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This 30BaD post is for support and inspiration. IT IS FOR EVERYONE. (Yes, you!) Everyone (you) can use it either as a daily exercise journal, a place to post sporadic exercise episodes or events, sources for valuable exercise information or injury prevention, or a place to simply chat and cheer everyone on. It's a place for everyone (you) to feel accepted and loved and encouraged.  It's a place for everyone (you) to feel at home.

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 hello fruity friends !

fruit is working !  I just finished with BIG weights ~!  for 40 minutes in gym  6 classic compound exercises for 5 minutes each and 5 minute abs, 5 minute rest and stretch,   thats it muscles are growing !!!  3 times a week   easy.

never before did i lift this much weight   i am amazed    fruit sleep water   ....simple and powerful


today 35 miles of running. It went oke.

What's oke? :)

the running itself. It wasnt really good, but also not that bad.

Ah, I see! Thanks. :)

Hi Doug, Miles, WL, & Everyone! Happy Saturday!

Today I am scheduled to go to  Samba class at 5pm. My mind is so flooded with things, I want to skip out on class, because I feel like I won't be able to focus on new dance steps. My mind isn't clear enough. But maybe the music & the energy of the class will allow me to get out of my thoughts. I don't know. I'll just see what the day brings. Everything is perfect when on allows it to be.

UPDATE: I did go to class. I was a mess. Couldn't figure out or follow the steps well. My mind was too clouded. But I am glad that I went! & I feel better for going. :)

Sunday I will be in Woodstock. We leave at 7am to drive there. So I don't think I'll get much exercise.

Monday I'll be dancing again, ...so I'll see you all then, when I check-in!

hey everyone !

I had a fantastic 17 mile bike ride on mild hills no wind and lots of heat  .  drank tons of water and spent time listening to guitar player in the park on the grass after i was done.....I was loaded to the gills in CARBS  ..and i really enjoyed my bike ride with ease.18 banana  2 mango and 14 dates...2900 calories.for breakfast and lunch.....i was all over those hills......doug  i cannot believe how good this all is....thansk to all

So glad you're OK Windlord, that must have been scary! Thanks to your guardian angels :)

Dance the clouds away Aimée! Thanks Miles, Banana-boy for the inspiration.



20 min Daily Maintenance Practice

Friday none

20 min Learn Handstand at Home: from Foundation to Flight


45 min Power of Breath intermediate yoga class


42 min Wristfree Harmonious Hips Spinal Flow yoga class, with

no weight on the hands, because of a little injury after carrying heavy luggage. I'm so strong from all the bananas, but my ringfinger couldn't keep up.

Will have to take a break from handstands :( I felt more strength already, it'll come back later :)

Happy Sunday all! And a lovely week :)

Hola Aimee, Sita, Miles, Doug and all our numerous lovely lurkers :)

Thanks for the kind thoughts, ladies.  Yeah, it was pretty scary, and that's just as a bystander much less the immediate neighbors or owners.  

Hope your enjoying your time away, Sita (provided it's a pleasure trip).  Good that you're taking time to loosen up in any case.

How's your head space today, Luv?  You're right--even a bad workout is still better than none at all!  Safe drive to WFF.  I, unfortunately, won't be amongst the participants this year, but i'll be on your shoulder in spirit.  Say hey to any and all of our 30B peeps you meet, aight? :)

Yest:  recovery day

morn: 50 min beginner yoga w/ mi mum

arvo:  the yoga vid below from a MMA fitness program I just learned about:  Tapout XT.  There's plenty of vids on YT if you want to check it out beyond this one, which had me dripping!  The leader takes more of a fitness tone (and why not) than the average mind-focused yogi, and he's obsessed with touching his toes for some reason, but it's still a goodie.  You'd like it, Sita, as it's got a lot of plankish strength moves incorporated in it.

eve:  mom walk


1.5 mi or so bare run to/from park

16x hill sprints at park on a slope that takes about 29 strides to mount

Stretched out to your hippy yoga vid, Luv.  Liked the instructor's very gentle demeanor and pacing.

Caught Bourne Legacy in the arvo.  I think it's the best of the bunch with a fine performance from Renner.  

Perhaps a walkie later...


some biking

a full bore calisthenics WO:

after 7 weeks of 3x weekly efforts, today was my pullup max out test.  Results: 12 strict hanging pulls, with another 10 a while later.  Didn't really do a pre-test, but based on how hard the early days were, I'm confident I would have stuck at around 6 reps.  That's double the strength in just two months!

Based on reps, those two sets were also a CC progression step, but I think I'll try a repeat to make sure I'm doing it by that book's protocols.


-Close pushups (off tennis ball) 2/20, 20

-SQ, 1/2 (declined) 1/12/20

SQ, ball hand asst 1/8/20 (that lefty's got some catching up to do, eh?)

-Hang Leg Raise straight 2/11, 2/14

Hang twist 1/12 (this is just an oblique killer.  I can feel them bunch up on this move)

-1/2 HSPU 3/13, 15, 12 

-Bridge full 2/15, 15 (that's progression)

Bridge wall walker down (decided to give this a go and was pleased to see I'm fully capable)

1/10 (even threw in a full up rep on the last)

arvo:  50 min Yogatoday Adi session with mum.  She was out of her comfort zone, but gamely stayed the course.  It'll be fun to one day she her just wheel through vinyasas on autopilot :)

Full wall walker example, among other great tips,  BUT dont' try this at home, kids, unless you've put in the time and progressions to do it safely! I've been working through the CC steps for over a year to be ready:   


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