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I've recently had a few discussions with friends who are dealing with various health problems of their own .. and one who is David Wolfe-loving who are telling me that it's dangerous to assume everyone can eat fruit. Some people just *can't* eat fruit they say. The latter even told me it's dangerous to project that this diet that works for me may work on other people. 

What do you say to these people? Do you just nod your head and though you believe they're misinformed? It's very hard to talk to people sometimes!

Thanks fruity friends.

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I tell them to look at the animals. It's not like some cows eat meat and other cows eat grass. It's not like some lions prefer fruit and others animals. This diet works for everyone. It's just that some people just can't change the way they eat. 

And the best thing we can do is to be the good example and the more they hear about this lifestyle (from you and other people) the more interested they will become. 

Lol. Tell them that they are stupid and also that they they are the same species as you. The are occasional rare health problems where people have problem with fruit, but that is a very very small percentage of the population and that can generally be easily fixed. 

Ask them - "Are you a human, like me, or are you a different species?" There is no species that has such huge differences between them that one is biologically adapted to a completely different diet. Then it would be a different species. Sure there are seperate pockets of certain species that live in different areas and eat different diets due to necessity, but their genes are still the same. 

There is no one that "can't eat fruit." They think they can't eat fruit becuase their poor little atrophied weak tiny tummy with bits of fat rotting in it hurts when they eat more than 1 banana at a time. 

"listen, smile, agree and then do whatever the f*** you were gonna do anyway." ~ robert downey jr

...just keep being a shining example and repeating what your doing and how you've never felt better!


     Well, I was extremely resistant to trying this diet, but I felt so crappy and for a long time I spied on this forum for the drama!  It was not lost on me that so many people reported feeling great doing 811.  Intellectually, it made sense that we evolved being fruit eaters.  I finally gave it a try.  It's so good to get over one's ego!



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