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Hey all,

I'm noticing I pee a lot. Cool, that's supposed to be right on.  But really, I often pee like more than once an hour, probably about 12-15 times a day.  My toilet gets a lot of use.  But maybe 1\3 of those times, my pee is yellow or yellowish.  WTF? I'm drinking tons of water, eating tons of fresh fruit here!

Also, I wake up and my eyes are dry and my mouth is a little dry too, and I pee very yellow.  And I drink water before bed.  I'm on day 20 of my 811rv lifestyle design experiment, no salt or apple cider vinegar or any other questionable additives... just fruits and vegetables in their natural state.  Now I've always had lots of salt in my diet, I would dump it on salads and sandwiches and love salty dishes.  I used to snack down on bags of salty chips before this trial.  Did anyone else experience a salt detox or deficiency like this?  Looking for some insights here if you've got 'em.



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I'm only going to chime in to say that sodium and salt are different. You are getting sodium from a 811rv diet, so, you are not "deficient" nor would I ever characterize low-salt diets with the word "deficiency" - since salt is a poison.

Good luck!

thanks Lolita~

It takes about 15 weeks to let the body get used to low NaCl (salt) intake (its a poison don’t take it!!!), be careful you don't run a marathon or something similar during this period because it is possible to get deficient in this period. Let the body go through the transition, stop eating/drinking raw minerals and you will feel better in a few months!

Peeing 15 times a day is just fine, if it gets a lot more come back to us ;)

I've been doing some pretty intense exercise with my newfound vitality.  A few times I've gotten pretty worked up and when I paused for a rest I felt extremely light-headed, and the colors of the world became extremely vibrant, with a totally different feel to everything. It almost felt like tripping acid.  I'm not pushing myself like this all the time, but I'm noticing I do need to keep up the physical activity in order to burn of all these calories.  How would I know if I became deficient? 

Probably just eat more, are you getting 10grams of carbohydrates per kilogram of bodyweight, because that is a good guideline if you are starting this diet.

I pee that much too but I still eat salt so it's most likely not a salt deficiency.

~3 up to 5 liters of water per day.  I live in Hawaii, do 1-2 hours moderately intense to intense cardio (cycling, ultimate frisbee, soccer, running, swimming plus some light yoga) per day with 2-3 rest days a week. I eat mostly apple bananas, soursop, cherimoya, tomatos, cucumbers, oranges, and jackfruit.  I eat a few heads of lettuce per week too.  I've been vegetarian since 2008, vegan since 2010, high fat raw throughout 2010, cooked vegan again for four months while travelling, and now 100% organic, low fat, raw vegan natural hygiene.  I don't eat any salt or other additives, mostly just ripe, raw, local, organic tropical fruit.  No sea vegetables.  Thanks for all the questions Meg!  My pee isn't seriously discolored, but in the morning its often a little darker than straw yellow.  For all the water I take in, it seems like it should be constantly clear?

Be careful during this transition, because you are living in a warm climate, sweating a lot and drinking a lot.  Look up the signs of "hyponatremia" and watch yourself for signs of it during intense exercise.

I would definitely add celery to my diet and a daily head of lettuce.  Tomatoes are great, so keep those coming.

Why?  Because your body was really efficient at losing sodium while eating tons of salt.  Now it will gradually transition to being efficient at keeping the sodium it needs.  But during the transition, you can get dangerously low if you are sweating/drinking a lot.

thanks greenmama!

Glad you found it helpful.  I realize that I made an error there.

The second to last sentence should read, "Now your body will transition from being efficient at losing sodium to being efficient at keeping the sodium it needs."

Thanks for this. I was actually wondering the same thing as Ender the last few days because I've been VERY thirsty with a very dry throat and mouth. I always tended to be thirsty and drank a lot of water before 811, but now it's even more so. Also, I'm still peeing yellow. Anyway, it makes sense that it's the body adjusting to lower sodium intake. 

You're still very new to this way and are probably detoxing from lots of the things you ate before.  Keep on drinking lots of water and eating lots of water-rich fruits and veggies, and you'll continue to get cleaner and healthier.

I was a major salt addict before coming to this diet, and it took me a long time to get over my salt cravings.  During the first year or two I would go for a couple months without salt, but then eat it at a raw restaurant meal, so I'm sure that slowed down my detox.  I'm finally at a place where I don't crave it, and I'm so thankful.

My boyfriend has been raw vegan for over a dozen years, but he still eats things with salt and consumes seaweed and algae and things like that.  Although he doesn't eat salt regularly, his morning pee is so incredibly dark that I sometimes get concerned... Even though I'm still very new on this path compared to him, my pee is almost always pretty clear.


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