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Sore throat, short term memory, brain fog, etc. ... Candida?

Hi, so for a few months now I have been becoming more depressed on this lifestyle because I have been becoming really forgetful, am stuttering alot more and my brain just isn't clicking like it used to. Apart from the above symptoms, I have also had trouble sleeping and have become even more sensitive to cold (despite the weather being 20 - 30 degrees). I have a sore throat most days, despite drinking 4.5 - 6 litres of water a day. I am not exercising that much due to tiredness.

I don't want to diagnose myself with anything, but from all the stories I have heard, I think it may be Candida. Would you suggest I go to a doctor and get it checked out? I'm just scared to go because I haven't seen my doctor for a while and she has no clue about my new lifestyle.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.  

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haha... i wrote that profile at the beginning of the year! but since then I have become less dependant on grains and am actually quite put off by bread -I am at a baking school, but when it finishes in two months thats the end of my baking career. I do eat rice on occassions (not a regular thing) if I 'crave' it... but that really is becoming less common.

I've only had raw food for the last few weeks. I have kept to 80/10/10 and have been using cron-o-metre to ensure I don't over do fats. I will only have avocado (1/4 to 1/2) one to two times a week.

I know I am more stressed now because of all the symtpoms listed above in conjunction with my schooling, but I know that this can not be the underlying cause for my symptoms. I'm really lost as to what I should do. My mum keeps telling me to take fish oil tablets because I don't have enough omega 3... but on cron-o-metre, thats the type of fat I most consume! plus fish tablets = non vegan = grose! She thinks I may also have diabetes or pre-determined dementia. blah!  

i always notice major brain fog and sluggishness whenever i have overts. just had some avocado on my salad tonight with the famski and while it tasted so good, it made me feel sooo slow.

i don't think you can really narrow it down to just one thing. the sore throat could be detox (you probs had dairy in your life, which is incredibly clogging to your system, as you probably know, and what you do in your body must also be undone, so it could be the dairy coming out of your system). the short term memory could be detox, not enough carbs or, like you said, some kind of parasite/fungus/yeast overgrowth in your system, or even just the avocado thing, though that could also be put in the undercarbed category. if you think it's a parasite/fungus/yeast, or if you have loads of moles or some warts on your skin, or if you feel crawling or itching under your skin, then maybe consider doing a parasite cleanse. i'm about to start one from dr. morse's herbal health club, but do whatever you feel is best :)

In baking school you are embalmed with yeast in the air, plus the browning of the starches, also in the air... all these might be affecting you much more than the fruits.

Wait till you finish school, leave the school premises for at least 21 days, and see if your symptoms disappear. I'm willing to bet, that is what it is. Nasty stuff, but most people are so plugged up with other nasties, they don't even react to the spores in the air. 

If you are coming clean in your diet, you will become more sensitive to all these fumes.

I remember listening to Prof. Rozi, Dr. Graham's wife, and she said, when you smell the baked goods, the baked and charred items, don't go on sniffling, run the other way.

Yeah if you are low fat it can't possibly be candida. Candida overgrowth would only occur on a high-fat diet and would go away fairly quickly once you cut out the fat. Remember, candida is a beneficial bacteria that is in a symbiotic relationship with your body - it is designed to feast upon blood sugar if it rises too high, in order to control it. However if your blood lipids are frequently high, you will have chronically high blood sugar levels as a result, and the candida will have a feast causing all sorts of problems. This can't really happen if you have low blood lipid levels. If you want to be certain, cut out the overts altogether. But yeah as Yogaranka said, could be all the stuff you're exposed to in baking school. In the meantime, make sure you're getting enough sleep. 

Keep in mind that as a newbie to this lifestyle you will also be experiencing strange detox symptoms which can last a while. Hang in there and your body will heal itself. 

Gold post PC.

I remember my friend saying 'but I hardly eat any fat! Just a bit here and there..' When we got them on NO overts the lipemia symptoms went away.

When you don't get enough sleep EVERYTHING starts to crumble immune system wise.

Go to bed at sundown for the next few months. Regenerate. Watch your life transform.

Give yourself a few b12 shots too cos lack of sleep drains b12 full on.

Cut out ALL overts for the next month. NO oil, animal products, nuts, seeds, avo, dressings etc.


sleep is everything!

"lack of sleep drains b12" - didn't know bout that!

thku harl : ) 

Just lack of sleep in otherwise healthy adults has been noted to cause severe blood sugar disturbances. 

I felt the same way until I started fasting and taking high doses of medicinal mushrooms...  There is no other herbs that I have found to be more healing...  80/10/10 + fasting intelligently and intuitively + high doses of medicinal mushrooms + not being so dogmatic = healing anything including memory brain fog, inflammation ect....  I also find the terminator zapper extremely useful for facilitating healing.  It really helps things like candida if you have that, but so do the medicinal mushrooms.

following Nature's laws = amazing levels of health

following Nature's laws + drinking magic potions = great levels of health

drinking magic potions alone = no health benefit

the choice is yours. there is no magic formula for health. 

magic mushrooms are a waste of time in my humble opinion. so is a small black box called 'terminator zapper'. concentrate on living the way Nature intends us to instead; and reap the benefits of what you sow.

taking high doses of medicinal mushrooms

I also find the terminator zapper extremely useful for facilitating healing.  It really helps things like candida if you have that, but so do the medicinal mushrooms.

i must say i really dislike the idea of 'taking high doses of medicinal mushrooms'. i can't stand mushrooms in the first place: the last time i ate them i felt so bad and sick i don't think i can ever stomach them again; second, i don't see how they can possibly be any helpful to a healthy person. and if they are not helpful to a healthy person, why should they be genuinely helpful (not just a symptom-stopper) to a sick person?

as for the terminator zapper i can't see how it works and i can't help but find it at least suspect...

not being so dogmatic

we certainly shouldn't be dogmatic, but i don't see how this adjective applies to any one of us either.


please don't feel overwhelmed by my reply. you have already done a lot for your own health and the world. i just think that you still have a few steps to walk in your long journey towards health and radiance. i am sorry if i sound dogmatic; if you think so, i believe you get a wrong impression. what i express is merely my humble opinion, based both on the observation of facts and on my own intuition.

Love, Daniel.

You are entitled to your opinion.  What works for one person might not be relevant to another.  Different people can be at different stages in their healing and have different needs.  Medicinal mushrooms are not for everyone, just like bananas are not for everyone...

My experience with medicinal mushrooms is very deep and positive.  I have used them for years.  Every time I take them, I feel my lungs opening up.  My brain becomes more balanced and my memory improves in the long run whenever I take them.  

Coming from a situation where I've been literally suffocating for the last 10 years, the universe has forced me to explore and discover and experiment until I find an answer.  I have tried so much...  The medicinal mushrooms help with memory problems because it improves the immune system and this is a key for removing the parasites in the body that have grown out of control.  

Sometimes a situation is so bad that some intervention is needed.  For a normal healthy person medicinal mushrooms are not needed at all.  Were taking about a severe case where a person must go beyond experimentation because its not just maintaining health at that point...  This person might improve from trying them, so I think the info at least needs to be available to them...  I am basically giving my personal testimony and am not trying to convince or prove anything but just express my experience because it may end up helping someone else in a similar situation.  Thats all.  

"Sometimes a situation is so bad that some intervention is needed.  For a normal healthy person medicinal mushrooms are not needed at all.  Were taking about a severe case where a person must go beyond experimentation because its not just maintaining health at that point..." 


Apparently you still think that snake oil "accelerates healing." Because "in your own experience," you had a specific problem, you healed it with toxins in x amount of time, then, you went back in time, the only way you could make a legitimate comparison, and the same exact problem at the same point in your life took twice as long to heal without snake oil toxin tonic. 

Actually, now that I think about it, time machines haven't been invented yet. So you're just full of shiitake medicinal mushrooms. Or psilocybe cubensis rather; I hear those can damage a man. 


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