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I opened up a young coconut today and saw that the flesh inside was purplish in color. The water was also purplish. I used it anyway because when I tasted it it tasted fine. Has anyone else experienced this? Is that normal? I hope I'm not poisoning myself! 

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You should be fine-- I work in a restaurant where where thwack tons of coconuts and we often get purple ones. They taste just fine and you don't feel any different!

I've heard it's related to the fungicide they dip them in when they are imported into the country. I've cracked open 100's of coconuts in hawaii, central america, and all over south east asia and not once was one purple inside, nor had anyone else seen it outside of imported ones.


  I was told that the inside of a young coconut will turn pink or purple when a fungus or mold starts to grow inside the coconut.  And that when you chose a coconut you just need to be extra careful that there are no cracks where the fungus can enter.  Sometimes the meat is super thin and it can seem discoloured but when you pour the water out it is clear and that is okay, but I would avoid any that are purple.


Avoid drinking the water or eating the meat from a young coconut that is even slightly pink on the inside.



This one has pictures of bad coconuts




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