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Hello. I am new to this HCLF lifestyle. I have been using the website Cronometer to track calories from carbs. I am 122 pounds, and I am 5 foot 1. I do not exercise. 

Cronometer says I should consume no more than 1269 calories daily. 

I wish to lose weight on this lifestyle. Cronometer says I should have a calorie deficit of 499 to lose a pound a week. 

My problem is I found myself sickly tired. My body seems to want me to sleep more than eat. Maybe it's healing? Detox? Starvation? google says it's blood sugar spike from fruit. idk.. 

How much should I eat? Should I listen to Cronometer? 

Help is much appreciated. ty!  

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Ednshell, everything you've said is helpful. I just think that people undervalue their body and how much it will heal if left alone on a fast. And out of convenience dismiss fasts. I recommend watching Dr. Alan Goldhammer on youtube for those of you that are vegan and not completely raw vegan. Though he's not raw vegan, he has achieved much through fasting. Very useful to watch him and John Rose, though again I don't 100% agree with their use of supplements or the entirety of the science they buy into. Gold hammer advocates sleep, exercise, and diet so don't forget to maintain good sleeping schedules and ignore the desires that shut up our mind and stomach/body.

P.S. check out Goldhammer's pleasure trap, it deals with what people don't want to hear, but is most useful to here... the truth :)



thank you, you guys are a good help. Basically I know i wont lose weight unless i exercise, I just don't want to exercise until my diet is figured out and adjusted to. basically this is what i've been doing: for breakfast, i'll have a plate of fruit. Usually bananas, pineapple, cantaloupe, strawberries, raspberries. For lunch or dinner, I have a few options, it really depends on what i feel like. I either make a few baked potatoes, pasta, or a veggie wrap. veggie wrap consists of tomato, cucumber, peppers, spinach, hummus. I drink a lot of water throughout the day w these meals of course. By 5 PM I pretty much decide i'm done eating for the day, I usually sleep early just a few hours later. I don't eat until breakfast at 6 AM. This has been my routine for a week now.

Things to consider when drinking water with meals: https://www.prevention.com/eatclean/why-you-shouldnt-drinking-water... . I personally drink water 30+ mins before meals if at all, my diet consists of mostly fruits so I tend to drink ~ a glass of water a week. I also don't advocate soups for the same reason. With regards to starches, Dr. Alan Goldhammer is pretty useful" "wheat is dried and processed and it takes your body a long time before it gets 'full' " (paraphrasing).  Wheat is therefore more calorically dense and addictive and does not satiate as well as other alternatives. Rice is better in that sense, but it is more sticky and takes a long time to fully digest. Potatoes however, retain more nutrients are less addictive/processed, should sate , and digest faster. They are less bad, but by no means what I would consider 'good'. Other than that your diet seems great :)


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