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Hi everyone,

I've been on and off a raw diet for a while now.  One of the biggest issues that I have is my wife's breath absolutely stinks when I am on a mostly fruit diet.  It smells "sour" to such an extent that I struggle to even sleep in the same room.  It is a very difficult discussion to have with my wife, and it ruins my sex drive.

Since we met my wife's breath were not the best, but when I'm going raw it is just ridiculous!

Any advice please!   I'm really depressed about this whole thing :(

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I've noticed when I'm eating a raw fruit based diet my sense of smell is increased. Is your wife even vegan? Or if so does she eat clean and healthy? If she eats animals and or processed junk, onions, or garlic then I guess you're screwed haha! Ditch her and find a vegan would be my advise. Take it or leave it, could be better to leave it :)

Hi Weston,

My wife is not vegan no.  Unfortunately not.  However I don't think that is the main cause as other meat eaters don't have the same smelly breath.  Divorcing my wife over smelly breath is a bit extreme.  First step is to convince her of the fact.  That alone will be a tough one

Buy her a pack of gum.

Get some essential oils like peppermint and have her rinse her mouth out before you kiss or get close to each other. If she knows it's smells bad she should want to smell good.

If her breath was bad to begin with it is probably dental issues.  You could start off by focusing on your own oral hygiene and include her by saying you want both of you to do a, b and c.  If you guys already have a brilliant DDS who is holistic then just focus on trying new mouth washes and tooth pastes, tooth brushes, flosses, remineralizing pastes, breath fresheners etc., and oral irrigators are wonderful!  If she has not been much for the dentist in the past then you could talk to her about the two of you going for regular cleanings and check ups and this may help a great deal in her oral hygiene.  Just make sure you get a really good dentist who knows about Hal Huggins and how bad root canals are etc. otherwise they may recommend bad stuff or do abrasive dental cleanings. 

Other than that, feed her more greens, (in smoothies and salads), that can really freshen breath and clean up the colon and add minerals to help oral health. 

Does she over consume Protin? I've noticed the sour smell being worse with people who use a lot of Protien supplements. I had a teacher into bodybuilding. He was always chugging Protin shakes and liquid amines and his classroom reeked of that sour smell. I've noticed also that if I have more than 1-2 servings of Protien powder a day that my mouth would taste bad.



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