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This 30BaD post is for support and inspiration. IT IS FOR EVERYONE. (Yes, you!) Everyone (you) can use it either as a daily exercise journal, a place to post sporadic exercise episodes or events, sources for valuable exercise information or injury prevention, or a place to simply chat and cheer everyone on. It's a place for everyone (you) to feel accepted and loved and encouraged.  It's a place for everyone (you) to feel at home.

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45 min Power of Breath yoga class again; makes me feel so good.

Fuel until now: piel de sapo melon for breakfast, 1L strawberry/date/banana smoothie later and then more bananas.

Just came back from more than an hour walk in the forest on my flip flops :)

Time for an apple/veg juice.

btw Aimée, was that little bird in the store rescued??

yeah, how bout that birdie?

I've heard of not letting the grass grow under your feet, but rules are meant to be broken.  Are those considered "grounding" flops? 


began the day with an 18 min barefoot run on blacktop

followed by: 

various pullups 8/5/5/4/4

Inc DB Press 45/11, 9

Back SQ 100/20

Standing rollout progression 15r

3 rounds of KB inspired tabatas off YT including

8x of 55# swings

Celebrated the holiday with a nice family lunch and taking in the new swingin' Spiderman.  Recommended!

came back to a short 20 min of yoga

Happy Independence Day to all my American dawgs and Happy Fourth of July to everybody else :)

he-he...cute doggie. Think the flops are grounding, yes - thought it was a nice pic. Could be posted here already or it was a deja vu...

No workout today. It's warm and humid in- and outside of the house. Hats off for you WL, working out in such warm climate! :)

Sita, you are eating toad skin :) "piel de sapo" frog skin melon.

Sita & WL: Oh man, so much has happened & so many attempts to catch him from various pest control companies & then there was me & my friends trying to get in there to catch/set it free. Lots of drama. But in the end the bird won. :) And it is now allowed to live there & run its natural course. The last few times I was there, it seemed to be making itself a birdhouse in the corner by tearing a whole into the ceiling corner. And it's getting a bit chubby too. It's living a human life now -- just eating away & working on its home. :)

Hi Everyone! No workout today, just catching up with work, & spending some time with a friend that just got back in town. It's a low-key day today.


Play: finally got myself to a track

8x 200meter (or so) sprints, typically timing in the low 40's

I'll try bare next time, even if I'm slower, as I developed to blisters in my fingah's


A herd of various sized tractor tires grazed nearby, so I performed multiple intervals of flips, farmer carries,  jumps through and jumps upon.  Then hoofed it about two miles back home.  

All in glorious blazing sunshine (just for you, Sita ;)



Great picture! :)

37 min Waterdance yoga class. Just right for a good workout despite the closeness.

5Bananas/1date/somepineapple/2 strawberries smoothie :)

Thnx for the info Aimée, I forgot about that melon's name. That's great that the bird won! :D 

Must be fun playing with those tires WL :)

Ya, I was really happy when the store manager told be he decided to just let the bird be. It made me really happy. :)


Hello All! Today's exercise is selling my CD collection. I will be lugging heavy bags full of CD around Manhattan going to various CD buying shops to see how much $ell. Whatever is left will be brought back to Brooklyn & given to charity.

good idea Aimee, heres mine so far.  july 4th-12mile run in about 2 hours, june 30th 14.1 mile trail run in 3 hours 15 minutes, june 24 5.85  one hour , june 22 5.85 miles 53 minutes, june 19th 5.86 miles 1 hour,  june 18th 9.97 miles 1hour 45 minutes.  i run slow but usually pretty far and i am 48 years young. 

Hi Rick! :) So nice to see your post. What a great exercise log you have there. It seems to have its own natural rhythm. And yes, 48 is young! Especially if you are running for over 3 hours on one trail run. Wow, good job.

Hmm, some frog skins are more appealing than others...

Luv, did you copy all your musica to hard-disc or are you just releasing completely?  Sounds like you're really making your life lighter for whatever may be in store for you.

Greetings, Rick!  Impressive distances trod at any age.  You're welcome to post here anytime :)


Market run today, both local and chain-store

berries, maters, greens, peaches, celery, cauli, corn, avos, nans, plantains and yes, Myra, Lemon Cukes! were among the booty

back home to 15 min of warmup hip-opening yoga

3min TGU, switching every 2 reps, 27.5#

Pullups Program: 5/9/5/5/5

Decline DB Press 50's/13, 11

DB Row 70/15/15; 75/9/8

SQ 105/20

Landmine Twist 70/16

perhaps some more yoga and/or a walk later

Ya, it was a really great music collection. But I just released it completely. I brought nothing back home to Brooklyn. No even one CD. The shops in Manhattan bought them all. Every single one.

I decided to let everything go without recording the music because I feel like I am moving through some sort of fire. Some sort of cleansing. Just completely letting go of the past, & all of the things that were collected along the way during that past.

I feel like the Universe is getting me ready for something. Even if that something is just to be more present to each moment, with only my heartbeat and a few simple things. :) Maybe there is no "big" future that I am preparing for, just a bigger awareness of the now. The simple magical ever-abundant now.

The more I get rid of, the more I feel like I have. :) Everything seems valuable: tangible & intangible.  It's all very interesting.



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