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Hi everyone!

I just told my parents about my goal to follow this lifestyle and they started going on and on about potassium poisoning?? So I was wondering to set their minds at ease, how many bananas per day would it take to have any problem from K poisoning if at all?


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Hmm, well from what I know the lethal does of potassium is 2500mg. So you would have to eat about 318-400 or so bananas in 30 seconds to overdoes. Otherwise it is impossible to overdose on potassium from bananas because your kidneys extract all the potassium over time. Toxicity or death due to potassium poisoning is usually prevented because of the vomiting reflex if that where to even come to that point. It also would take you a whole month of eating nothing but bananas to develop a deficiency of any kind. You or your parents don't need to worry. (:


Here's a video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJueUbQVjLU

Thanks for that Audra :)

From my own research just now, I found out that the recommended amount of potassium per day is 2000mg which is about 4/5 bananas. Plus potatoes have about the same amount of potassium as bananas, but it dissipates when cooked.

Personally I would be more worried about the amount of salt they are eating on a SAD diet.

Potassium overdose is in relation to potassium supplements. As long as you don't have dodgy kidneys, you can't overdose on natural potassium as it's water based and the body excretes any excess in the urine. 

Hi Sam,

The Adequate Intake (AI; analogous to the RDA) for potassium is 4700 mg for adult men and women.  

In terms of toxicity, there is no Tolerable Upper Limit (UL) for potassium, meaning there isn't enough evidence to determine the toxicity threshold.  There has not been any documented evidence of potassium overdose (hyperkalemia) from food.  But potassium overdose from supplements is possible.  

Here is the full stance from the DRI committee of the Institute of Medicine:

"None documented from food alone; however, potassium from supplements or salt substitutes can result in hyperkalemia and possibly sudden death if excess is consumed by individuals with chronic renal insufficiency (kidney disease) or diabetes."

And the reason why only these people at at-risk from supplemental overdose is because in an average person, about 90% of potassium is excreted by the kidneys, and those with kidney disease or diabetes (often accompanied by renal complications) have trouble excreting the excess potassium from potassium supplements.


Hope this helps!

Yeah, you really don't need to worry about getting too much potassium on this diet - a lot of our members eat up to 60 bananas a day and are all healthy and fit! :)

Technically, you'd need to eat somewhere around 100 BIG bananas in a 5 minute time period to realistically have a chance of getting a potassium overdose. 

I've eaten up to 55 big bananas in a day and well over the RDA for potassium for the last 3-4 years and never had any issues. My electrolyte levels on my blood work always come out textbook. 

Like you mentioned, really you need to be more concerned about getting 10 times more sodium vs. potassium on the diet that most people are eating. Nobody's worries about their heart disease or high blood pressure but when you go vegan all of a sudden people are concerned about your protein and potassium intake! Funny world. :) 


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