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Ok so heres the deal. I have been peeing like ever 2 hours around the clock for a while now.. like 2 months. I am wondering if it is just an effect of the 811 diet or not. For a while I had concluded that it was. But now I am thinking that maybe it is tied into my sodium intake. Since I am no longer eating any overt sources of sodium.. aka salt I was wondering if maybe my body is adjusting to these new lower levels of over all salt. I have been totally raw since the beginning of this year and trying to transition to 811 during that time. Ever since the end of September I have been pretty much 811 with a few occasions where I would eat a lot of nuts.

So where I am at is wondering if any of you have had experience with this issue. Alot of times my bladder isn't totally full but still I have the sensation I need to pee so I do. Its a little annoying.

I have been downing tomatoes like crazy.. at least a pound or 2 a day for a few weeks now, figuring they would be a good source of sodium.. but now I am going to start adding celery in and see how that goes. Also as of late.. with citrus here (woot Florida!!!) my intake of water has increased. But anyways back onto the celery.. I've never really eaten it, but I think for the next week or so I am going to start adding more into my diet. Also since the weather is cooler I don't sweat near as much as I was during summer.

Ah so anouther question is.. is it possible for my sodium levels to be too low and for my body to need to expell all the extra water.. causing me to pee more frequently then I would if I start adding in more sodium? I remember hearing somewhere that sodium causes one to retain water.. I wouldn't mind that.. just a bit to where I dont go pee ever hour or so ( I can go 15+ a day easy).

Can anyone relate? <3 ya!


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I've had this problem in the last few days since eating a ton of oranges and not very many greens. I think it is related to sodium. I just munched on a few stalks of celery, and don't have to go for once :) Sometimes I go several times in an hour.
Sometimes NONE! I went a whole week without water recently.. no change really. Well obviously when I drink water I pee more but still for instance today I havn't drunk any water. Sometimes at night after going a few times I will drink water, but thats pretty much it. I've been experimenting with no water for about 3 weeks.
Adding more celery and greens to your diet would be your best bet, tomatoes are not actually that high in sodium, and sodium chloride (table salt, sea salt, etc.) is a toxin, not a nutrient, and actually dehydrates you. The body does need sodium to retain water in our blood, the body will do everything it can to keep our blood H2O levels consistent, so lacking sufficient sodium it must leach water from our cells, and in this case even if we drink plenty of water we will become dehydrated. If you get 500mg of sodium in your diet every day or two you should be fine, this would be the equivalent of 10 large stalks of celery. If you're still peeing 15x/day or more after this, you're definitely having another issue, possibly related to your body's ability to measure blood sugar, but in any case you'd want to get that looked into obviously.
Yeah thanks. I am wondering if it is something other than to diet and the diet is just making it more pronounced. Although I can't recall that my peeing was this bad back on the SAD diet or anything so idk. Hopefully more sodium will be the solution! =]
Good 2 know... I have been peeing quite a bit.. sometimes.. I have to get up at night 4-5X... I assume as I cleanse (am only 8 weeks in)... it will decrease a bit...

Will add a bit more celery.
Yeah actually. Before I was peeing like 5+ times a night, now, like last night I only woke up 3 times. 3 times is quite manageable, but when I was waking up every hour or so it was a problem. Thats why I started this thread. I have noticed that when I snack on tomatoes and other juicy fruits, or eat seeds and nuts, I tend to wake up more times during the night.
So my solution has been to stop snacking after my salad. Most of the times I was just snacking because I thought a bowl full of non sweet fruits/veggies was an innocent snack, not due to lack of calories. Cutting out this snacking at night, specifically the tomatoes, has really help me get a more restful nights sleep.
Do you consume a lot of tomatoes early evening/night time? If so this may be a solution.
For me the difference between waking up 5+ times a night to 3 times is huge. 3 times during the night gives me at least 2 or 3 periods of 2-3 solid hours sleeping without having to stand up and go pee. Where as 5 times or more leads only to an hour maybe an hour and a half of solid sleep before waking.
Tomatoes during the day is fine. And I find since I am not sweating during the cold, I am drinking a lot less water than before when I was outside exercising for a couple of hours a day in the heat. That factors in also.
Try adding a few stalks every meal. I just started doing this, and I'm staring to like the celery more and more. It's a nice way of cutting the sweetness if you're eating lots of dates or other REALLY sweet fruit :)
destringing the celery makes it easier to consume more stalks, digests easier, and tastes better too btw.
Lukas made a great video showing how to destring celery.
You should at least get your blood sugar checked. Excessive peeing is a sigh of diabetes. If they are good I would not worry. Also pay attention to the color of your pee; if it is clear to bright yellow your good on hydration. If it is dark yellow to brown you will need a lot more hydration.

I like to juice celery for the sodium and hydration. 5 celery, 1 cucumber, 3 skinny or 2 fat carrots, and 1 fat parsnip. Great for hydration, minerals, and vitamins. The parsnip also has great anti-inflammatory quality.



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