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Any body here managed to cure psoriasis using hcrv?? Advice GREATLY appreciated!! 

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I have psoriasis on one of my legs. Funny enough, it started during an unwise choice of reintroducing animal products back into my diet off and on last year after being strict vegan for over 10 years, the latter four of which were mostly raw.

Now back on a high-carb, low-fat raw vegan diet I'm doing much better. If I eat a little cooked food I tend to have a flareup. If I eat onions, garlic, spices or too many nuts I will also have a flareup. 

Basically, I find that the longer I go without stepping outsides the 811rv lines, the more my psoriasis seems to go away. The marks are still there, but the itchiness is decreasing and there are less new rashes. 

Ahh thank you for ur reply! My friend has had it for about 40 years and thinks he's tried everything - I suggested trying raw vegan diet because it's been so beneficial to me in so many ways - I feel sure his psoriasis could b managed or improved with 80 10 10!! I continue to research!! :)

I met a man at a farmers' market who straight-up cured over 80% of his psoriasis just by going raw alone! He had it soooo bad all over his body. I felt so bad for him but was happy to know he'd done something as drastic as going from SAD to raw vegan about it.

If you live near the ocean, lay out in the sun and swim in the ocean. Psoriasis vanishes for most people that do this over time. I've been on the beach for 33 years and have seen this over and over.


"Ocean swimming is a time honored remedy for psoriasis. Studies conducted at spas near the Israeli Dead Sea show that 85 to 95 percent of psoriatics who combine daily sea bathing with sun exposure are either completely cleared of their symptoms or the symptoms are greatly improved within a month."

Or try sun bathing and salt baths daily and see if it clears up


BTW: This treatment has been dated back to Hippocrates. He noted the healing effect ocean water had on the cut hands of Greek fisherman over 2000 years ago..


Thank you!! We live in the uk - therefore we have slim to none sun! Whenever my friend goes on holiday his psoriasis clears up so I totally hear what you're saying! Solution = emigrate to somewhere hot and lush!! :)

Shea Butter can provide some instant relief (as it can with pretty much all skin problems). Some information here regarding shea butter and psoriasis. You can get it cheap from ebay. Make sure to go for unrefined shea butter; the others aren't so effective.

Psoriasis responds very well to dietary changes. I have had psoriasis continuously since I was 5 years old and I have had it quit badly over the years, I had no idea for most of my life that what I ate made a difference. I did know that when I lived in Florida and went to the beach weekly and sunbathed, my skin would clear nearly completely, but I never would have guessed that diet could help.

I first went totally vegan about 6 years ago mainly for ethical reasons. I began by following a diet similar to Dr. Furhman's "Eat to Live" diet. Lots of veggies and fruits, not too many grains, no coffee or tea, nuts and seeds in moderation. This diet, while not ideal when compared to 80-10-10, had a dramatic effect on my overall health and my skin.

When I think back on it, I think that the foods I cut out of my diet had just as much if not more to do with my improved skin and health than what I added. Cutting out; meat, dairy, eggs, bread, coffee, etc. is crucial to treating psoriasis.

From experience though I have to say that diet alone is not a 100% guarantee that you'll have clear skin, although it is a huge part of it. I still have flare-ups occasionally mainly due to stress as well as environmental extremes such as weather, temperatures, and climates. When I travel to different countries and use different water and products, I am guaranteed that my skin with flare within days. Also the use of chemicals and perfumes have an extreme effect. I can only use very mild laundry detergent, soap, dishwashing liquid,s etc, with no added perfumes or my skin is a mess.

I am just now beginning to experiment with 80-10-10 (for the past month). At first my skin reacted rather badly and I had a major flare up including patches of pustular psoriasis (quite uncommon), but now it seems to be calming down and is beginning to fade so I am hopeful that in the long run it will completely clear my skin. I think it flared more as a detox response, just like alot of things can get worse before they get better.

I'm anxious to see in the long run, how my skin does with 80-10-10, I have a good feeling about it, I do know that my health overall is rapidly improving!

LevanderCreek, keep us updated with the progress. I've psoriasis for a few years and still working on it. Completely right about cutting out junk. I'd like to add that psoriasis depends on a lot of factors and is a very complicated disease. There is no natural remedy to it that heals it within days. Psoriasis healing is a process that takes way longer time and a lot of effort. I am tryinh to keep it hcrv(not easy in where i'm from) and it makes me feel great when i do. I definately believe it is a way to go, but hearing fron people who have succeesed with this would be a great joy and encouradgement.

Hi there,

For a few months I was predominantly eating banana smoothies and rice, baked beans now and then, and my psoriasis cleared up (I had it all over the body previously). 

When I moved away I stopped monitoring my diet so closely and found that refined sugars had a big impact on flaring the psoriasis.  So my two tips would be 1. eat mostly natural foods 2. avoid refined sugars and meat


Going raw will help a lot. On top of that I would reccomend cutting out any nightshades (tomatoes, bell peppers etc.) from your diet, as well as citrus and overt fats. These foods can exacerbate skin conditions. I would also get a shower filter, and then only use filtered water to wash in. Also, do you eat conventional or organic produce? I would highly reccomend the latter. Sunshine, sleep, and hydration are all points to watch as well. Hope this helps and just ask if you need any more advice, Esperanza xxx



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