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This 30BaD post is for support and inspiration. IT IS FOR EVERYONE. (Yes, you!) Everyone (you) can use it either as a daily exercise journal, a place to post sporadic exercise episodes or events, sources for valuable exercise information or injury prevention, or a place to simply chat and cheer everyone on. It's a place for everyone (you) to feel accepted and loved and encouraged.  It's a place for everyone (you) to feel at home.

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WL, thanks for the tip!

I like that tip, I haven't done weights for a long time, but the bar collar tip is good I will remember that.

Woh, --snowstorm walk. That's dedication. :) And a good workout.

Yes, it's STILL snowing out so I guess that wasn't my last walk in the snow - going out for a long one after this and my smoothie.  

Hello Beloved Brilliant Brave Beings! :)

Yesterday was a 90min dance lesson that I absolutely loved. It was all modern dance. New choreography, and I had a blast! Sometimes I find myself dreading lessons or classes, wanting to flake-out or cancel minutes before -- but I always end up so happy after I go through it. Inside & out, I feel so good -- then wonder why I didn't want to give it a go. Fear can be such a crazy thing. It's rarely justified.

I like that Dan is saying 'try something new!' -- we've been talking about that on this thread for some time. I think it's important for so many reasons. :) Everyday, go for it, open up, reach beyond the comfort zone. It doesn't have to be a physical or sporty adventure, it can even be a verbal one or a mental one. Try a new thought -- a new way to think about something or someone, or say something you usually wouldn't say, take a risk, reach beyond your imagined limits! :)

Newness keeps you young.  Yesterday we took the kids to an environmentally-centered college (Unity College) to pick up my niece who goes there.  All the lights were off in her dorm, the hallways were dark, I thought it was great.  Then we all went to meet the Hope Elephants, rescued circus elephants.  They were beautiful - I'm in love.  

Before we left I rebounded 20 minutes, walked 15 and worked out on the apex, actually did a full bench press with 70 lb!

Wow, what a beautiful day!

And nice job on the bench press. :)

Play:  morn

18m yoga


50 burpees [3:23]

med tire tug pulling

med tire sled dragging (much like your pic, Luv, but bandoleer-style as there's no harness)

heavy tire farmers carries

car pushing

The more I bravely step into the unknown, the more I feel free.


A beautiful concept, Aimee :)

Thanks! :) Xx!

Yes the rebounder is great when there's not much time to workout. I'm also glad I have one :)

Nice day out Mary! I love elephants. 

About reaching beyond your comfort zone: I took the next step in the running training this morning and thought it went great, but later on I was too exhausted to do anything, slept for an hour like it was night time and also got a little headache.

Yesterday I cancelled my MYO subscription, because I'm going to stick to the Ashtanga program for a while. I believe it has a healing influence on my whole system and I also like the challenge to get into the more difficult poses and to build a strength in the upper body I never thought was possible.  I'm OK with slow progress, to avoid injuries :)

You're so creative in your workouts WL, love that! Here's an other idea:


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