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So according to durianrider you can eat unlimited fruit and not get fat how true is this? Cause he works out a lot riding his bike. I mean isn't it calories in vs calories out? I couldn't imagine eating 5,000 calories worth of fruit everyday and still loose weight

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Its nonsense.  I have been vegan for 4 years and calories in and calories out does matter.  Just eat till you are full. that being said, i find it difficult to gain weight eating high carb vegan

That's what I figured thanks for the reply

That's the key when you hear people say you can eat as much as you want.  It's basically impossible to eat and absorb enough calories to actually gain a significant amount of weight on a high carb whole food diet.  You shouldn't have to really think that hard about it.  If you're hungry eat.  If you're not don't.

A great place to start reading about eating a low fat high carb diet is here: 

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Great info, Ednshell!

If you stuff yourself all the time then yeah you will gain weight, but if you listen to your body you'll be fine. Just eat until your hunger is satisfied, then move on and eat some more when your hungry

I think calories in calories out does matter to an extent. Obviously calories from cheeseburgers and garbage is diff then calories from fruit. But it is indeed possible to gain on this diet.

I've struggled with this ofr a while been at this for over 4 years and I'm up probably almost 20lbs from my original start weight. I dunno what to do. I cant help it i get pretty hungry and i eat. after 4 years of this Im having second thoguths. at the same time however I feel great so i sit around scratching my head thinking maybe this is ok? i dunno.

but its indeed possible to gain.

All three macronutrients carbohydrates, fats, and proteins have a different metabolic pathway. 

Most excess fats are stored as fat. A lesser percentage from excess carbs and proteins will be stored as fat. 

If you follow low fat whole food plant based diet, you will be able to eat as much food as you desire, with zero processed foods, such as no white rice, sugar, flour, dried fruits, dates, smoothies, etc. Ride a bike or run daily, with added calisthenics. Weight will never be an issue, done, success. It's obviously the most healthy way of life.



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