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Red irritation around eyes, armpits, suggestions please!!!!!

Has anyone suffer from having red inflamed (itchy sometimes, burn) patches around the eyes, more swollen in the morning (supper annoying, it makes me look sick and tired when I'm not, and I hate it because it gives family and friends the excuse to criticize my diet), also red big patch under armpits? (I stopped using deodorant and the irritation happens), I exercise minimum 1 hr per day, so I sweat a lot.

I believe is candida outbreak due to my high intake of dates, and the addition to bananas to my diet. So, I decreased the amount of dates and bananas, but is so much easier to eat bananas and dates than to find good pineapple and other fruits for a good price and ripe. I also increased greens, I love spinach, mix greens, celery and parsley.

I have been doing 80/10/10 high fruit, but still have some steamed vegetables, quinoa and brown rice). Because I suspect the issue is candida related, I stopped eating overt fat 2 weeks ago, before then the fat intake was mainly from 1/4- 1/2 avocado 4 times per week or so.  I still have some sea salt, no other spices though.  Sleeping 7-8 hours

Yesterday's menu (I started eating bananas again because I was low on other fruit):

5-6am: spinning class, sauna 2 liters H2O 1 apple


10:30 45mnts  of pilates 800ml H2O

5banana, bunch of organic spinach, organic celery smoothie

Lunch: 800 ml H2O, Salad: thawed peas, mix greens, steamed beets, boiled potato, brown rice, celery, parsley organic. I don't eat cooked every day, I have been eating it more because I've been trying to eat less bananas and dates. 

800ml H2O

6:30-7:30 kick box class 800 ml H2O

1 whole pineapple cut up, 1 banana

I take vitamin B12 and vitamin D. Started using deodorant unscented again to keep underarms dry, and it has definitively helped :( but I will get rid of it and continue to use Crystal essence once this goes away, I just couldn't let it keep spreading. 

I usually work out less, but yesterday felt like going. Now, that I'm typing what I ate I can see that it was not enough, that's why I need dates and bananas, but this morning my eyes were more swollen after starting the bananas again. So, now I'm thinking that I can't do bananas,at least for now, so I bought a bunch of dates and will try to eat those with greens. 

I've been applying some calendula and almond oil, sometimes coconut oil on my face and under arms and that decreases the redness. I thought that I was detoxing too, but based on the experiments I've done with food I don't think so anymore. For now I want to know if anyone has experience this, if yes, for how long and what's helped get rid of it. I don't have a camera right now, later I might upload some pictures. 

Thank you!!

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Thank you, but I'm not blaming the fruit in general at all (I defend fruit all the time, I love it but I know that some people can't do certain fruits at least for a certain period of time), I'm suspecting bananas (which I didn't use to eat them before starting this lifestyle around september last year) and too many dates that I all of a sudden started eating. 

The rice and quinoa I began eating more often during the week, because I was trying to continue to eat carbs without the bananas/dates and have not enough fruit. But the skin problem I had it already. It actually started when I was doing no cooked food. Before I started the rice, I tried just adding back some steamed veggies to get more carbs, but I still needed more carbs, so I decided to go for brown rice sometimes during the week. But now that I got a bunch of dates again I can get rid of it, even though rice didn't cause or made the problem worse.  Thank you though for your prompt response and for sharing your story, I will visit your profile :)

candida is a problem if u have too much fat in your diet, high fruit low fat is the answer!

Yes, I don't even miss overt fats. That's why I'm started to think it's not candida, just because I have been doing low fat for a while and the issue continues

Thank you very much! after your comment I decided to look more into when the problem started and looked up more info about rice, which I don't know why I've never considered as a grain, I wasn't eating it when the problem started, however I remember having some type of grain in one of the falling of the wagon episodes, that probably caused the inflammation response and I made it worse by starting to have more cooked. Anyways, I threw away the left over brown rice, and tomorrow I'm going for more bananas. Thanks again! 

Sounds like your body is trying to detox itself. I would go on banana island and give your body ample time to heal and cleanse. I am doing much better on banana island versus eating mono meals of a variety of 3 to 4 different fruits a day. Ditch the cooked foods and salt. This make a huge difference! Drink lots of water and use a skin brush to stimulate your lymphatic system-which is related to the skin and detoxing. 

Thank you for your kind response, I have been wanting to ask about this for a while, but I wasn't ready to get harsh comments, like it's the tendency in this forum (I don't know why some members are so mean sometimes?) But you and the other two members who replied, really made the difference. I was so off with my self diagnosis that I was blind to the real problem. Thank you very much, I'm getting a load of bananas tomorrow and will do bananas with greens for a week, I'm sure that will do it :)

Thank you!

Well...I stopped all grains, and increased the bananas, not quite banana island, but lots. But the problem didn't go away, a few days later it actually got more red. I started doing some lymph nodes massages at night, which didn't do much but I still continue to do them. 

Two weeks ago I stopped bananas all together; very sad because I was loving them. The red spots starting to fade away. Last week I also removed spinach and I feel that the improvement in my skin was even more noticeable without the greens, it might not be the case, it might be that by that time my  body was finally getting rid of all banana traces. Soon, I will bring spinach back on and see what happens, and later on I will try bananas again little by little. 

Thank everybody for your suggestions and experiences! :)



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