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Ive been on this lifestyle for 1 year now and i still struggle with water retention/edema.


Ive tried drinking more or less water but still the same, the more water i drink the more water i retain esp in my legs, hips and ass. I also store in my face.


Im going to the doctor on 3. may to check to see if something is wrong. Its not that i have alot of edema but it is significant and it makes me look 10 lbs heavier and it feels like that aswell.


I workout 2 times a day so im doing enough to move my lymph and everything. I also drink 2-3 liters of water a day on top of all the watery fruit. I dont pee alot either, when you think of how much water i take in. I have been thinking of increasing the water to 6+ liters a day just to see if maybe i just need even more water to flush out everything etc ? since i have probably been dehydrated my whole life.


Would be great to get some help and suggestions on what to do



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No i havent. Hmm i will look for it, but im very sceptical tho :)

does bikram work longterm though?? it seems like if your body has a reason for holding onto the water, that if you do things that force it to flush it out, it would just fill back up again after taking a break from bikram. that is if it is being flushed out prematurely. but then again i've never done bikram, so I can't say. just curious. :)

No i do not

how much sodium are you getting if you enter a day's worth of food on cronometer? I had water retention at first too and I saw something about doug graham saying that too little sodium can also lead to edema so I upped my sodium from sub 100mg levels to 250-500mg and it all went away within days.

Thats interesting, i have less then 100mg of sodium a day. But also when i consumed salt i struggled with water retention. How much water retention did you have? and where? have u always struggled with it?

No, I never had it before. It was all around my stomach and side (sorta looked like love handles). Salt is MUCH different than sodium from greens and will lead to water retention. Celery is high in sodium so I suggest you eat a ton of celery for a few days, that's what I did and it worked well. 

Dammit thats cool. You didnt have anything in your legs? i have suffered from it my whole life tho. Esp in my legs. Like if i down alot of water my feet get swollen. Strange that to litle sodium can cause this.

How much water do you drink daily? 

ALOT! I feel dehydrated on only 3L like is recommended. I drink 4-5L probably. I drink as much as I need to never feel thirsty.

And ya I don't actually know the science behind how too little can cause it, I just remember reading somewhere here on 30BAD that Doug Graham said it can cause edema so I thought I'd give it a shot.

Thats so cool. Hmm So you are pissing alot now and everything good? before that did you almost not pee? i can drink and drink and almost dont pee.

How much celery/sodium did you consume the first days and did you notice a change right away? 

Ya I'm going to the washroom a ton now and I ate about an entire head of celery every day for the first few days and now I'm able to get a bunch more sodium from tons of leafy greens but I still eat stuff like celery once or twice a week.

Thats cool, im gonna try it for sure



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