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Hi, I was just wondering if someone could share their favorite smoothie recipes? I´m just getting kind of tired of my own and I would love to hear some.
 - Thank you!

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Here is my recipe for Faux Durian smoothie, it tastes like Durian without actually having any.

4 Ripe Bananas
A handfull of red seedless grapes
Half a mango with skin
4 Fresh Dates
Rice Milk
1 Passionfruit
1 tspn palm sugar if desired


Yes! Here is my current favorite. Try it out, it is super nutrient. :)

100 grams spinach.

100 grams sunflower shoots. (homegrown)

100 grams alfalfa/clover sprouts. (homegrown)

1 big apple.

1 big carrot.

2-3 dates

Handfull of frozen strawberries.

1dl frozen blueberries.

1dl frozen raspberries.

5dl of cold warer.

Mix well and enjoy :)

Whenever I can I use watermelon as my main ingredient, it is very refreshing and hydrating without needing to add extra water to your smoothie. Some people don't recommend combining melons with other fruits and vegetables to me that is nonsense. Watermelon, in my opinion, is one of the top fruits for anyone choosing 30BAD or HCLF life style.

For me watermelon works very nicely with cucumber, soft lettuces, spinach, even celery. So I agree with you that watermelon is very refreshing and delicious. Pretty safe to say that most 30BADers enjoy their melons :)

In terms of food combining, though, most people find that watermelon does not digest as well with many other fruits, such as banana, or dates. If these kinds of combos work for you, great! But most people prefer to keep the fruit-green/melon-alone/green combination for the cleanest feeling and most efficient digestion.

2 liter jug

2 hand fulls of  strawberries

1 hand full blueberries

(1/2 hand raspberries)

4,5 dl of water

fill up with bananas

Simple, but delicious 

I really enjoy this combination: 1/2 almond milk to 1/2 water, frozen blueberries, banana, dates, coconut sugar and some vanilla extract. 

One of my new favorites!

My favorites are 10 bananas, 10 dates, 1 and a half cups water, big handful spinach and a stick of celery.
Bananas, mango, frozen blueberries, spinach, celery, cucumber, mint.
I am a bit obsessed with spinach in my smoothies.


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