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Raw food mistakes by newbies: Buying into the emotional eating myth.

Raw food mistakes by newbies: Buying into the emotional eating myth.

Ive dedicated an entire chapter about this one in my book.

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Do you know anyone who severely suffers from bi-polarism on a HCRV diet with healthy sunshine and exercise? Has it improved by transitioning to a HC diet?

Sometimes we try to meet other needs with food.  It has nothing to do with being physically hungry.  The human being is body, mind and soul.  All three need to be nourished. Can eating enough fruit put love in your heart?  Can eating foods from your childhood take you back home?

This is really evident when you watch the behavior of children.  Sometimes one of my kids will come and will be heartbroken and crying over something that seems very minor.  I will listen and then say, hey are you hungry?  Oh yeah, I'm STARVING, Mom.  LOL!  Same thing when they are over-tired, only then there is a certain look in their eye.

This is such a great and liberating belief for me....I am someone who wakes up every day feeling gross and out of control because I overeat (and emotionally--so I thought) every day. I am a young mom -one boy who is two and a one girl who is four months. I am not sleeping through the night because I nurse, and I am stuck in a small apartment changing diapers, cleaning spit up, listening to crying and screaming---I LOVE my kids, but this times is a lot of monotonous work each day. People tell me to get out of the house and I think: you must not have two kids this little or you have forgotten what it is like. I feel judged and condemned and sad most days. I have been on and off raw----with binges in between and I am sure it is because I haven't been eating enough fruit. We live in a colder weather climate where these beliefs are CRAZY to most others (Midwest). There are no fruit or veggie wholesalers anywhere near us (at least organic ones) and we are a very low income family. These are not excuses, just real life hurdles for me. Thanks for this video. It is actually encouraging to me. I dislike my physical self so much and want to be a healthy happy mom and liver of live. I really do believe that RAW lifestyle will get me there....thanks again.

I am new to this way of eating also, dabbled in regular raw food off and on for 6 years now.  Stephanie, I also live in the Midwest (Illinois) and have found it to be difficult at  best.  I really want to make this work for me!  How are you doing thus far?  I am not able to buy organic and currently shop at Aldi's and Walmart to get the best produce deals. 

Durianrider- you say 5 g of carbs per pound of body weight.  I have about 40 pounds to lose, 5'8" and 192 currently.  Do, I go by my current weight or my healthy weight?  I appreciate any help you can give! 

Hey Trina! 

Yes, very difficult! I am doing alright---I just found out that the produce guy at a local coop is willing to let me buy a crate of bananas each week and then discount me 10% which helps the budget cause. Yah, we have to pick and choose what we get and when around here. Sometimes a really small container of organic blueberries is 5$ or more and those are the times we just live without. Have you ever tried a Super Target?? They actually have a LOT of organic produce--sometimes the deals are GREAT (sometimes not, but it is worth a try...). And you can get a debit card for %5 cash back---just a thought-- (our budget is $125 a week for two adults and one two year old--breast feeding infant as well--this includes diapers, cleaning supplies and wipes which we get from the coop). We are able to do about 70% organic on this budget for us (my husband has a very athletic job and EATS A LOT!!!!!). I don't know what your budget is but I thought that might be helpful! (We just got off of food stamps but I know that the Wholefoods and Co-op around here take them for organic produce--I don't know about Il)

I have kind of resigned in my heart that we can only do the best we can do with what we have. It will get better with time for us. So anyways, TMI probably but I wish you so much wellness and happiness. I am 5'2 and I weigh 167---so I have about 55lbs to loose. Keep me posted on your journey and lets swap encouragement along the way!

Stephanie, Hi- great to read your reply!  I appreciate all of your information and ideas.  I will have to check for a super Target.  Our budget is $150 a week for basically 4 adults( self, husband, and 18 and 21 year old sons and their friends that always pop in for snacks and dinner!)  So, it is super challenging for me as well. I should mention my boys are 6'1 and 6'4, so they eat a LOT!!!  Plus this must include food for 2 big dogs and 4 barn cats.  I am looking into finding a co op and we are getting ready to plant a garden, which will help some.  I would love to be pals to encourage one another!  I will friend you, keep me posted on how you are doing!

Go by your current weight. Can you imagine how much EASIER it is for me as an elite athlete to move my body around? I need LESS calories than you as I weigh less and am more trained.

Lets say we turned the tables. Id need MORE cals if I was less fit and weighed more. Its like a big dog vs a small dog. The big dog will eat the small dog if it doesnt get enough cals! lol!

People have calorie amnesia in that they forget they got fat on greasey foods like icecream, creamy pasta, steak burgers, banana sundaes, cheese pizza vs FRUITS AND VEG!

Chow down my friend. If you want to be super fit, lean and even happier.

Anyone that claims to get fat off fruit or rice is sneaking other things OR they have some adrenal issues that are causing excess fluid retention that they mistake as 'fat'.

Ive literally lived off fruit and starches for years. I always stay lean. I find fruit just gives me better performance IF I eat enough calories from it.

Thats the mistake people make. They don't eat enough fruit or they don't eat enough rice and they go to grease and slap it on like everyone else does.

Sounds like you 'get it' Lissa.

Took Freelee some time to 'get it' and now she is reaping the results.

Its like last night in boxing. I was 3 rounds against a pro fighter. He totally smashed me. Was it cos I was not as 'emotionally strong' as him or that my defence was insufficient? People try and pretend that they don't need to learn defence or how to get enough cals. They think they are so big they are beyond the simple fundamentals. They hit the canvas for the rest of their life till they 'get it'.

Love this video Harley!!!!!! Have the best day everybody++++



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