30 Bananas a Day!

just wanting some help here,im wanting to convert over but take steps...

im just a little concerned about nursing/getting enough for my baby and me for it doesnt back fire and i binge...

a little while back my grandpa showed me the documentary forks over knives, and i was doing great for a while, just being a vegan...then i added in the cheese and eggs, and slowly it got worse form there. i dont drink milk but i have a hard time going back to cheese :( im trying though...anyways i have fallen off the wageon.

i want to revisit that documentary so everything is fresh in my mind. ive read lots of sites and watched a lot of youtube videos :)

just wondering about calorie intake while im nursing my son, he will be 4 months on the 1st...

i sware he wants to eat...which is crazy to me because my daughter wanted to nurse always and forever and hated food...she still hates food it seems at 2 1/2 i have to fight with her to eat veggies, though she loves fruits and melons etc...

ive got a lot of people health to worry about with this new diet, i know im kind of "brainwashed" in a sense of feeling "are we going to be getting enough?"

also my midwife has me taking so many vitamins right now!!! 

im taking a simplt one prenatal vitamin, its enriched with organic greenfoods, gluten and yeast free

ive got to take floradix, iron and herbs tablets

calcium citrate, with magnesium and vitamin d

prenatal dha

and another nordic vitamin d

are all of these really necessary????

i apologise if this is the wrong place for asking these kind of questions, i guess i am wanting some guidance with my picky 2 1/2 yr old, and me with nursing, and introducing foods to my almost 4 month old...

i just need help, lol! any and all advice is appreciated!

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this might be the dumbest question ever on here...but which fruits are high carb? i just never thought of fruits as having carbohydrates, except potatoes...

ive definately tried the cucumbers and celery...i still try always offer her stuff...shes actually tried a couple things lately (sun dried tomatoes, and tofu, which she used to love tofu)so she is getting better, but definately a work in progress...

You are forgetting about Vitamin M that has yet to be discovered.


I think Nathan is making a joke about the "fractional" mindset, where we think that we need to count our intake of nutrients, rather than doing what every other animal in nature does, which is eat its species-appropriate diet, without mentally analyzing everything.  

WOW!!! that is amazing...really 9 months and still not very interested in food???

i was wonderinga bout that, how people say, people make fatter babies because they eat too much pf the wrong stuff, i was almost a little embarressed to say my sons weight, (8 lbs. 0.9 oz) but hes just a big boy, his dad was, and my brother too...hes almost 4 months and already wearing 9 and 12 month clothes...crazy!

so have you, or do you plan to give your baby rice cereal?? im guessing not because that isnt raw...

im just so clueless!!

i have a box of rice cereal, and now i want to go throw it in the garbage!! :) lol

i was wondering, what kind of veggie juice did you give ur little one???

im getting a juicer really soon, and im not sure if using a juicer is considered being raw, but im still very excited...i spend so much money very time i go to town and a "the robin" (carrot, ginger, and apple i think it is, sooooo yummy!!)

i totally get what you mean about being interested in the pretty colors... that makes more sense them him wanting to actually eat it...

its kind of funny, i dont even feed my dogs food with grain in it, it never seemed "natural" to me, im not sure why i thought it was "natural" for me either, i guess since it is grown, and then just a grain..i figured it was fine. idk...

LOL!  3 out of 4 of my children were over 9 lbs. when they were born.  

Rice cereal a very bad thing for infants.  Let's say we're animals in nature... could an infant get it's own food?  If you picked a stalk of grain and handed it to your baby, could he process it and digest it in its natural state?  Could you, in your kitchen, take some rice and make those thin little flakes?  How do they make those?

"Foreign proteins" given to babies have been implicated in autoimmune conditions such as Type 1 diabetes, asthma, etc.   Rice protein would be a foreign protein.  There's a reason why rice cereal is thought to make babies sleep.  Because it's such a burden to digest and detox that the baby's doesn't have enough remaining energy to stay awake.  And sleeping deeper/ eating heavy stuff can mean less nursing, therefore displacing nutrient-rich, easily digested calories with costly, nutrient poor calories.  Like feeding your kid crackers instead of breastmilk... 

well put, thank you for spelling it out for me (so to speak, that makes PERFECT sense)

so bizzare! 

thanks for all the link, i have so much to learn...good thing i have a little bit of time before my son needs something besides boobie juice :)

My daughter is 5 months and I'm also breastfeeding.  For vitamins I just take Garden of Life Vitamin Code RAW prenatal pills.

I eat as much fruit as I can through out the day but I still have a regular meal, or more when Im low on produce.  Eat as much raw food as you can.  I have had no problems with producing enough milk, it's overflowing.  I know my daughter is benefiting from all the fresh raw fruit way more than any processed crap. 

did you order those prenatal vitamins, or can you get them from your health food store, i know they all dont have the same thing so i will need to look anyways...

im kinda curious what u mean by a "regular meal"?


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