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This 30BaD post is for support and inspiration. IT IS FOR EVERYONE. (Yes, you!) Everyone (you) can use it either as a daily exercise journal, a place to post sporadic exercise episodes or events, sources for valuable exercise information or injury prevention, or a place to simply chat and cheer everyone on. It's a place for everyone (you) to feel accepted and loved and encouraged.  It's a place for everyone (you) to feel at home.

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Hello Beloved Brilliant Beings! :)

Daily Journal
Yes--> 5:30AM Wake Up
No. :( --> 6:00AM Get Outside
Another rainy day here in NYC. I didn't want to go to the park. I don't like it when it's flooded.
Instead I went at 12:00pm. Took a short walk to the Salvation Army to donate clothes, electronics, bedding, & a lamp.
No. :( --> 7:30AM 36 Routine (12 minutes of each: strength/stretch/inversion)
I just wasn't inspired.
I really need to get inspired. This grey wet weather is not lifting me up.
I think I need to go to a class & soak up communal energy.
I always feel really lively with music & group energy.
Yes--> 9:00AM Meditate (meditate online with fellow meditators
Yes--> 12:30PM Get Creative (spend 1 hour on creative projects)
Getting ready to work on a small painting for a friend. I'll be starting in  a few minutes.
Super Big Love to:
Books. :) I love books. Super big thanks to the authors, to the printers, to the trees/materials, to the distributors, to everyone that makes a book happen.
Work I Love to do: Today I teach conversational English. I know I will have a blast. :) I'm also doing a bit of studying & research -- always, always love that.


Woke up to a sky raining sheets! It's pouring outside.

Bench press 5x5 46kg total

Barbell row 5x5 46kg total

Squat 5x5 30kg total

Overhead press 5x5 30kg total

Deadlift 1x5 52kg total

Starting "Stronglifts 5x5" next week, gonna split Convict Conditioning on "rest" days


Hi Marcos! :)

Hello Fellow Radiant Beings! ;D)

I leave this morning for the Catskills Mountains, & to hang out for a bit in Woodstock. :) So I'll be away on a road trip this weekend. yay! ;) See you all on Monday!

Hope you had a great trip Aimee and that the weather was great :) Here they predicted lots of rain, but Sunday was a lovely  and sunny day!

My workout the last few days:


25 min Sunrise Flow for Energy


35 min brisk walking in the forest, I was happy to breathe all the new scents now that temperatures are mild :)

25 min Shiva's Street yoga class, to open up to inner strength and guide.


25 min Sunrise Flow for Energy

10 min meridian qigong

and a 1,5 hour easy walk in the forest with a friend; she said that many people are not well lately, tired etc. So that's a relief, don't have to think about special dietary causes of my feeling under the weather :) 

Did some sketching in the evening :)


58 min Yoga for Will Power and Mental Focus

Studied some piano pieces and for the rest was busy nursing a sick son today, making soups etc.

Myself I'm having mainly bananas(moothies), some veg juice. Seems to go well now :) 100% raw

When I eat lots of mandarins, my teeth start to get very sensitive! Pity, coz I like them so much.


Slept in, only 25 min Shiva's Street yoga to start the day.

Will be walking errands, nursing and cleaning.  I'm not fully recovered yet myself, so I'm taking it easy again.

Lots of Love to all!!

Wow Sita. :) You are doing so well. You continue to raise the bar & take care of yourself. Good job. And how cool it is that you play the piano. ;D)

I'm sending your son good thoughts & energy to get well. He'll bounce back quick! :)


Hello Brilliant Beings!

Yesterday was great. :) I got to walk on the beach for exercise. Instead of driving to the mountains we drove to the beach! We had a great time. And the weather was perfect. ;)

I looked into using that 5 class exercise card I have. And it looks like (on their website) they have canceled most of the Zumba classes. The remaining classes (only 2) are on day/times that I have to work. So it looks like I will have to do yoga classes instead. Which is fine, because I really need to strengthen & stretch. I am scheduled to take an intermediate vinyasa class tomorrow at 12:30pm. I bet it will be (very) challenging for me since I am so out of practice. But I will grin & bear it! ;D)heehee

Did my first bike ride in ages, 17.45 miles.


It didn't bother my knee at all.

I tried running on it last weekend, but that seemed to bother the side too much (ITband issue maybe?)

Just got back from a week long trip to San Diego,  Got 2 days of rock climbing in Joshua Tree, one day at a Mission Gorge, a local crag near San Diego, did some kayaking in the Pacific.

Hey :)

squat 5x5 32kg total

bench press 5x5 48kg total

barbell row 5x5 48kg total

dips 10x1 bodyweight

peace :)

Thanks for the good thoughts+energy Aimée! He's doing better today ;) And good luck with your Vinyasa's!!!

Glad your knee is better Samuel. love that photo, remembers me of my trip in the West of the US :)

I looked up what a body weight dip is (I'm not that smart) and I found this:

Today my wo:

48 min Twisty Delicious Clarification yoga class. Went pretty well, apparently I gained some muscle strength back :) Couldn't do the kicking up into hand stand yet though, nor lifting up one leg in the wheel. 

About my schedule:

Until now besides workouts,  2 hours every day of some art study and finger exercising on the piano :) When walking: studying language. 

In between still gathering info on nutrition to write about, all in preparation for creating work at home. Hope to get into the flow of a project soon, art or writing.

If not, I just keep working little by little on the projects.

Exercising music is not only good for the heart but also for the brain, it balances the left+right hemispheres. Hope it helps :)

Have a great day!

I loved your update Sita. :) Wonderful!

Hi Samuel, I'm glad your knee is better too!

Hi Everyone! :) Hello hello!

Daily Journal
Yes--> 5:30AM Wake Up
Yes--> 6:00AM Get Outside
Took a short walk to the park.
No/Yes-->7:30AM 36 Routine (12 minutes of each: strength/stretch/inversion)
Today I had plans to do yoga instead of going to the yoga center I led a small stretching session online with a friend & at 11AM I am doing a class on MyYogaOnline. It's called
Gita Vinyasa & it's 2 hours (with includes lecture).
Yes--> 9:00AM Meditate (meditate online with fellow meditators)
I will--> 12:30PM Get Creative (spend 1 hour on creative projects)
It's only 10:45am, but I will work on a painting today. But instead of 12:30PM, it might be more like 1:30PM.
Work I Love to do: I teach english conversation tonight. Taught a small stretch session online today. Led group meditation this morning. -- Love it all!
Super Big Love To: Online communities. Where would I be without them?! :)

Aimée, your so brave to take an advanced class!! 2 hours...maybe I'll try that one one day too :)


70 min Total Body Transformation, a pranavayuyoga class. I feel less (mental) resistance in holding poses, balancing gets better and in shivasana my body becomes much more relaxed :) When I was getting it too cold, I hardly could get up to grab a blanket.

10 min meridian qigong  (still have to work on the sequence of all meridians)

Having a simple green bananasmoothie for breakfast.

A quote from the yoga class this morning: "Use your obstacles as opportunities." I like that :)

The word well used is path of happiness:

Hi Sita. :) I like that pic. It's so comforting.

That yoga class had a lot of talking in it. So it really wasn't 2 hours of asanas. (*laughing*) I was kind of fading it & out of it. I will have to pick a shorter class next time so that I can keep my mind focused.

This is the class I chose for today: (My neck has been troubling me, so I chose it to help me with that.)



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