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Should I incorporate weight training for fat loss?

Should I just stick with cardio or do weight training as well?  What's the best cardio for maximum fat loss? Running? I can only run about 2 miles at a time right now. 

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If you like doing it, or find it fun and/or challenging (like I do, I like to see the improvement) then DO IT! But you don't have to,  Just make sure you work out and lift because you enjoy it, otherwise you won't keep it up long term :)

What I recommend is that you choose what body type you are looking for.  

Do you want a slim and toned body like a runner?  

Or a built look like a body builder or even gymnasts who tend to get big muscular legs.  

If you choose weight lifting, you may of course increase muscle mass.  This may translate into weight gain as well.  Some people freak out with the increase of bulk and weight gain.  But this is healthy weight gain.  

You do not need to worry much about cardio on this diet if you stay 100% on the low fat whole fruits and lettuce greens.  Cardio is 90% diet and 10% exercise.  

If you just have a little pudge you want to lose, then toning might work.  Yoga, dancing, and martial arts are great for full body toning.  

Peace, PK

I would like to be slim and tone. I wish I only had a little fat to lose but I have about 30 lbs of fat to lose? Could I accelerate fat loss by cycling an hour a day? 

And thank you for your replies. 


What I would recommend is to set a calorie target that is healthy for you, and I am assuming 3k plus a day.  Do this for about a week and see if the scale moves.  A steady reading on the scale gives you a benchmark of how many calories you need a day.  

Than slowly add things to your routine such as the bike riding and see what happens.  

Most people do have good results adding a little bit more exercise to their routine. 

Now again, cycling might aid in fat loss, but not overall body toning in some people.  You might want to add  yoga 3-5 days a week, and do cycling 3-5 days a week.  

Do not forget to take 1 day a week off from training to allow the body to rest, rebuild, and repair.

Peace, PK 

So, 3K a day would maintain my weight and adding in the exercise would take off the fat?

Also, is it possible to lose 2 lbs of fat a week on 3K a day? 


Muscle burns more calories than fat.

If you would like to look thin and tone man then do more cardio then weight training, in fact do nominal weight exercises. If you perform free weight exercises like say bench press, you will be promoting muscle growth (thus looking bigger, which is what you said you DON'T want)
Body weight exercises are going to promote muscle, but aren't going to get you big. So if you would like to just have some muscle do that.

For the cardio, yes cycling is an EXCELLENT form of calorie burning. You burn more calories cycling a mile then you would walking a mile. You could also do HIIT (high intensity interval training) if you enjoy more of a challenge and don't have very much time.

3000 calories a day is the minimum many health experts recommend on account of adequate nutritional needs and body comfort. Your body needs fuel to burn fuel brother, and you can't restrict calories from you minimum without your body going OH CRAP I'm in the desert hold on to this nanner I just ate for dear life.

A good way to loose weight, yes two pounds a week, is to take that minimum calorie level, subract 250 calories, and then subtract an additional 250 through exercise. (yes I know this conflicts with the "get your minimum calories comment" but its what a TON of people do and can really be tailored, I'll explain more if you want)

So yea man just eat the amount of calories listed and cardio up to look lean, OR, try that subtracting 250 deal.

just to clarify, using the subtract 250 from diet and 250 from exercise is made that way because the combination works best (as in this method works better than say subtracting all 500 from diet or excercise)

Pk made a good point though, and this is how that subtracting calories game works. You establish whether the 3000 calories a day is right for you (eat it for a week, if you gain weight TOO many calories, if you loose TOO few calories to sustain weight)

From this point you would either hold out that loosing calorie number, or combine it with exercise for better results.


So, should I just lift some weights at the gym? I don't ever lift weights, not even sure where to start?

I guess I could throw around some watermelons lol

I know you posted this a while ago but I'd add this anyway. By weight training you'll increase your muscle mass which in turn will speed up your metabolism, therefore burning more fat. Just make sure you train at an intense rate and you will see results (I also recommend you train with a partner to make sure you do this).



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