crunchy. At first I thought I was still sleeping a little because it is 6am, however, NO, I was right, I spit it out, and took a look, I should have been looking at the banana I bit from and not the wod of mush I spit out, the wod of mush looked normal, but when I turned my head and looked at my banana, There was a hard crunch TUBE like... thing running down the center of my banana. It was brown, and totally grossed me out!!! ...

I am sure someone has come across this.. the banana looked fine, all of the rest in the bunch are fine.... 

I didnt finish eating my  crunchy banana... 

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Take a photo of said banana and post it here so we can give it the forensic.
The outside was spotty, but not extremely spotty.
Pics are bad because they are coming from my iphone.. but here they are ...

Pretty much looks rotten down the middle...

yup organic!
I may, I mean, it was the only banana in the bunch like this.
That looks REALLY DISGUSTING! Now I have an even BIGGER aversion to bananas!

its the seeds that have gone rotten...

it sometimes happens, but rare.

  sometimes you get apples with brown areas of mush inside,, or avocados with black areas of mush inside,, but you just cut it out and eat the rest.. (or discard it).  but it does not put you off eating apples and avocados.

  its just a rare defect. nothing is perfect ;)

so there is no need to be put off bananas. Give them a chance to have the occasional defect  :)

i just lost my appetite!
I specifically forced myself to eat another banana so I dont have a fear of bananas from this!
that was down at the 'bottom' of the banana, right? may have been an insect up in there from the bottom at one time - like in apples. yeah, sometimes i also think bananas catch a fungus, or a "smut" like in other plants. i wouldn't eat that if you value your digestion. i once got a bunch of bananas that had a red "rust" throughout the lower half of the bananas, mostly in the center - but extended to the perimeter in areas; and it was also tough and dry - harder to chew than normal. made the mistake of eating one, and realized id made a serious *faux pas*! never again....
It was through the ENTIRE banana.

The Banana was organic, and a little less riper then it should have been before eating. Only a couple of small spots.
Looks yucky. Wish I knew what was going on with it. :(


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