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Hey everyone :)

I just found out that i am pregnant :D Really happy about it, but also a bit nervous since i am new to this way of eating. Am i eating enough etc...?

Anyone else that have experience or are pregnant here, living this lifestyle? :)

Una <3

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First off, many congratulations on your expected.  We can't wait to meet him or her :)

Here's some info from our Welcome Wagon especially for moms-to-be like yourself:

30BaD Babies

Baby Baby  Posted by Peacekeeper Windlord.  Happy that some of our members are making romantic connections and have been visited by the stork!

A beautiful birthing blog:  Lotus Blooming: Birthing the Conscious Family

During pregnancy, continue to eat a low fat diet. High fat diets cause increased risks of gestational diabetes, high blood sugar, candida and yeast infection problems,  and or big babies. 

With time, pregnancy will cause an increased need for calories, so if one is eating 811 lfrv, their protein and fat intake will automatically increase as the calorie intake increases.

Thanks, I will definatly check it out :) nAnd thank you for the tips, still very new to this and just in the middle of first trimaster. So I appreciate all help :)

Thanks :)

News to me.  What reasons for this have you heard?

From what I've seen, raw vegan mothers tend to bounce back to their previous bodies and energy levels quicker than average. 

I will say for some, 1st trimester nausea is awful and you will eat anything or nothing or weird stuff or... honestly it depends. I couldn't STAND fruit or anything sweet for 4 weeks, so sad. Two pregnancies. But, by 2nd trimester, I ate tons of fruit, juiced often, had lots of green smoothies, did more of a Raw til 4 most days, occasionally remembered a prenatal vitamin or had a Vega-powder smoothie with bananas. My son was a healthy home birth and is now a sweet toddler. His sibling is due late summer. Congrats to you! I'd like to add that 1)I ate LOTS of papayas and mangoes and pineapples (just don't eat green or underripe fruits, some are abortifacients/not good for growing embryo); and 2) pregnant women in the modern world to day are suuuuuper obsessed with PROTEIN and seem to only care about this one thing. IMO you can ignore the recommended 80mg of protein or whatever, just eat fresh foods as often as you like, get exercise, READ EVERYTHING YOU CAN, stay positive, and remember that vegan babies are born every day all over the world :D

i am already a small/slim person, but yes, I definitely bounced back. I actually have never been so skinny or hungry than while breastfeeding an infant, oh wow! I think I looked pre-preg within a week or two after birth, but I was lacking in tone and super exhausted and never sleeping and... new motherhood was a serious rollercoaster for me. I'm glad I never stopped reading though, especially about all things natural-birth related.




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