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I get emails from people saying 'Sean Croxton says that if your a vegan you become obese and that if your a raw vegan on fruit that it will happen even faster..'


Ok, time for a another youtube vid. :)




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Thanks DR, awesome video!


Ruth Heidrich has been low-fat, high carb vegan for 24 years and low-fat high carb raw vegan for 14 years now!

Her book 'Senior Fitness' is really good for even the most educated raw fooder!  I also highly recommend it for the most mainstream of our family and friends, a great intro to the whys of lfrv/hcrv.

Great video!  Not sure which I was laughing harder at... the diabetes skit, or the absurdity of Sean Croxton's anti-fruit trip.


He's selling something called Protandim... on the description page on his website, I grabbed this quote from a paragraph explaining how Protandim gets rid of free radicals in the body:


"To neutralize that many free radicals, you would have to consume 375 oranges or 87 glasses of red wine or 120 vitamin C tablets (500mg)!"


Hm... I wonder why marketers commonly claim their supplements to have comparable powers to these theoretical mountains of certain kinds of produce?  If they really want to promote themselves, they'd better stop comparing their supplements to fresh, delicious, easy-to-get, cheap(er), sustainable, natural and SIMPLER alternatives... I can't believe some people actually fall for this.

375 oranges?  No prob!

$50 for a 30-pill bottle of this stuff.
Mr. Croxton can benefit from doing more research on the needs of the human body, its physiology and the nature of health, especially since his blog has a decent following.

Sean Croxton


Sean Croxton

Someone asked me to do a youtube on if Mark Sisson take human growth hormone.


Interesting real life vs posing shots.


I'm liking the editing very much.



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