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few months ago my hubby ate only mono meals for like 2 months or so.. mostly fruits and greens but some avocado too and what we noticed was that his sex drive became close to 0. he just became so calm. well we both meditate a lot, he every day and me 5 times a week so that helped for sure but my question is, has anybody who has done mono meal for a while experienced similar results. he is high fat raw now and well..no problems with sex drive :P we both kind of are thinking of going towards eating mostly fruits and greens and well..only worry I have is that I like sex :P hah :) so if anybody has had similar experiences then has it balanced after a while or thats just how it works :) yogi lifestyle :P

thanks and lots of love and sunshine :)

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This is my personal xp, when eating lots of alkaline foods like avocado, greens, citrus, melons etc i feel so calm and like if im high and i love the feeling. I do not think of sex all the time like i did while eating a acid diet but my sex drive is there, all i need is foreplay and other sexy stuff. It is not like before where i could get a hardon as soon as my girlfrind hinted of sex wich i think is nice. Try to do a nice long sexy foreplay with him and he should get turned on and ready. Keep us uppdated :)

My sex drive has decreased greatly on LFRV, even when I eat as much as I possibly can (around 3000cal).

Try ho she wu, maca, and pine pollen, and your sex drive will annoy you!!!


Yes, a few members have experienced this, but no one complained about it, and they were happy to report that they were in control of their sex drive, and not the sex drive in control of them.  If one does not want children, or a partner, has an unavailable partner, and or are driven to do stupid and dangerous things, then this is a relief. 

Yes, one individual reported that adding a little fat from avocados back into his diet made his wife happy:)

In nature, sex is a tool for having children, and some animals only do it a few times a year. 

While I know sex might be pleasurable for you, you might be surprised at how you might not miss it if your body is in balance and healthy.  The concept of quality experiences verses quantity comes to mind too. 

As others have said, there are other things to do and you might be interested in something called karezza which I understand is a lot like sex without actually penetrating all the time.  You can google that for more info. 

Good luck in finding your balance, Peace, PK

Yes sex as an addiction is not a good thing. i knew this before i went 80/10/10 and it would be annoying (on a higher fat diet) how much i urged for sex and just wanted that to feel better or do something - whatever. Now with 80/10/10, i still absolutely love sex and still want it but im in much more control and am much stronger now in that situation and the sex situation! carb up for reallss duh!

Dr. Michael Greger just talked about on his newest DVD that one slice of yellow watermelon a day can get the man's sex drive up. It has high amounts of citrulline. It also boosts nitric oxide, which is also in walnuts and other nuts, which keeps men erect down there.




Since I focused on getting enough cals daily in 2008 I gotta say 'things grew'. I also cut back my fat intake even more. 

Harder and longer. 

Getting enough cals and early nights is key. Spending too much time on the net is a sex drive killer for many as your energy is elsewhere.


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