30 Bananas a Day!

Hating myself for not being strong...it's freezing here...the fruit is not so good...I'm cold....and sad...cooking for my family is difficult...wah, wah, wah!!

I know...shoot me now! :(

Freezing and sad in Utah...

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it's okay if you feel you've messed up. We're not perfect. Do the best you can and take baby steps. it works better as i'm learning myself. I still eat cooked foods but only vegan meals. And i try to make it one cooked meal a day maybe 2 then fruits for the rest of the day. it's so much easier for me than trying to go 100%..that's when I failed the most. It also has helped me to forget about junk food which is my biggest downfall and i have been doing good so i'm proud. I personally am going to take my time until i get there...good luck girl :-)

Eat some fruit and feel better.  Don't be hard on yourself.  Love yourself, look at what you have created.

It's taken me a while but I no longer get down on myself if I screw up.  It happens.  I'm surrounded by sad food each day and am home with my 3 kids but I think I'm doing pretty darn good maintaining hcrv almost all the time.  Over time my screw ups become less and less.

Another cheap delicious option that helps me is the banana/berry (blue or black) smoothie.  7-8 bananas plus even just a 1/2 cup of berries plus about a cup of water will net you a wonderful purple feel good smoothie.  And I tell you what, after eating that there's no way any sad food is gonna fit.  I like to have one going while preparing supper.

Are you still nursing or recently post partem?  If yes to either you need EXTRA love and support. 

I live on kauai and thinking about cooked food and I probably will eat some :) so no worries. and yes direction direction. I know that sad feeling but it doesn't lead anywhere. I decided that I will eat cooked food in the evening until I don't want it. I decided it after I saw that I have made big changes already in my diet with just going with the flow. for example I don't use any oil anymore. I don't eat any bread, pasta and all that stuff anymore. and the reason why I don't eat them is because I can't stand even the thought, my body is totally against. I don't miss complicated food combinations anymore. my favorite foods last 2 weeks when I started eating cooked food again have been, small baked potatoes, yellow dahl and brown rice cucumber avocado sushi ( hopefully I won't want it soon, when I start making it myself without any rice vinegar and so on..only braggs or tamari). and I know how it is with fruit in cold climate. order some dates. box of dates. datepeople have really yummi dates :) buy loads of bananas and let them ripen. and then what ever els you time to time find will be good too. lately my favorite start for the day is making around 12 orange juice. and drink it all up. after hour or so I want some over fruit. so I eat more. and you know I see you have pic with baby so you probably are breastfeeding. so am I. and..I don't know..eat changes everything. I am hungry ALL THE TIME. and if I don't get enough sleep or something it really throughs me out of balance. and who does get enough sleep with kids? lol :) so be good to yourself. love yourself. and just move with the flow. I find fun to write down things my body doesn't like. raw things too..I have plenty :) anyway :) good luck. :) love :)

You guys have really cheered me up! Guess what?! It really had an effect on me..knowing that you cared enough to reply and help me out..knowing that I'm not alone..I have had black grapes for breakfast and half a watermelon for lunch and I am STUFFED with NO cravings for cooked food! YES!

I am not nursing anymore...I wish I were..my babies are 7, 10, 13, 16 now...

I am leaving fruit out to get to room temperature before I eat them..that REALLY helped a lot!

Thank you my fruit loving friends...I KNOW I will continue to need your love and support!

I hope I can in return, give you some also..





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