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This 30BaD post is for support and inspiration. IT IS FOR EVERYONE. (Yes, you!) Everyone (you) can use it either as a daily exercise journal, a place to post sporadic exercise episodes or events, sources for valuable exercise information or injury prevention, or a place to simply chat and cheer everyone on. It's a place for everyone (you) to feel accepted and loved and encouraged.  It's a place for everyone (you) to feel at home.

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Woh! I'm glad no one was hurt. What a night/morning you had.

I hope you get a good night's rest tonight.

Thanks for those vids! Will follow them this week. I'm not at home, but luckily have a nice room and a yoga mat :) 

 hello fruity friends !

fruit is working !  I just finished with BIG weights ~!  for 40 minutes in gym  6 classic compound exercises for 5 minutes each and 5 minute abs, 5 minute rest and stretch,   thats it muscles are growing !!!  3 times a week   easy.

never before did i lift this much weight   i am amazed    fruit sleep water   ....simple and powerful


today 35 miles of running. It went oke.

What's oke? :)

the running itself. It wasnt really good, but also not that bad.

Ah, I see! Thanks. :)

Hi Doug, Miles, WL, & Everyone! Happy Saturday!

Today I am scheduled to go to  Samba class at 5pm. My mind is so flooded with things, I want to skip out on class, because I feel like I won't be able to focus on new dance steps. My mind isn't clear enough. But maybe the music & the energy of the class will allow me to get out of my thoughts. I don't know. I'll just see what the day brings. Everything is perfect when on allows it to be.

UPDATE: I did go to class. I was a mess. Couldn't figure out or follow the steps well. My mind was too clouded. But I am glad that I went! & I feel better for going. :)

Sunday I will be in Woodstock. We leave at 7am to drive there. So I don't think I'll get much exercise.

Monday I'll be dancing again, ...so I'll see you all then, when I check-in!

hey everyone !

I had a fantastic 17 mile bike ride on mild hills no wind and lots of heat  .  drank tons of water and spent time listening to guitar player in the park on the grass after i was done.....I was loaded to the gills in CARBS  ..and i really enjoyed my bike ride with ease.18 banana  2 mango and 14 dates...2900 calories.for breakfast and lunch.....i was all over those hills......doug  i cannot believe how good this all is....thansk to all

So glad you're OK Windlord, that must have been scary! Thanks to your guardian angels :)

Dance the clouds away Aimée! Thanks Miles, Banana-boy for the inspiration.



20 min Daily Maintenance Practice

Friday none

20 min Learn Handstand at Home: from Foundation to Flight


45 min Power of Breath intermediate yoga class


42 min Wristfree Harmonious Hips Spinal Flow yoga class, with

no weight on the hands, because of a little injury after carrying heavy luggage. I'm so strong from all the bananas, but my ringfinger couldn't keep up.

Will have to take a break from handstands :( I felt more strength already, it'll come back later :)

Happy Sunday all! And a lovely week :)


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