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few months ago my hubby ate only mono meals for like 2 months or so.. mostly fruits and greens but some avocado too and what we noticed was that his sex drive became close to 0. he just became so calm. well we both meditate a lot, he every day and me 5 times a week so that helped for sure but my question is, has anybody who has done mono meal for a while experienced similar results. he is high fat raw now and well..no problems with sex drive :P we both kind of are thinking of going towards eating mostly fruits and greens and well..only worry I have is that I like sex :P hah :) so if anybody has had similar experiences then has it balanced after a while or thats just how it works :) yogi lifestyle :P

thanks and lots of love and sunshine :)

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 that his sex drive became close to 0. he just became so calm


what does "calm" mean - does that mean he couldnt get it up or he wouldnt rape and pillage you anymore ?

i have the same question.

Probably you both just weren't eating enough. Did you count calories?

no, we didn't count calories and yes he couldn't get it up..well..not really :P he just kind of lost interest in it too. 

i would be looking in the direction of xenoestrogens - these toxins specifically cause impotence in men - i assure you its not mono fruit meals.

Read the 'Great Starvation Experiement' by Todd Tucker.


First sign of an affair is also loss of sexual interest lol!

The countries with the highest banana consumptions also have the fastest breeding rates and LEAST viagra usage.

The daily intake of 10 grams of carbohydrate per kg bodyweight is recommended as a minimum on this lifestyle, more when you're active. Last time I checked, sex was an activity ;)

So you might want to use cronometer.com to track your caloric intake to make shure you get enough carbohydrate calories.

Make sure he is getting the carbs he needs and possibly more.

I lost my endless ruling desire to have sex all the time HOWEVER I was always able to do it and I believe the lowered levels of hormones from the fruit diet enabled me to last much longer.

thanks for responding :) I really appreciate you taking time to answer :) 


Well at 54 and being 80-10-10 for around 15 months, I sure haven't seen that effect. I kinda wish my sex drive would taper off (at least a little) lol

Maybe you need to 'rediscover' your sex life.  Through meditation and raw foods I think you can have better sex and love each other more deeply and unconditionally. Have fun!

As watermelon season approaches (at least here in the North West) try giving him a few big melons per day to get his proper calories. (I eat 3800-4500 per day in the summer esp when my weight training is lucky to be in a heavier cycle after much work up to that point). The "viagra" like results will astound you, both physically and emotionally-sensually- expressively. Trust me on this. At age 52 I get more libidinous effect from mono fruit meals - ESPECIALLY WATERMELON possibly due to the citrucine) than when I was 15. No comparison. It truly amazes me. But the key is to get enough calories. If he is not eating enough then no mono diet of fruit will ever do any good. 

In fact I have discovered that it is actually very very strange to date women even ten years younger than me (unless they are at least a few years on 100% frugivore diet). I hate to say this, for fear that I am trying to be "macho" or some swill like that,  and I do prefer women closer to my own age (unless they have neglected their health), but I did discover that I would need to be with women 25-30 in order to even have a chance for them to keep up with me, if I choose to "sew my wild fruit love". And not just the "get it uppedness" aspect but the entire emotional drive. It is truly a joy to have the maturity (at least I THINK I grew up lol!) but have it coupled with a 25 year old body!) Thanks to 35 years of genuine health and fitness, but the KEY BY FAR is this fruit based diet, but you MUST pay attention to the basic fundamentals of nutrition, and the key here is nutritional calories and at least 80 10 10 macronutrient proportions. For the libido effect however I would go with 90 50 5 for sure.



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