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I'm sick being told that I'm in a cult. That I think I'm better than everyone and that I need to stop pushing my ideas on everyone, especially when I do post something that goes to eveyone and I DO have vegan friends and other people that appreciate what I post and those very same people that accuse me of being a know it all b@!#$ make the rudest comments!! do I post rude ass comments on their dead animal photos or cancer filled meals? no I don't!! WTF!!


So in short what's the rudest comments you get on your posts?

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So True!!!

Gosh, spot on!!

That's why all I try to take from it is the "blah blah blah" lol :)
They don't offer anything constructive.

And thank you, I definitely do need to choose my friends better.

Here's a couple I got on one of my YT videos today.

"You are talking like you are some king of an experienced practitioner. I bet you are not. You are just repeating what is being said by people benefiting financially from this diet. You have the glassy eye look and the anorexic look that you are trying to hide with the hat"

"RichieFrut not only you look unhealthy but you seem out of breath a clear sine of low b12 + high homocystin very toxic to body organs hart, lungs exc!"

Crikey! It's a good job I'm thick skinned and carbed up!!!

I think that if you're out there representing an unpopular viewpoint, you're gonna get some flak from those who don't like your message. Just realise that it's not about you, it's about them...

Just realise that it's not about you, it's about them...

Very true.

"My food Sh*ts on your food."    :/


Lol, that is kinda funny though :P
Sorry, my immaturity is showing through lol

I hate that one soooo much! I've been tagged in the poster probably about 10 times!

Greetings! I recently allowed everyone (that currently viewed my posts on facebook) to 'Opt In' to my healthy posts. Then all I had to do was create a list and add those people. This was harder than I thought... but eventually I found the lists :-)  Now everyone else only gets the occasional  'non-confrontational' health post accompanied along with other non-confrontational humorous posts, or shares from George Takei (love that guy!).

I feel pretty good that most of the people on my list choose to just 'hide' my feed rather than say horrible things to me regarding my health choices. I'm honestly having the most trouble with my family... who thank GOODNESS are not the type to be all up in facebook. So, I only have to deal with that occasionally.

Like others have said- Food is a big, emotional deal- to everyone. Tread lightly... or make a list and only share where you're wanted.  It's actually pretty awesome to know some people are out there excited to learn healthy things. Even if it's a smaller % of your friends than you would have hoped.

Chin up! And try your hardest to surround yourself with people you want to be like. Makes life flow oh-so-much easier.  :-)


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